Appeal to the Dutch Government Who Wants Emergency Act Against 'Environmental Pirates' Sea Shepherd - The Petition Site

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Appeal to the Dutch Government Who Wants Emergency Act Against 'Environmental Pirates' Sea Shepherd - The Petition Site: "The Netherlands wants to ban the controversial anti-whaling organisation Sea Shepherd from sailing under the Dutch flag. Public Works State Secretary Tineke Huizinga said Friday she wants to amend the law quickly to make this possible.

The American organisation Sea Shepherd has two ships sailing under the Dutch flag. The Netherlands provided the necessary certificate of registry for this in 2007, after Sea Shepherd had promised in writing not to use violence and to comply with the safety rules. Nonetheless, a number of incidents have taken place between Sea Shepherd ships and Japanese whalers in the Antarctic.

Japan has repeatedly complained to the Netherlands about the Sea Shepherd. It appears difficult at the moment to take action against ships that do not comply with the rules, so the cabinet wants to speedily extend its legal options for withdrawing certificates of registry, according to Huizinga."

Seal Approved ‘ I Have a Signed Exclusive Agreement to End Seal Clubbing and Sealing « Seal Alert SA

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Seal Approved ‘ I Have a Signed Exclusive Agreement to End Seal Clubbing and Sealing « Seal Alert SA

Trailer for Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home


Trailer for Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home from Tribe of Heart on Vimeo.

"Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home brings new understanding not only by exposing a hidden injustice, but even more so by offering a truly compelling exploration of the true nature of those who are experiencing the injustice. The film explores a way of thinking of, and relating to animals that is new to most viewers, and that nearly everyone who has seen the film comments upon and finds inspiring. We noticed that an unusually high number of test viewers seem to have taken their viewing experience as an opportunity to change their own lives, to take steps toward aligning their daily choices with their values."


Animal Rights vs. Animal Welfare

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Animal Rights vs. Animal Welfare from Gary L. Francione on Vimeo.

Professor Francione argues that there are profound theoretical and practical differences between animal rights and animal welfare. He is critical of what he calls “new welfarism,” or the position ...

A Closer Look at Animal Rights, Part 1


A Closer Look at Animal Rights, Part 1 from Gary L. Francione on Vimeo.

Professor Francione was interviewed by the On-Line program, Animal World, on April 15, 2008, in Paris, France. The interview is presented in two parts. The primary focus of the interview concerns the importance of veganism as the moral baseline of the rights/abolitionist movement.

SB 250 The Pet Responsibility Act - TAKE ACTION NOW

SB 250 The Pet Responsibility Act - Official Website

SB 250 will be voted on in the Assembly Committee on Business and ProfessionsTHIS TUESDAY, JUNE 30th
To ensure this important bill passes this committee,please do these two things today... right now!! It's easy!!
Enter your name and information to send an automatic letter. It's easy! Click here.
Take 60 seconds to leave a phone message. Click here for the phone number!

California’s SB 250The Pet Responsibility Act
Each year, over $250 million dollars is spent housing and euthanizing homeless dogs and cats in California1. Approximately 1 million dogs and cats enter California’s shelters each year, and over half of them are euthanized (killed) simply because there are not enough homes2.
This enormous number of homeless pets actually means that every dog born in the state of California today has nearly a 1 in 4 chance of ultimately becoming homeless and dying in a shelter3. Two-thirds of the cats entering California shelters are euthanized2. And, the number of dogs and cats entering our shelters is currently on the rise2.
SB 250 provides a reasonable, fiscally responsible step towards reducing pet overpopulation in California. The bill simply requires that dogs be spayed or neutered unless their owner/guardian obtains an unaltered dog license when they license their animal.
SB 250 also requires that roaming cats be spayed and neutered by their owner/guardian.
SB 250 The Pet Responsibility Act, is:
Fair. Licensed dogs may be left unaltered if the owner/ guardian chooses. Owners cited for violating local or state laws may have their license revoked or be required to spay or neuter.
Fiscally responsible. SB 250 saves the state millions of dollars by reducing homeless pets.
Proven. Spay and neuter laws have been shown effective for over 10 years. In one community, the number of homeless animals was reduced by over 60% after a similar law was implemented4.
Forward thinking. Similar spay and neuter legislation is currently being introduced across the country, as legislators nationwide confront the high costs associated with pet overpopulation.
Provides due process. A full and fair hearing process is provided for matters related to citations.
Flexible. License costs, fines and implementation details are at the discretion of local jurisdictions.
Widely supported. A diverse coalition of elected officials, law enforcement agencies, city and county agencies, humane societies and SPCAs, veterinarians and veterinary hospitals, national animal welfare organizations, California rescue organizations, and thousands of individuals and organizations support spay and neuter legislation like SB 250.
The time has come for SB 250 The Pet Responsibility Act, a common sense, fiscally responsible method for reducing California’s tragic, expensive pet overpopulation crisis.

Please save Snaps! SeaTac, Washington Pitbull to die! - The Petition Site


Please save Snaps! SeaTac, Washington Pitbull to die! - The Petition Site: "On June 22, 2009 a group of young teens were observed abusing a Pit Bull on the streets of Washington. When two women intervened the teens attacked them and then used the dog as a weapon against them. This was not the dogs fault. The only fault here is that of the teens that facilitated the attack.
Even one of the victims acknowledges this. Fortunately both women are going to be okay. The dog, however, is going to die. The teens, the ones at fault, will probably get probation. This is not fair. This dog, Snaps, deserves justice. Look at his face, look into his eyes. It obvious he%u2019s never known any kindness and is a broken soul.
Please sign this petition urging King County, Washington officials to spare this dogs life. To hand him over to a rescue that can care for him and give him the sanctuary he deserves. Please help us to get Snaps to a place where he will know kindness and compassion for the first time in his life. He didn%u2019t deserve this. This poor dog has been punished enough in his young life.
Thanks for you time. County Government
Phone: 206-296-0100 or
Toll-free: 800-325-6165"


Only 7 days to stop the Worlds largest Seal slaughter! - The Petition Site

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Radiant Living, has joined organisations around the World to stop the trade of Seal Fur...for good! In just 13 days Namibia will be conducting the systematic bloody slaughter of thousands of Seals.Please read more at: To sign the Target Letter addressed to Hatem Yavus please go to: Please forward this petition on to as many people as you know and get them to forward on further.This brutal and cruel murder of innocent animals CAN be stopped with your help. Sign today!


U.S.Military Base Okinawa threatens Dugongs habitat - The Petition Site

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U.S.Military Base Okinawa threatens Dugongs habitat - The Petition Site: "Habitats of endangered animals can not be disturbed. The U.S. Military should know this and act accordingly. The survival of the dugong is more important than anything else ! They have the power to help or destroy them... people all over the world count on it that this Military Base will not be responsable for their extinction and save their habitat !"

The U.S. and Japanese governments are planning to destroy the best remaining habitat of a unique and critically endangered marine mammal, the Okinawa dugong. This dugong, a relative of the manatee, is a rare marine mammal that feeds in the seagrass beds and coral reefs of Okinawa's Henoko Bay. Fewer than 50 individual dugongs remain in an area described by the United Nations Environment Program as "the most important known dugong habitat in Japan." If the U.S. military proceeds with its Camp Schwab construction plan this exceptional, rare animal will lose the best habitat it has left and begin its last slide toward extinction. Of particular concern are proposals to move the U.S. Marine Corps' Futenma air base from its current cramped location on one part of the island, where it is surrounded by civilian development, to an offshore site. The base, which supports helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft, is home to more than 4,000 Marines and sailors. The primary problem is that the new home of the airfield would be literally right on top of and next to a coral reef. The reef area provides he most important remaining habitat for the rare dugong ! The Okinawa dugong is a protected "national monument" under the Japanese "Law for the Protection of Cultural Properties". However, at a hearing before U.S. District Judge Marilyn Hall Patel in March, Justice Department lawyer Charles Shockey said any actual development at the site is years away. Nevertheless, if they get their ways, it will be done... then, the dugongs will go about their business, oblivious to the fact they may once again face a military assault from the United States, or that their fate may be in the hands of lawyers and judges thousands of miles away. If we do not act, their habitat will be lost and they will get extinct...Also sign the petition : the Greenpeace movie about this problem :


Hold Police Accountable for Needless Killing of an 11 Year Old, 12 pound family pet - The Petition Site

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Hold Police Accountable for Needless Killing of an 11 Year Old, 12 pound family pet - The Petition Site

Danville officer shoots and kills 12 pound dog; owners don%u2019t know why

Danville Police Chief speaks out on officer dog shooting

Danville police chief regrets dog was shot but not officer%u2019s decision

What damage could a 12 pound, 11 year old Dachshund do that would justify putting a fatal bullet to his gut? Regardless of the laws regarding loose dogs in Danville, VA., this was an unjustifiable act against such a small helpless family pet that was known and loved throughout the small neighborhood.

The devastation brought to this family because of Officer Murrill McLean's hasty, careless and thoughtless action against a little barking OLD dog will have a deeply rooted affect on those children for life. Apparently, that didn't matter when McLean pulled the trigger.

Adoption Dog Stomped to Death by Soldier - The Petition Site

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Adoption Dog Stomped to Death by Soldier - The Petition Site

We the undersigned want to send a clear message to Colonel Manning, Brigade Commander of Ft. Bliss, El Paso, Texas, that animal abuse cannot be ignored on his post, and that we are hoping he presses criminal charges on the individual who perpetrated this heinous act as follows:

On March 3, 2009, in El Paso, Tx at Fort Bliss, a soldier adopted 2 dogs from Pet Guardian Angel, an adoption center. Tinkerbelle was a golden retriever, and Wrigley, a mixed breed. See Tinkerbelle standing proudly by her new family in this photo.

Within a few weeks of the adoption, the soldier horifically stomped, kicked and beat Tinkerbelle to death...breaking her neck in the end. Stop for one moment and imagine the pain and suffering that Tinkerbelle and Wrigley endured as they were brutally attacked. Tinkerbelle was gruesomely murdered, blow-by-blow, kick-by-kick, and beaten to death. The soldier's wife said he got angry and punished Tinkerbelle by hitting her with the leash and basically stomping her to death. How long and how much pain did Tinkerbelle withstand before she took her last breath? Wrigley got away, but was kicked so badly that he was taken to a veterinary clinic and had extensive surgery done on his broken up hind leg.

This type of behavior should not be tolerated by somebody whose job it is to protect our country. The soldier in question should not get away with such inhumane acts nor should the community tolerate such behavior. A slap on the wrist is not punishment enough for the crime. Silence is acceptance. By remaining silent we take no steps to prevent such horrific acts from happening again. By signing this petition, you are helping put an end to this abuse and urging the comminity to ensure action is taken against the accused. Animal abuse is a crime!

If you want to voice your concerns to Ft. Bliss concerning this incident, contact the Army's Public Relations Officer, Jean Offutt; her email is She can be reached at 915-568-4505.

Thank you so much!

Amend Miami-Dade County Anti-Tethering Ordinance - The Petition Site


Amend Miami-Dade County Anti-Tethering Ordinance - The Petition Site
This petition serves to gather support to amend Miami-Dade County's new Anti-Tethering Ordinance. After dealing with a repeat offender over the last few months who refuses to untie his dog and does not care about the fines he has received from MDAS, I have come to conclude that this law does not have teeth it desperately needs. Miami-Dade Animal Services has been doing all they can for this dog, but their hands are tied because of the way the law was written.

Continuous tethering of a dog is an act of animal cruelty and should be treated as such.

As quoted from The Humane Society's website:
"In addition to the psychological damage wrought by continuous chaining, dogs forced to live on a chain make easy targets for other animals, humans, and biting insects. A chained animal may suffer harassment and teasing from insensitive humans, stinging bites from insects, and, in the worst cases, attacks by other animals. Chained dogs are also easy targets for thieves looking to steal animals for sale to research institutions or to be used as training fodder for organized animal fights. Finally, dogs' tethers can become entangled with other objects, which can choke or strangle the dogs to death."

We, the undersigned believe that the Miami-Dade County Commission must amend the law as follows:

Section 1. Section 5-21 of the Code of Miami-Dade County is hereby created as follows:1
Sec. 5-21. Tethering of dogs.

(a) As used in this section, tether means to restrain a dog by tying the dog to any object or structure, including without limitation a house, tree, fence, post, garage, or shed, by any means, including without limitation a chain, rope, cord, leash, or running line. Tethering shall not include using a leash to walk a dog.
(b) It shall be unlawful for a responsible party to tether a dog while outdoors, except when all of the following conditions are met:
(1) The dog is in visual range of the responsible party, and the responsible party is located outside with the dog.
(2) The tether is connected to the dog by a buckle-type collar or a body harness made of nylon or leather, not less than one inch in width.
(3) The tether has the following properties: it is at least five times the length of the dog%u2019s body, as measured from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail; it terminates at both ends with a swivel; it does not weigh more than 1/8 of the dog's weight; and it is free of tangles.
(4) The dog is tethered in such a manner as to prevent injury, strangulation, or entanglement.
(5) The dog is not outside during a period of extreme weather, including without limitation extreme heat or near-freezing temperatures, thunderstorms, tornadoes, tropical storms, or hurricanes.
(6) The dog has access to water, shelter, and dry ground.
(7) The dog is at least six months of age. Puppies shall not be tethered.
(8) The dog is not sick or injured.
(9) Pulley, running line, or trolley systems are at least 15 feet in length and are less than 7 feet above the ground.
(10) If there are multiple dogs, each dog is tethered separately.
(c) Nothing in this section shall be construed to excuse a violation of § 5-20 of this chapter.
(d) This section shall not apply to the transportation of dogs, and in the event of a conflict with § 5-15 of this chapter, § 5-15 shall govern.
(e) For a first-time violation, the Department shall issue a warning notice to the responsible party and shall wait at least thirty (30) days before taking any further enforcement action against the responsible party. Thereafter, each violation of this section shall be subject to enforcement in accordance with § 5-2 of this chapter. For all civil penalties for violations of this section collected pursuant to Chapter 8CC, 75% of the amount collected shall be paid to the Animal Services Trust Fund, created by Miami-Dade County Resolution No. R-1385-06, as may be amended from time to time.

Section 2. Section 8CC-10 of the Code of Miami-Dade County, Florida is hereby amended to read as follows:
Sec. 8CC-10. Schedule of civil penalties.

The following table shows the sections of this Code, as they may be amended from time to time, which may be enforced pursuant to the provisions of this chapter; and the dollar amount of civil penalty for the violation of these sections as they may be amended.

The "descriptions of violations" below are for informational purposes only and are not meant to limit or define the nature of the violations or the subject matter of the listed Code sections, except to the extent that different types of violations of the same Code section may carry different civil penalties. For each Code section listed in the schedule of civil penalties, the entirety of that section may be enforced by the mechanism provided in this Chapter 8CC, regardless of whether all activities proscribed or required within that particular section are described in the "Description of Violation" column. To determine the exact nature of any activity proscribed or required by this Code, the relevant Code section must be examined.

Code Section
Description of Violation
Civil Penalty
Unlawful tethering of dog %u2013 First Offense
Warning with 30 day correction period

Unlawful tethering of dog %u2013 Second Offense
$100.00 and an additional 15 day correction period.

Unlawful tethering of dog %u2013 Each Subsequent Offense Third Offense

Unlawful tethering of a dog - Each Subsequent Offense
$500.00 & One count of Animal Cruelty ($500 fine (plus a $10.00 surcharge) and/or imprisonment for up to 60 days).

Note: Text to be removed is stricken; words underlined are additions.

Stop Arnold From Changing Shelter Hold Time to 3 Days - The Petition Site


Stop Arnold From Changing Shelter Hold Time to 3 Days - The Petition Site: "The L.A. Times and the San Francisco Gate are reporting that Governor Schwarzenegger is using the budget crunch to renew a previous attempt to drastically shorten the holding period animals must be kept at government-funded shelters.

The proposal will change the current hold time of 6 days to 3 days, making it harder for rescuers to get animals out, and making it more difficult for owners to reclaim their lost pets.
He also wants to suspend the Hayden bill known as the Animal Adoption Mandate which protects stray animals.

We must speak for the voiceless animals and urge the governor to cut budgets elsewhere, and not make it worse for animals who are already in bad situations. "

WDCS International - E-protest - Greenland Plans To Target Humpback Whales TAKE ACTION

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WDCS International - E-protest

You can help us save the lives of these humpback whales by sending a protest e-mail today

Please sign petition to the European Union and the US Government.WDCS International - Whaling Petition


WDCS International - Whaling Petition

"I call upon the EU and the US Government to oppose whaling, to ensure the International Whaling Commission’s ban on commercial whaling stays and to act to stop all commercial whaling and trade in whale products now!"

Give 25 million EU fur animals protection at the time of killing

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Humane Society International: Fur Free

Each year, around 25 million animals in the European Union are kept and killed solely for their fur. Most animal species reared on fur factory farms are still essentially wild—ill-adapted to a captive environment. These poor creatures spend short and miserable lives in small wire cages, only to be gassed or electrocuted to death when their fur is in prime condition.
The proposed Council Regulation on the protection of animals at the time of killing provides an historic opportunity to give fur animals in the EU the protection they deserve, at least at the end of their lives. Learn more about the most recent vote on this issue.
HSI is urging Member States to amend the proposed Regulation to ensure that the welfare of mink, fox, chinchillas, raccoon dogs, polecats and rabbits is protected at the time of killing. As long as factory fur farming continues to be legal in many parts of the EU, there is no reason why these animals should not be afforded the same degree of protection as other types of mammals covered by the proposed Regulation.

Ban Fur Farming in Ireland - The Petition Site


We, the undersigned, call on the Irish government to implement an immediate and total ban on all fur farming in Ireland.Fur farming is barbaric, and has no place in the compassionate society we live in today.145,000 Mink and 500 Foxes are murdered every year in this country for their fur - this has to stop NOW!


Request Justice for Phoenix, Dog Set on Fire - The Petition Site

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On Wednesday May 27th, a pit bull in West Baltimore was doused in gasoline and set on fire as a crowd of onlookers watched. A police officer patrolling the area happened to come upon the scene and quickly sprang into action. Risking her own life, she put the flames out with her sweatshirt and got the dog immediate emergency care. Officer Teel later described the horrifying incident. She said she had never heard an animal actually scream in agony the way this dog had. Reports indicate that spectators were actually laughing as the dog burned. Phoenix, as she was later named, suffered burns on 98% of her body. Despite her extraordinary pain and cruel treatment, the veterinary staff reported that she was wagging her tail and trying to walk toward her caregivers for comfort even though the pads of her paws had been burned off. Sadly, her body was under such tremendous stress from her injuries that her kidneys began to shut down and four days after the incident, the doctors had to euthanize her.

On June 5th, two seventeen year old juveniles were arrested in connection with this crime. Over $26,000 has been donated to the Phoenix Reward Fund, a clear indication of the level of outrage the community feels toward this unthinkable act. We believe that these individuals should be tried as adults and if found guilty should be charged with felonies for malicious torture, serving the maximum time allowed. Research has proven that juveniles who abuse and torture animals frequently go on to commit violent acts against humans. Abusing animals is a never ending cycle of violence that must be stopped.

We, as your constituents, community members and concerned citizens, are requesting the harshest of penalties for those guilty of this heinous crime. We believe that even though these offenders are under age, they are capable of understanding the harm and pain that they have inflicted and must be punished accordingly. Together, as a community, we can send a message that animal abuse will not be tolerated, that we will not turn a blind eye to the pain inflicted upon the helpless. We will not let Phoenix’s suffering and subsequent death be in vain.


Justice For Dog Set On Fire - The Petition Site


A pitbull dog was drenched in gasoline and set on fire two weeks ago during the last week of May. The dog suffered a 3rd degree burn over 98% of her body and despite efforts to save her, she suffered kidney failure and was euthanized to relieve her of further pain.Two suspects have been arrested and so far, not much is told other than they are juveniles. These kids are a danger to society, and I think it is only fair for them to be tried as adults and be punished the MAXIMUM penalty for animal cruelty. I think they should be locked up in jail for years and not be allowed to own a pet EVER.


Mr. Platini, please let them stop killing animals for Euro 2012. - The Petition Site


UEFAAtt. of Mr. M. Platini
Rte de Genève 46
1260 Nyon - Switzerland
Noiraigue, May 2009 -
Dear Mr. Platini,
During your imposant carreer, there was always the respect you were showing that made you even more than only one of the best football players of the world. Now you are president of the UEFA and we like to ask you to demand this respect from others regarding the 2012 European Football Championship in Ukraine and Poland.
Since 1997 we give support to SOS ANIMALS SOCIETY in Kiev/Ukraine. We helped to close the slaughterhouse Budka and found people in Europe who made donations to this society.
Tamara Tarnawska is a friend, and we know her animal protection engagements and give her our support.
We have been informed about the situation of stray animals in Ukraine and that the city administrations are killing by poisoning and shooting thousands of cats and dogs in order to clean up the cities before the Euro 2012 begins.
Mrs. Tarnawska has already asked several times for sterilization and castration programs instead of killing Ukrainian animals again, like in 1996. We%u2019ve seen reports in different news of TV stations in Europe about the street demonstrations organized by animal protectors and the Ukrainian population.
Even the Vice Prime Minister Evan Vasiunyk, responsible for Euro 2012, condemns the cruel methods of killing the stray dogs and cats and he has even proposed a hearing on this theme.
The 7th of May Tamara Tarnawska from SOS Animals Kiev ( has been invited by a special parliamentary commission to explain her point of view.
We hope that you, Mr. Platini, take the time to read this letter and to contact Mrs. Tamara Tarnawska (tel. and fax: 38044 2294295, e-mail :, in order to try to change the mass destruction of stray animals in Ukraine for the Euro 2012.
And that you will control the authorities untill the tournament.
The UEFA as a civilized organization shouldn%u2019t allow such cruelty towards animals.
Thank you very much for your attention, waiting for an answer, we remain
Yours faithfully,
SOS Chats
Yes, I agree with this letter,


Take Action: Stand with Chinese Activists Against Cruel Dog Culls | The Humane Society of the United States

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Take Action: Stand with Chinese Activists Against Cruel Dog Culls The Humane Society of the United States

Petition to Send a Kitten-Cooker to the Can!! - The Petition Site


From The New York Post :
A cat-hating Bronx teen roasted a helpless kitten alive in a heartless attempt to get revenge on her lesbian lover, authorities said yesterday.
Cheyenne Cherry, 17, and an accomplice allegedly broke into the Mott Haven home of ex-gal pal Valerie Hernandez, 19, on May 6.
They tossed her little cat, Tiger Lily, into the oven, then turned it on, authorities said.
"The kitten was burned alive, and it did not happen quickly. It was an agonizing death," said ASPCA Assistant Director Joe Pentangelo.
Cherry and her partner in crime also busted up Hernandez's home, slashing the couch, cutting TV wires and swiping food, sources said.
The invaders left the kitten trying to claw its way out. A fire eventually started in the Tinton Avenue home, and firefighters made the grim discovery.
Cherry was charged with arson, burglary, criminal trespass and felony aggravated animal cruelty. When asked why she did it, she allegedly said, "I don't like cats."
-----------And we dont like animal torturers; Ms. Cheyenne Cherry has a myspace; in case you want to join her there as "a friend" (of animals.) We predict that the space wont be there long, so hurry there to have your say;
name: Cheyenne Cherrymyspace: Cherry is alledged to be a habitual offender; BXJaz wrote: This little girl and her "boyfriend" robbed my best friend at gun point last year for her tea cup yorkie. After she made up reward flyers they had the audacity to call her and demand $500 for the dogs safe return. The DA in the case offered her probation, meanwhile she had 3 open cases prior to that case all for burglary or robbery. She needs to be locked away and not let out. This incident just goes to show how the justice system works. Had she been locked up for that robbery she would not have been able to kill this poor little cat. She sickens me and she needs to be locked away with females that do not tolerate these cowardice acts.----------The offender will be tried in the Bronx Criminal Court, but we do not have any info on the judge or prosecutors names just yet, but you can get that info as soon as it becomes available at: PetAbuse.Com - Case # 15528 for your support signers. Lets see that this cat-killing habitual offender goes to jail (and stays there) for a long long time. Is there any doubt in anyones mind that Ms. Cheyenne Cherry is a dangerous person? She is the personification of an animal-torturer who wouldnt think twice about torturing or even killing a person. This sorry excuse for a human being needs to be behind bars for life...and she probably will, life on "the installment plan," that is. She will be in-and-out for the rest of her life most probably, torturing animals on her "free-time" in-between sentences. She is out on bail and is probably torturing animals "as we speak." We must keep our eye on her (and her case(s) as they come along. Welcome Ms. Cheyenne Cherry to the Animal Abusers & Torturers Hall of Shame. We will not forget you, nor let you forget what you did, not EVER.


Vivisection: Dissection of Live Animals - The Petition Site

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"Believe it or not, the puppy to your left is not dead. It will be stitched back up to be used in future experiments. Vivisection is literally the dissection of live animals. And for what purpose? Want to see more before signing, watch this:
Animals as Human Models? The truth is that animal experiments are a cruel and fundamentally flawed method of medical research. Humans evolved from other animals millions of years ago. With each generation, each different species evolves a unique biology to help them survive in their environment.
Our bodies contain many systems such as those that coordinate immune reactions and hormones. These systems interact and work in incredibly complicated ways. Each small difference affects the way the whole body works. That's why each animal reacts differently to substances and suffers distinct diseases. For example, despite chimpanzees being our closest relatives, they do not develop human-type AIDS when injected with HIV.
Now, there is growing disquiet and dissent in the scientific community as the fatal weaknesses in vivisection are beginning to be taken on board. One group of researchers, publishing in the prestigious British Medical Journal in February 2004, uncovered evidence that 'seriously undermined the principle that animal experiments are necessary to inform human medicine'.
New NHS Report Confirms Failings of Animal ExperimentsSix recent studies funded by the NHS set out to examine the relevance to humans of testing treatments on animals. The report, Testing Treatment on Animals: Relevance to Humans, was commissioned by the NHS and published in May 2006. Its purpose was to test the extent to which animal experiments concur with the human medicine. The study revealed that:
animal researchers don't talk to hospital doctors about their work
clinical trials with human patients get underway even before the animal research is completed
drugs that fail in animals are used in humans anyway
a drug that increased overall mortality in animals was, nonetheless, used in people
most of the animal research that was analysed was poorly conducted and gave conflicting resultsThe Consequences
Trivial and Flawed Research The Government consistently issues blatantly dishonest statements, claiming that UK regulations 'permit only essential research with clear medical benefits'. In fact, the statistics show that thousands of animals are used in poisoning tests for non-pharmaceutical substances. The Government refuses to ban suffering for unarguably trivial purposes such as new laundry liquids, and allows painful and traumatic animals tests for substances like refrigerants and industrial chemicals. Furthermore, the Government admits that they have never actually conducted research to evaluate whether animal experiments benefit human medicine, despite scientific doubts over their applicability and thousands of human deaths caused by drug side-effects not revealed by previous animal tests. Please help me today to stop this abhorrable method of study. Your support is greatly appreciated!"


PETA Asia Pacific

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PETA Asia Pacific: "After viewing undercover footage of factory farm conditions, which showed that animals were packed into tiny metal crates in which they couldn't even turn around, comedian and former spokesperson for the New Zealand Pork Industry Mike King recently spoke out against the atrocious conditions that pigs on factory farms in New Zealand must endure. After viewing undercover footage of factory farm conditions, which showed that animals were packed into tiny metal crates in which they couldn't even turn around, comedian and former spokesperson for the New Zealand Pork Industry Mike King recently spoke out against the atrocious conditions that pigs on factory farms in New Zealand must endure."





Five-Part Series on Animal Experiments


All this week, Slate has been running a five-part series on animal experiments. The series starts out by telling the story of a dog named Pepper who was stolen in 1965 and who "changed American science." As the author, Daniel Engber, points out, the fall-out from Pepper's story led to the 1966 passage of the Animal Welfare Act—the first federal law protecting animals in laboratories.
In today's installment, Engber describes the time he spent as a grad student working on a macaque named Clayton in a university laboratory. He describes how he returned to the lab years later to find that, while his life has moved on—and out of the laboratory—Clayton is still imprisoned, his whole world limited to just two rooms:

PART I – Where's Pepper?
In the summer of 1965, a female Dalmatian was stolen from a farm in Pennsylvania. Her story changed America.

PART II – Man Cuts Dog
Pepper arrives at a laboratory in the Bronx.

PART III – Pepper Goes to Washington
The most important animal-welfare law in America began with a stolen dog.
Pepper arrives at a laboratory in the Bronx.

PART IV – Brown Dogs and Red Herrings
Or, why we no longer experiment much on dogs.

PART V – Me and My Monkey
The confessions of a reluctant vivisector.

Slaughterhouses: Where Racehorses Go to Retire |

Slaughterhouses: Where Racehorses Go to Retire |

Cruel Cheyenne Rodeo Bans Video Cameras! (video & petition)

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After four years of being exposed for animal abuse, the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo committee decided that, instead of banning animal abuse, it would be easier to ban video cameras, including even cell phones capable of taking video.

What You Can Do:

In case you haven't had a chance yet to sign the petition asking the CFD Rodeo Committee to ban Steer Busting, the crueliest and most deadliest event in rodeo, sign the petition here to help stop this cruelty.

Save Sasha - The Petition Site


Save Sasha - The Petition Site: "My dog Sasha has been deemed as a prohibited breed here in the City of Windsor. Sasha is Not a Pittbull and I have a rabies certificate signed by the doctor at Lauzon Vet hospital here in Windsor with her breed as American Bulldog.
I have been served to go to court and prove she is not a Pittbull. The Veternarians association does not allow Vets to determine the breed of an animal. The Vet himself told me that he is not qualified to identify a specific breed.
This leads me to wonder what makes the City Officials qualified to make that judgement.
Sasha has never harmed anyone nor has she ever caused trouble.
Please sign the petition and help me save her life and try to put an end to the endless number of INNOCENT animals being put to sleep.

Save Sasha is also a facebook group with many photos of her.

Please if there are any Breeders, Judges,NKC,CKC,AKC or any one else with creditentials please send a statement as to what your your years of experience and qualifications allow you to prove Sasha's breed to be."

Cow Meat Shredder

Tuesday, 2 June 2009 0 comments

Cow Meat Shredder - Watch more Funny Videos

Governor Bill Richardson Bans the Use of Carbon Monoxide Gas Chambers on Animals in New Mexico

Monday, 1 June 2009 0 comments

On April 6nth 2009 after over 3 years of work our organization was instrumental in the New Mexico Banning of use of Carbon Monoxide to euthanize Cats and Dogs. The Bill HB 265 was signed by Governor Bill Richardson in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

HB 265 was spearheaded by Yvette and Steve Dobbie. I am eternally grateful for their intervention which lead to the end of the suffering of tens of thousands of dogs and cats. Also they were the answer to my dreams and so many prayers. In my moments of despair and desperation to see the ending of the Gas Chambers over the years were worth every second, now the day is finally here. Rep Kenny Martinez sponsored the bill. We will give credit to all with the full story.

The ban goes into effect as of June 19th 2009

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