Animal Rights - Help The Bronx Zoo's Animals and Workers

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Animal Rights - Help The Bronx Zoo's Animals and Workers

New York City's historic Bronx Zoo is suffering heavy funding cuts from both city and state government. Mayor Michael Bloomberg's budget cuts will drop the city's contribution to the zoo by $1.7 million, while reductions and cuts from other levels of state government will cost the zoo another $13.3 million in support.
The WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society)'s zoo administrators have already decided to close The World of Darkness exhibit, home to all manner of nocturnal animals, (including bats, caimans, porcupines, night monkeys, and others) as well as the Rare Animal Range and exhibits of the blesbok and Arabian oryx.
The animals will be relocated, but any such moves will be traumatic. And what of the zoo employees, forty of whom have already lost their unionized jobs?
The Bronx Zoo's animals need their homes as well as their caretakers, and children and adults have a right to visit and learn about all the zoo's creatures, not just the most "popular" ones.

Act NOW to Restore Protections for the Polar Bear

Sierra Club:

Please thank the Obama administration for reversing the harmful Bush Administration midnight regulation that aimed to gut the Endangered Species Act and urge the Obama Administration to continue to restore protections for endangered species by withdrawing the controversial polar bear rule, a second controversial ruling from the Bush-era.

Review the message on the right.
Complete the form below with your information.
Click the Send Message button to send your letter to these decision makers:

Protect African Elephants' Food Sources - The Petition Site


Protect African Elephants' Food Sources - The Petition Site: "African elephants need grass to survive - grass that grows mainly during the wet seasons. And new research on elephants in Kenya's Samburu and Buffalo Springs national reserves is showing that a global warming-led decrease in the wet season is posing a grave threat to elephant reproduction."


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Update! Civil lawsuit trial date set for October 2009. Discovery phase of lawsuit is under way. Stay tuned for more details as the trail date draws closer. Read below for history of this case.
Pasado's Safe Haven is funding the hiring of a private investigator to find two key witnesses to the school shootings. We are honored and pleased to be able to continue to support this case. We hope with this P.I. on board, two individuals, one of which is an air national guardsman who was an eye-witness to the shootings, will be located. Stay tuned to this website for updates.

St. Bernard School Massacre...
It may be two + years, but no time will erase the horror

Endangered Species Protections Restored

Endangered Species Coalition

Washington DC - On April 28th, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and Commerce Secretary Gary Locke announced the restoration of rules under the Endangered Species Act that help protect endangered species when government decisions or projects are implemented.

Concerned Citizens Coalition-Montcalm - our pets will no longer be sold by a Class B Dealer to be used for research!!

Concerned Citizens Coalition-Montcalm

Take Action: Animals Suffer and Die in University of Michigan Laboratories

Take Action: Animals Suffer and Die in University of Michigan Laboratories

Tyson- Pit bull Shot By San Diego Police While On Walk WW - The Petition Site

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Tyson- Pit bull Shot By San Diego Police While On Walk WW - The Petition Site: "Tyson, a one year old pitbull was unjustly shot by San Diego police officers on April 22nd 2009 when out for a walk with his owner.

We need & want justice for Tyson. He deserves it for all he & his family have had to endure the past few days & for the journey ahead of them.

Tysons parents were served with two citations and the first hearing is June 23rd 2009. Please help support Tyson and his family."

Sign to Save the Western Gray Whale

All activists: Tell oil and gas companies to postpone new activities in the waters off Sakhalin Island immediately.

Learn more about this petition

"Sanctuary" murdering us close them - The Petition Site


"Sanctuary" murdering us close them - The Petition Site

"I ask you, with all of my heart, please read this petition and sign for the many animals that don't deserve to die or be starved or mistreated at a so-called "No-Kill" Animal Sanctuary.
(Thank you for the link M.A. this will definitely help us)

Petition - Urgent Matter:
To Close the Wild Animal Orphanage / ASUS
"We the undersigned", have an interest to see justice, and to prevent any further irreparable harm to any more animals that stay at the Wild Animal Orphanage (WAO/ASUS) in San Antonio, TX. The WAO has two facilities in Texas, one property is on Leslie Rd and the other UNLICENSED facility is on Talley Rd.

"We the undersigned" petition the USDA and the Texas Attorney General to fully prosecute, both criminally and civilly, Carol and Ronald Asvestas who are the owners/operators of the Wild Animal Orphanage and ASUS and their related animal entities for committing alleged animal cruelty, neglect and violations of the Federal Animal Welfare Act. These violations are to also be included with the alleged violations of the Texas Deceptive Trade Act and of the IRS code for non-profit organizations.

We urge the above stated federal and state regulatory agencies not to enter into any settlement agreements with the foregoing parties, who for the past two years or more, have been investigated by the Texas Attorney General's Office, the USDA, IRS and other federal agencies for alleged animal abuse as well as other offenses. Any further delays for taking action could result in the deaths of many more innocent animals.

Petitioners: Please pass this petition on to your friends, families, loved ones and people who love animals and want to see justice against animal abuse. Thank you, so very much, for signing this petition and helping to save those poor animals that have no voice to speak up and save themselves.

To the petition signers:
You can find all evidence of their alleged wrongdoings by submitting a Freedom of Information Request (FOIA Request) and also an Open Records Request to the Texas Attorney General:
(case # 062386222)
Mr. James Anthony (Assistant Attorney General)
Mr. Chris Krhovjak (Investigator)
Office of Texas Attorney General
300 West 15th Street
Austin, TX 78701
Consumer Protection Division - Charitable Trust Section
(512) 475-4178

Open Records Request: Office of Texas Attorney General
Attn: Ms. Pam Perkins
300 West 15th Street - Mall Code 003
Austin, TX 78701

FOAI Request: Investigavtive and Enforcement Services
FOAI Request
4700 River Road, Unit 85
Riverdale, MD 20737
USDA License No. 74-C-0006
(301) 734-7833
(301) 734-4978 FAX #

Support an EU Primate Ban

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Let Felix be the Last


Song by Maria Daines Video by Mary Alice for the FREE FELIX CAMPAIGN, to bring awareness about the cruelty to primates, in research facilities - world wide. Please Visit
For the story of Felix
Say no to Vivisection, for a research without animals

In 2006, Oxford University allowed cameras into its laboratory to film Felix, a monkey scheduled to undergo invasive surgery on his brain and a long succession of tests. We at PETA were deeply affected by the plight of this small, lonely animal in his cage, unaware of the horrors ahead. We campaigned for Felix to be released to a sanctuary we had found for him. We have now learned from Oxford that Felix is dead – killed routinely at the end of the experiments conducted on him. No television cameras were there.
Our campaign was about more than one monkey, however, and Felix's tormented life and premature death only inspire us to work even harder to prevent more animals suffering as he did.

Felix was used in a sequence of experiments lasting a year. He was trained to perform repetitive movements and then had electrodes surgically implanted in his brain. Following this, Felix was deliberately brain-damaged to create the symptoms of Parkinson's disease. After that, the effects on his brain and ability to move were measured in more tests, and then he was killed. For a year, this sensitive, bewildered animal was subjected to escalating abuses: deprivation, manipulation, invasive surgery, disability and eventually death. The official licence permitting this work allowed the highest level of suffering legally permitted in the UK – what is clinically called “substantial severity”.

It is too late to save Felix, but it isn't too late to save others. The European Union is reviewing its law on animal experiments right now. A recent motion in the European Parliament called for measures to end experiments on primates. After a sustained campaign by many organisations, including PETA, it was signed by a majority of MEPs on 6 September 2006. This was an inspiring demonstration of reason and compassion by politicians and a sign that campaigning pressure works. However, the new law has yet to come before the Parliament and we must make sure this success is translated into votes to save animals when it does. Felix's sad, lonely and needless death has to count for something. We must remember him as we work to help thousands like him.

You Can Help:

PETA is calling for a ban not just on experiments on non-human primates but on all experiments causing severe suffering. Please write to the Home Secretary to ask her to to back those measures in the European negotiations on the new law.

Two Weeks to Save the Endangered Species Act


Center for Biological Diversity

Just before leaving office, the Bush administration dealt a parting blow to endangered species across the nation, issuing regulations that eliminate independent scientific review over species-harming federal projects like oil leases, timber sales, and mines. The regulations also exempt all greenhouse gas-emitting projects, including coal-fired power plants and federal fuel-efficiency standards, from Endangered Species Act review. These regulations eviscerate the central Endangered Species Act process — independent scientific oversight — that has protected endangered species for 35 years. Dangerously, they exclude global warming, the single-greatest future threat to endangered species, from consideration under the Act.

The regulations are the object of active lawsuits by the Center, other environmental groups, and nine states.

Thankfully, Congress has provided the Obama administration with the authority to rescind the Bush extinction rules without having to go through a lengthy rulemaking process. On March 11, Congress passed a bill giving the secretaries of Commerce and Interior 60 days to rescind the rules with a penstroke.

The decision to overturn the extinction rules should be a no-brainer for the Obama administration. President Barack Obama made a campaign promise to toss out the rules, and in early March, he issued a memorandum ordering federal agencies to ignore some aspects of them. But his Interior and Commerce secretaries have failed to act, and the May 9 deadline now looms.

While more than 80,000 people have written to Interior Secretary Ken Salazar demanding he rescind the Bush rules, Gary Locke has only recently been confirmed as secretary of Commerce and has yet to take a position on the rules. Similarly, Dr. Jane Lubchenco, the new head of the ocean administration, has failed to take a public position either.

Please contact Secretary Locke and Dr. Lubchenco and urge them to immediately revoke the Bush extinction rules.


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PLEASE END HEARTSTICK EUTHANASIA - The Petition Site: "After reading an email about an animal who was to be 'put to sleep' at 8am by Heartstick Method I carefully researched this. I had no idea what this was until reading below. Please help to end this cruel and inhumane method that some shelters use throughout the United States.


*Intracardial injections, commonly referred to as "heart sticks," are considered inhumane and cruel when performed on animals that aren't anesthetized or comatose. Using the "heart stick" method is painful because the needle containing sodium pentobarbital - a schedule II controlled substance used to euthanize animals - passes through the chest wall and several layers of muscle before puncturing the heart. If the euthanasia substance isn't carefully and accurately administered, an animal's lungs could be punctured, causing them to fill with fluid, a painful way to die.

Intracardial injections are difficult to administer effectively on fully conscious animals because in the animal, the lungs and the heart are constantly moving, said Dr. Bonnie Beaver, a veterinarian and professor of veterinary medicine who is considered a euthanasia expert by the American Veterinary Medical Association.


WHAT?WHY?STOP!Egypt is a nightmare for the animals - The Petition Site


WHAT?WHY?STOP!Egypt is a nightmare for the animals - The Petition Site: "Why? Even if there is no reason for what you are doing to the animals in Egypt ! The world is becoming aware and is beginning to hate Egypt ! And it is right, nobody will visit your country anymore in a short time if you don't stop to exterminate in that atrocius and coward way the stray dogs and cats in your streets !"

STOP the culling of stray cats! - The Petition Site


STOP the culling of stray cats! - The Petition Site: "No easy solution for strays
A combination of measures are used to manage animal population here
11:57 AM January 30, 2009
Letter from Goh Shih Yong
Assistant Director, Corporate Communications for Chief Executive Officer,
Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority:
We refer to the article “The outspoken doc” (Jan 20).

Stray animal population control is a complex issue and there are no easy solutions.

The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) is fully committed to ensuring animal health and welfare and has adopted a balanced approach in the management of strays.

For dogs, all must be licensed for the purpose of rabies control. Rabies is a disease fatal to man. It is endemic in this region. AVA culls stray dogs to manage the risk of rabies transmission should the disease be introduced into Singapore.

As all dogs, whether sterilised or not, are susceptible to rabies, sterilised strays should be properly homed and licensed, and not be returned to the environment.

For cats, AVA encourages sterilisation as a way to help prevent the proliferation of strays.

This alone, however, is not enough. It is a fact that stray cats, including sterilised ones, create numerous disamenities to the public, ranging from nuisance to hygiene concerns, even physical threat.

It is thus inevitable that culling has to be carried out as an additional measure to keep the stray population in check.

AVA and the Town Councils (TC) are open to working together with the community and the caregivers in looking at keeping the stray cat population manageable.

In any precinct, caregivers wanting to start a sterilisation programme for stray cats should approach and work with the TC, as the TC is in a better position to understand the concerns of the majority of its residents.

We believe, above all, that public education on responsible pet ownership is key to reducing the problem of strays.

To this end, AVA actively promotes and organises campaigns on responsible pet ownership. We are confident that with perseverance, there will be an improvement to the stray animals problem in the longer term.

We thank Dr Tan Chek Wee for his passion and commitment in helping in the management of stray cats in the community.

We are equally appreciative of the same effort put in by many other caregivers in their own communities.

While the AVA and TC will continue to work together with the community and the caregivers, we must also balance the interest of all sectors in the community, including those who are adversely affected by stray cats.
Stray cats that have been neutered are captured and culled. Why is this so? Then what is he point of sterilizing them if they end up dead anyways? We have a few strays in our area. But most of them are gone now. Please stop this senseless act. The killing stops now!

Feds confirm abuse of monkeys at ONPRC - The Petition Site


Feds confirm abuse of monkeys at ONPRC - The Petition Site

The Oregon National Primate Research Center (ONPRC) keeps more than 4,000 monkeys and uses them in cruel studies. In 2007, this facility received more than $33 million in taxpayer money, much of which is spent on needless studies of illnesses that have already been well researched using clinical data from humans. (...)

In September 2008, PETA also obtained new internal documents from ONPRC that further detail abuse and neglect in addition to that observed during our undercover investigation...

Tortured Ellies for Tourists - The Petition Site

Tortured Ellies for Tourists - The Petition Site

The baby elephant is still nursing. But the men who savagely take her from her mother feel nothing for her. They drag the baby elephant kicking and screaming from her mother and put her in a cage exactly the same size as her body. Her legs are completely immobilized.
Next they proceed to beat her incessantly and gouge her with nails. This is the brutal practice of Phaajaan - the "breaking in of an elephant. This practice leaves baby elephants traumatized and badly injured, sometimes they even die from their wounds. Often up to 12 elephant handlers (or mahouts as they are called) work together to trap a baby elephant. In some instances the elephants are born in captivity and in others they are caught in the wild. Poachers often kill mother elephants when they are attempting to trap a baby - they do it because mother elephant will attack if you try harming her baby. It's relatively easy to trap a baby elephant born in captivity - they tend to trust humans. Villagers typically lure them closer with pieces of fruit and trap them with nooses made of thick ropes. As they struggle the nooses cut deeper and deeper into their skin. When the ritual of Phaajaan starts, there is usually an air of excitement and celebration in the village.
Villagers show up in droves to witness the spectacle that is about to take place.
The villagers start by tying more ropes and steel cables around the juvenile elephant legs, belly and feet. They even bind her tail. They show no mercy - her trunk and the sensitive skin between her toenails are beaten with clubs and punctured with nail-studded sticks. They proceed to insert sharp nails into her ear canals. The little elephant is exhausted by this relentless torture. She can no longer stand. She collapses against the sides of the cage, held in place only by ropes around her neck and belly. They jab her ribs - the pain sends her reeling upright for a brief moment wailing and then she collapses again. But the young pachyderm's torture is far from over. Next a village elder straddles her neck. He raises a long pointed blade attached to a stick spits on it and sinks it into her head - directly between her hears. He continues to jab it into her head - over and over again. (Later is discovered that she has lost her ability to hear).
Finally when dusk falls upon the village the beatings and piercing stop. However for the next few days she is denied water, food and sleep. The villagers take turns to beat her until they are convinced that her submission is complete. She has been broken in and will never resist or challenge a human being ever again. Phaajaan literally means 'to break the love between two', in this instance meaning to break the love between mother and baby. In Thailand roughly 3 800 of the country's 5000 endangered Asian elephants are in the hands of private owners. These animals are used as tourist attractions in elephant camps. They are 'trained' to perform circus tricks and give rides. Thailand's elephants are victims of the country's tourist industry. Each baby that is broken in and sold to one of Thailand's elephant camps can fetch a price of up to R50 000. As a result struggling villagers are more then willing to break in a baby elephant in order to feed their families. It is a vicious cycle. What is even more abhorrent is that these elephant camps display these young elephants under the guise of eco tourism.
If you want to view the video visit

Vote to prohibit the import/trade of the seal products - The Petition Site

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Vote to prohibit the import/trade of the seal products - The Petition Site

"After the russian government announced an end to the hunting of seal pups under a year old (18th March 2009), Canada released, that they will allow for the slaughter of 280,000 (or even more) harp seal pups this year putting further strain on seal populations, what is a grate provocation of all ethical oriented people in the entire world.
Now it is the time to change the values and morals of those who are involved in this bloody business. People around the world understand that their arguments to continue the slaughter are cynical and are beyond any critic.
We, the independent internet community "The Savers of Life", are proposing to boycott 2010 Olympic Games, as well as stop the purchase of any exported Canadian products into Europe, and will urge as many of our citizens as possible to stop travelling to Canada until this massacre stops.

Sign the petiotion today with us and tell about this action all your friends!"

Help Protect Sea Turtles from Longline Fishing

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Sea turtles will soon start crawling ashore to nest on beaches throughout Florida and the Gulf of Mexico in a magnificent ritual that's millions of years old. But, unless we do more to protect sea turtles in the Gulf, fewer turtles will reach the beaches to nest.

Sea turtles are getting snagged on commercial fishing lines that stretch for miles. Turtles foraging along the continental shelf grab the bait and drown before fishermen retrieve their miles long lines.

In Florida alone, the number of loggerhead sea turtle nests plummeted by 40 percent in the past decade. Please ask the National Marine Fisheries Service to do more to protect these threatened species.

save the last canadian lynxes in u.s - The Petition Site

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save the last canadian lynxes in u.s - The Petition Site: "lynx once thrived in most of u.s but only small populations survive in their range. they are critically endangered only about 900 are left in the lower 48 states and are being threatened by habitat loss and poaching but you can save these beautiful predators by singing my petition, please act now!"

Protest on the situation of pets in Greece - Petition

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protest on the situation of pets in Greece Petition

Automatic translation of the petition:

To: Ministry of Rural Development and Food
The''Zoofilikoi Associations, federations, institutions and citizens, complain loudly about the indifference, the heartlessness and lack of political will - over time - the various governments, and especially today, to address and resolve the major elements and tritokosmika problem of pet animals in our country (abuse-abandoned-body lack of control) with the known social, cultural and economic implications and requires about 11 proposals, solutions to the problem:
Vote to take immediate and effective measures that will lead to improvement, with time, the elimination of stray PROBLEM ANIMALS IN OUR COUNTRY''

Romanian horses are in desperate need of your help - The Petition Site


Romanian horses are in desperate need of your help - The Petition Site: "The treatement of horses in Romania is pure cruelty. It is inhuman and shameful. Horses are working very hard during a whole day at the end of which they get no food or very little. They are overworked, underfed, exhausted and often beaten. When they become useless during the dead season they are abandoned, left to die of starvation. Horses are not considered as living creatures that can feel pain and fear. Everywhere in the country one can see dead or nearly dead stray horses. Animal welfare organizations do what they can but they don't have the means to help these hundreds of horses. The government is not willingto take action. Therefore we ask your help.Please click on the word "letter" under the picture to view the actual petition."

Enforcement of the Barbados Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Amendment) Bill 2007

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1. We demand government enforce the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Amendment) Bill 2007 by charging and punishing offenders.
2. We demand that the government facilitate through education and community awareness the rights of animals.

Stop the Horse Slaughter - petitions

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Stop the Horse Slaughter

Stop Puppy Mills In Jordan Petition

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Stop Puppy Mills In Jordan Petition: "The Humane Center for Animal Welfare in Jordan raided a puppy mill in the Jordan Valley. Workers at the mill were sickened by the treatment of the animals, and approached the Humane Center for Help. The breeder in charge of the farm is suing to get her 'property' back, and there are no laws to stop her.

Please sign and show the Jordanian government that animal welfare is not just about animals, it's about humanity. Thank you."

More action about this issue here:

Europe cycling for animals

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Antonio de Matteis, Italian, and Sabine Knoll, German is a couple who left southern Italy for a bicycle for a journey in Western Europe. The aim is to raise awareness for the cause of animals abandoned.


SEAL's Dog Killed: Give Criminals Maximum Sentence! - The Petition Site

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SEAL's Dog Killed: Give Criminals Maximum Sentence! - The Petition Site

Help SPCA International ( demand that Texas courts prosecute the four animal abuse criminals to the fullest extent of the law. Sign now!

Former Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell's therapy dog was brutally killed by four young men last week. According to Luttrell, the criminals were cruising his county in Texas shooting dogs for fun when he heard a shot in his front yard and found his dog, Dasy, murdered. Luttrell chased the criminals through four counties and brought them to justice with the help of the local sheriff's department. Luttrell witnessed these criminals laughing and joking about their killing rampage, even after they had been apprehended by authorities.

Luttrell's dog, Dasy, was no ordinary pet. Luttrell is called the "Lone Survivor" because he was the only survivor from a 2005 battle that caused the largest loss of life in SEAL history. Each letter in Dasy's name represents his fallen SEAL team members. Luttrell was given Dasy during his recovery period after sustaining horrific wounds. Luttrell said, "I consider that dog just like a daughter to me."

Please sign this petition and help SPCA International tell the Texas courts to prosecute these cruel criminals to the fullest extent of the law. "You need to be held accountable for what you do," pleaded Luttrell on Glenn Beck's Fox News show. See Luttrell's full interview here:



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"This is about a school teacher who let her two cats slowly starve to death; these cats never hurt anybody, and for over a month they were denied food and water, despite these cats pleading for food and water. They died with much suffering: This teacher is a sadist and monster. I feel she must be removed and her teaching license stripped. THIS CANNOT BE ACCEPTABLE AS A ROLE MODEL FOR CHILDREN. THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS!!!"

Criminal Horse Abuse At Oklahoma Prison - The Petition Site


Criminal Horse Abuse At Oklahoma Prison - The Petition Site

Criminals take part in Rodeo's causing pain and horrendous suffering to Horses, backed by the current Warden & the Director of Department of Corrections. It's Criminal Abuse & needs to end now! Please help by signing & sharing. Sadly you can view video's on youtube by entering ''Rodeo Horse Abuse At Oklahoma Penitentiary'' Although heartbreaking to watch, it may help you realise the full extent of abuse these animals suffer just for mans pleasure! Thank you for taking the time to sign this petition.




In a tragic incident, a five-year-old boy who had gone out in search of his mother in a field, has been attacked and bitten to death by a pack of street dogs at Kazipur, Meerut. As a result the villagers are eliminating each stray by brutally killing them.

They are ostensibly 'remedying' the situation that led to death of two children in village Kazipur, Meerut, allegedly due to stray dog attacks. In fact, there is an illegal abattoir in village Kazipur, which is violating every possible norm - pollution control, animal waste disposal, etc. Apparently, 5000 animals, mainly cattle, INCLUDING COWS are slaughtered in the abattoir every day - and then, the animal parts that are not used, and blood, bones, etc., are all allowed to flow into an open nullah adjacent to the abattoir, that flows through village Kazipur and beyond. The strays of the area feed on these animal remains as a consequence ; or attacked children who ventured too close to the nullah that is their food source.

In any event, what has followed, and continues to unfold every single day, is murder, and cruelty beyond belief. They are caught, they are cornered, many have been viciously beaten to death. The dogs are caught in the most brutal manner possible, kept without food and water for 2 - 3 days until a sizeable number are 'collected', and then - mainly released into the forest, or surreptitiously put down or beaten to death


PLEASE lets all write to them & Let them know that we know what is going on and we condemn the government and their functionaries for loosing the control over law and order in their state & one small city and for protecting an ILLEGAL SLAUGHTER HOUSE of CATTLE.

Clemency for Sandbag - The Petition Site


Clemency for Sandbag - The Petition Site

British soldiers at a military base in Iraq have a major concern about leaving the country at the end of the month (April 2009) - of the fate of their camp mascot.
The soldiers are worried he will be put down by local Iraqis or killed by other dogs when they return home.
Sandbag is 2 years old and was born in North Port in Umm Qasr and has fast endeared himself into the British troops stationed there.
They have had him vaccinated, given him a collar, and lets him wander in/out of the camp whenever he wants.
Sandbag protects the men of B Squadron of the Queen's Royal Hussars from stray dogs around their base at the southern port of Umm Qasr.

A true military dog, he loves helicopters and often follows the troops out on patrol.

He also bears scars from numerous scraps with other dogs and - according to base legend - several bullet wounds - it`s rumoured that he has survived being shot five times..

The soldiers are now trying to make sure he is looked after when they hand over the to the Americans at the end of this month. (April 2009)

They have talked about taking him back to Britain, but discovered it would cost several thousand pounds to put him in quarantine.

This faithful mutt deserves to be flown home with the servicemen he loves and who love him. He has shown true loyalty and faithfulness to the troops of B Squadron of the Queen's Royal Hussars, and has no doubt bought hours of comfort in a hostile climate.

Money should not be an issue, Sandbag has done his `Call of Duty` and served his British troop friends well, so deserves to enjoy the rest of his day being a pampered pooch.

So, l call upon the the Prime Minister and Mps to fund the quarantine fee.

Past petitions have been successful in bringing canine friends home, so please, lets do the same for Sandbag.

Sign to STOP Live Animal Skining in China! - The Petition Site


Sign to STOP Live Animal Skining in China! - The Petition Site

Please take the time to read the below information and to sign the petition to put an end to the LIVE skinning of dogs, cats and other animals in China.

2,000,000 cats and dogs are sadistically skinned alive every year in China for their fur and left to die slowly in shock and excruciating pain.
This is probably the worst case of mass cruelty inflicted on helpless animals in the history of our so called civilized world. 2,000,000 cats and dogs skinned alive every year translates to 5,479 per day or 228 helpless animals suffering this unimaginable horror every hour of every day of every year, year after year.

Send a Letter to EU Ministers for the Seals -


Send a Letter to EU Ministers for the Seals -

Stop Strychnine Poisoning of Bali's Dogs - The Petition Site

Monday, 6 April 2009 0 comments

The balinese authorities have started their ethically unacceptable plan to kill 250.000 dogs in an attempt to stop rabies.
While this may seem to make perfect sense... it actually makes no sense at all. The rabies control strategy recommended by the World Health Organization, WSPA, the Alliance for Rabies Control, and the National Association of Public Health Veterinarians calls for vaccinating the entire dog and cat population if possible, 70% at minimum, to create a vaccinated barrier between infected animals and other animals and people. The WHO has advised the balinese authorities as such, and offered help in a vaccination program but to date, the local government has ignored both the advice and the offer for help, and has stepped up its efforts to kill all dogs.

In newspapers and letters, Bali's governor, Mangku Pastika, has asked the balinese people to actively help in killing the dogs. Bali TV is now running a commercial, wrongly informing the population about the rabies problem, scaring and encouraging them into killing healthy dogs. When in fact, healthy vaccinated dogs could effectively stop the spread of rabies.

Over the past 3 months, thousands of dogs have already been killed... but so far only 10 proved positive for rabies and they were all killed in the same area, december 2008. Since then, only healthy rabies-free dogs have been senselessly slaughtered in an unacceptably cruel way. Thousands are being killed every week. The method used by balinese authorities is strychnine poisoning, which leads to 20-30 minutes of agonizing suffering before the animal dies.

Everyday now, hundreds of dogs are being murdered in a cruel manner that is not accepted, or even legal, in most other civilized countries in the world... for no reason at all as it will not stop the rabies in any way. As such it is pointless, unethical cruelty on a massive scale that does not belong on a civilized island like Bali, does not stroke with its culture or its Hindu religion, which clearly respects life. It's hard to find any respect for life in the senseless killing of man's best friend.

This petition urges Bali authorities to stop its useless and unethical 'rabies prevention program' and to follow the recommendations of the WHO, WSPA, ARC and others... like other civilized countries do.

Please sign for the sake of 250.000 innocent healthy dogs..... even if you do not particularly like dogs... because no innocent creature should have to die a useless agonizing death.
Please sign out of respect for life and ask friends and relatives to do the same... everyday counts, because everyday hundreds of dogs die cruelly in Bali for no good reason.

Helping Animals Worldwide: ACTION ALERT!Global Boycott Procter & Gamble Day XIII – Saturday May 16th 2009

Helping Animals Worldwide: ACTION ALERT!Global Boycott Procter & Gamble Day XIII – Saturday May 16th 2009

Ban the Gas Chamber for Animals in Michigan! - The Petition Site


Ban the Gas Chamber for Animals in Michigan! - The Petition Site: "Michigan House Bill 4263, the Humane Euthanasia of Shelter Animals Act, would ensure that when the state's unwanted, sick or unadoptable shelter animals have to be euthanized, the procedure will only be done by injection of sodium pentobarbital. This method is called euthanasia by injection."
The American Humane Association considers euthanasia by injection to be the only acceptable and humane means of euthanasia for animals in animal shelters.

Even though a majority of the shelters in the state use euthanasia by injection, 12 still use outdated, inhumane gas chambers. Shelter workers overwhelmingly wish to hold and comfort a frightened animal in its final moments of life. That act may be the only kindness the animal has ever known.

In contrast, even with vigilant oversight, euthanizing any animal by means of a carbon monoxide or dioxide gas chamber is both severely inhumane to medium and large animals, and demoralizing to the workers who have to euthanize. Such outdated practices also create public outcry and demean the purpose of an animal shelter.

HB 4263 is sponsored by Rep. Rick Jones and was drafted by American Humane and the State Bar of Michigan Animal Law Section. Please sign today to support this bill.

Stop Killing Homeless Dogs in Armenia - The Petition Site


Stop Killing Homeless Dogs in Armenia - The Petition Site: "In Yerevan and in districts continues to to kill homeless dogs!
Last year dogs were killed just at the same place where they were found, early in the morning, while people were sleeping, but everyone who cared could listen the shots."


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Issues & Action

Deadline for public comment is April 20.

Last month, the California Department of Fish & Game (CDFG) announced two new, alarming proposals that could dramatically increase the number of black bears killed by trophy hunters in the state. Tragically, bear hunting – including the barbaric practice of pursuing bears with packs of radio-collared hounds, treeing, and then shooting them – is already legal in California. But now the CDFG plans to lift all numerical limits to bear hunting. Previously, the Department had closed bear "season" after 1,700 bears were reported killed. At the request of hunting lobbyists, the CDFG is proposing to lift this "closure mechanism" and permit an unlimited number of bears to be killed during hunting "season." The CDFG also plans to allow trophy hunting of black bears in San Luis Obispo County, California for the first time. The hunt could begin as early as this summer, with as many as fifty black bears being hunted and killed each year, primarily in the Los Padres National Forest.

Alley Cat Allies - Stop an Illinois Bill That Would Kill Cats

Alley Cat Allies

Action Alert

Stop an Illinois Bill That Would Kill Cats
This action is for residents of Illinois only.

The Illinois House of Representatives is considering a bill that could drastically increase the number of cats impounded and killed in animal pounds and shelters. In 2008, those facilities killed 60,673 cats, according to data Alley Cat Allies obtained through the Freedom of Information Act; they returned only 2,991 cats to their owners. In spite of these horrendous statistics, H.B. 2703 would require animal control officers to impound any cat found "at large."

H.B. 2703 was proposed by approximately 50 Illinois county animal control officers. In addition to the "at large" provision, the bill targets many provisions of Illinois law favorable to feral cats and their caregivers. They have even hired a lobbyist to promote their agenda.

Please act immediately--write to your State Representatives now and urge them to oppose this dangerous bill.

Canada threatens action if EU bans seal products | Environment | Reuters

Canada threatens action if EU bans seal products | Environment | Reuters
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