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Tordesillas • Matanza de Moscatel Igualdad Animal from Igualdad Animal on Vimeo.

Igualdad Animal graba la matanza
del toro Moscatel en Tordesillas
Imágenes históricas que constituyen un paso enorme en la lucha por el fin de esta injusticia.
Por segundo año consecutivo activistas de Igualdad Animal conseguimos grabar la matanza del Toro de la Vega —el año pasado grabamos la muerte de Valentón—

permitiendo que los medios de comunicación de este país muestren a la sociedad los últimos momentos de la vida del animal alanceado. Siendo conscientes del interés del pueblo en ocultar esta matanza y las dificultades que año tras año tienen los medios para conseguir estas imágenes, creemos necesario mostrar el sufrimiento y la muerte de este animal, mostrar sus últimos momentos.

Sin duda, el vídeo que grabamos el pasado 15 de Septiembre ha sido un enorme paso adelante en la lucha por acabar con esta forma de explotación animal y, en gran parte gracias a ello, se ha formado realmente un debate social sobre ella.
Desde Igualdad Animal hemos querido que todo el mundo se haga eco de la muerte de Moscatel, para que sirva de reflexión sobre las consecuencias que tiene la forma de pensar de esta sociedad con el resto de animales. La muerte de Moscatel no debe ser en vano. Debemos recordar que cada animal merece respeto por su vida y su libertad, y que ninguno debe ser utilizado como beneficio para los humanos, ya sea en los festejos taurinos, en los circos y zoológicos, en las peleterías, en los mataderos o en los laboratorios, debemos detener esta injusticia y dejar de apoyar su explotación.
A pesar de las tradiciones y a pesar de la cultura que tanto sufrimiento causa a los animales en nuestro país y en todo el mundo, deseamos que esta acción directa contra los festejos taurinos y a favor de la abolición de toda esclavitud animal, sea un mensaje de respeto unánime para todos los animales.
En memoria de Moscatel y de todas las víctimas del especismo.
Ver la galería fotográfica


MEXICO: INTERNATIONAL PETITION to urgently establish legislation for the protection of animal rights...

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Petition in reaction to the intolerable and growing mistreatment and terrible ordeal of animals in Mexico, as well as to the endless trade of animal fur from the extermination «farms» of the world fur industry, particularly the Asian one and especially that of the Popular Republic of China.

«It is man's compassion towards animals which renders him a true man»
Albert Schweitzer
Nobel Peace Prize.

In the dawn of the 21st Century, in view of the irrefutable scientific advances in the field of knowledge of animal intelligence, consciousness and sensitiveness, and taking into account the most elemental moral and ethical principles kept by any sensible man, we find ourselves facing the urgent and obligatory need to operate a radical change in our societies’ mentalities and habits in the various spheres of economics, industry, public education etc.

Also, outraged by the permanent reject and disdain of these subjects in the scholar, institutional and public fields in general; confronted by the paucity or even inexistence of regulations concerning the prohibition of extreme mistreatments and terrible torments inflicted to animals, as well as of other regulations that formally base, control and protect the well-being and the respect due to animals in any allegedly «civilized» society, therefore we sign the following petition to the responsible authorities, and very specially to the Mexican ones, to engage without delay in the following reforms:


• As it is already done in developped countries, the creation of a righteous and coherent legal stance for animals in the Mexican legislation and Constitution.
• The prompt and formal implementation in Mexico of a National Commission for the Protection of Animal Integrity and the Defense of their Rights, as well as of an organism of investigation, monitoring, action with legal effects which by means of a regulation corps can watch over the prosecution, arrest and punishment with criminal charges of those who, on an individual, collective, institutional, industrial etc. basis, consecrate themselves to the abuse, mistreatment and torture of animals in Mexico, for any reason, should it be personal, recreational, « cultural », industrial, commercial or other.
• The prompt and active incorporation of Mexico to the international efforts and regulations in favour of the formal prohibition of confinement, mutilations, torture and skinning of live animals in the world, particularly in Asia (Korea, Philippines, Thailand etc.) and especially in the Popular Republic of China.
• The prescription of a Mexican regulation that promulgates the immediate cease of any fur trade or traffic with any extermination breeding place or «farm», Asian or not, as well as any derived product from these places.


• The creation of a regulation for the prohibition of confinement, torture and skinning of live animals.

Act Now For Queenie - The Petition Site

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(September 10, 2009 update) - It has been 21 days since the USDA confiscated Jewel and Tina, but left Queenie (aka Boo) behind in Leggett, Texas in the hands of the incompetent Will Davenport, who has gravely endangered the health of all three elephants. With each day that passes, IDA is more concerned about Queenie's welfare as she remains at the mercy of a man who has shown repeatedly that he is incapable of providing her with proper and humane care.
The video at
(scroll down to %u201CELEPHANTS%u201D, fast forward to just after 7 minutes) contains heartbreaking and disturbing footage of Queenie, chained to a tree in Texas, swaying neurotically behind Will Davenport after the truck carrying Tina and Jewel to the San Diego Zoo had pulled away. (The video, made by Davenport's friends in Polk County, contains many untruths, but does provide some interesting footage of the elephant confiscation.)

Please make a phone call or send a fax today!

Even if you have already called the USDA, please take a moment today to leave a telephone message for the Secretary of Agriculture and email the Administrator of the USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service to urge the agency to return to Leggett immediately for Queenie and send her to a sanctuary where her safety and well-being can be assured. It's very important to contact both USDA officials.

Background on Queenie

Queenie is an Asian elephant who is estimated to be 52 years of age. She has been "owned" by the Davenport family for at least two decades and has been trucked around the country and forced to perform in circuses and to give elephant rides for years. In 2006, an undercover investigator for Animal Defenders International videotaped Queenie (also known as Boo) and another elephant named Chrissy being abused by Mike Swain, an employee of the Bailey Brothers Circus, a Davenport family operation.

In March 2007, USDA inspectors documented the continued abuse of Queenie, who was found in poor condition at a fairgrounds in Pueblo, Colorado. The inspection report from that time states:

"[The elephant has] excessive dead skin over most of her body and doesn%u2019t show evidence of proper bathing for quite some time. She has urine staining and what appears to be urine scalds on her back legs. The pads on this elephant had excessive growth and there were numerous flaps of skin that had trapped debris in them. The cuticles were also excessively long."

Queenie also had "multiple wounds draining yellowish exudates inside the left ear" . . consistent with the improper use of an ankus in the ear."

The handler was "not properly trained or experienced." "[He] had to continuously rely on excessive and inappropriate use of the ankus to get the elephant to perform the behaviors he was asking for during the rides and performances. . . during the rides and performances, the handler was observed repeatedly jabbing and hitting the elephant with the ankus. Several times during the elephant ride, the handler used the ankus to hit the elephant and she reacted by throwing her head and changing her gait demonstrating irritation at the action of the handler. . . This is inappropriate and abusive use of the ankus and such use is likely to cause trauma, behavioral stress, physical harm or unnecessary discomfort . . . " (Emphasis added).

Queenie must not be left at the Davenports%u2019 mercy. Ask USDA to act promptly to send her to a sanctuary!

For more information, please see




Target:Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.

Sponsored by: Catherine Turley and all those who care about animals.

The Los Angeles County Department of Health has contracted with the Carson Animal Shelter to trap cats at various locations across the county. Hundreds, maybe thousands, of vaccinated, spayed, healthy cats will be killed. Feral cats are not adoptable. These cats are no more of a threat to human health than the pets that walk through our neighborhoods every day. This will cost the struggling taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars, based on calculations from previous mass trappings. Now is not the time to be spending, and killing is not the answer.

David Beers must go to jail for what he did to Zoey - The Petition Site

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We the people hereby request that David Michael Beers, of 43 E C Street, Brunswick MD, be convicted and sentenced to the maximum penalty on all charges. He gave a full written and verbal confession to Maryland State Police that he trespassed on posted private property, kidnapped Zoey from her home, drove 3.7 miles away and threw her over the Catoctin Creek Bridge. Zoey was a 1 1/2 year old, white, teacup, 4lb, female chihuahua. Her body has not been found.

The Prosecuting Attorney is Colleen Swanson 301-600-2357
Office of the State's Attorney
for Frederick County
PO BOX 210
Frederick, MD 21705-0210

man charged with throwing dog from bridge



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A dog. Just another dog, you may say, - Yes, he was a homeless dog, with no name, existing in the shadows of human being's comfortable homes and imposing government structures, with no recorded number or the least note of remembrance. Most probable, his life began in misery, abandonment and consisted of daily courageous struggle for life on the mean streets of Prichard, Alabama. His struggle ended in the ultimate betrayal of neglect and cruelty at the hands of staff and management of a hell hole for animals, Prichard Animal (Shelter) Pound. His decaying body was discovered by unexpected visitors who were searching for their own lost dog, in the back of the stinking, feces and urine soaked facility.

The witnesses gasped at the stench, and the horrifying sight of this poor dog's rotting eyeballs oozing down his injured, gaping jaw, pestered with vermin and tolerated by other doomed animals imprisoned in the same cage, who begged with their eyes and the last wag of their weary tails for rescue.
The dog, "Little No Name" I call him, has no one to remember his struggle, or undeserved elongated painful death. The other dogs and cats who lanquish here until the shot of death takes them, perhaps mercifully from their lives of nothing but a kick or a swat from the human race, have no one to turn to. If not me, if not you, WHO? Write, call and demand justice, ask for the name or recorded number, and orign of this victim of cruel animal shelter staff and managers. Tell them we WILL remember "Little No Name", and want to know why he was brought there and why he was denied medical attention, and left to rot in the place to where he fell in death. Please, "Little No Name "can struggle no more.

Contact officials for justice for "Little No Name"
Mobile County Commission is responsible for determining prosecution:
205 Government Street
Mobile, AL 36644-1001
MOBILE COUNTY COUNTY COMMISSIONERSDist 1-Merceria L. Ludgood574-1000Dist 2-Stephen Nodine574-2000Dist 3-Mike Dean574-3000
For email and telephone numbers to Prichard officials:


Rumford Rodeo Company and the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association intend to perform American rodeos in several countries in Europe this year and if successuful will continue next year in other European countries.

The first country will be Spain where 11 cities are scheduled to host these rodeos:
Madrid 18/19th September
Guadalajara 23rd September
Castellón 25th September
Valencia 26/27th September
Benidorm 30the September
Marbella 2nd October
Albacete or Xátiva 4th October
Puerto de Sta. María 10th Ocobter
Badajoz 12th October
Logroño 17th Ocotober

The other countries are Italy,Germany,Belgium and France to be arranged.
Genoa, Italy (Oct. 31-Nov. 1), Milan, Italy (Nov. 7-8), Dusseldorf, Germany (Nov. 15-16), Antwerp, Belgium (Nov. 21-22) and Lili, France (tba).

Portugal is also included although no dates or destinations are yet revealed (presumably the cities will be Lisbon and Porto).

For 2010 if these rodeos succed the plans are to expand to Sweden and the Netherlands.
Enough is enough - we have enough barbarity in Europe with bullfights, we can not allow the import of other barbarities.

Our Movement together with Initiative Anti-Corrida (Germany) and the Movimento Antispecista ( Italy) have already sent letters to the German and Italian authorities asking them to not allow these rodeos.

Two months passed by without any reply. We must fight hard to prevent these rodeos frpm taking place. Their aim is to integrate them in the championships of rodeos which means that Europe would became part of these championships holding rodeos every year from now on.

Source of the information:

Please help us to stop this.
Below we have three letters,in Spanish, Italian and German aimed at the respective authorities.

Several campaigns on The Animal Rescue Site

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Save Orphan Bears: End Cruel Den Hunts

Take Dog Fighting Seriously

Urge House to Pass Anti-Horse Slaughter Bill

Help Defend Sea Otters from Destructive Drilling

Save Critical Habitat for the Florida Panther

Save the Mekong Dolphin from Extinction

Thank Governor Rell for Signing Puppy Mill Bill

Help Us End Alaska's Aerial Wolf Slaughter

Speak Out for Our Bats

Give Foreclosure Pets a Helping Paw

Help Racing Greyhounds

Ask your Governor to introduce legislation banning greyhound racing

35,000 signatures sent on 08/10. Please continue to support this important cause by signing if you haven't already. Thank you!

Save Sumatran Tigers from Extinction

Tell Indonesian leaders to stop poachers and clearance of tigers' habitat

20,000 signatures sent on 08/14. Please continue to support this important cause by signing if you haven't already. Thank you!


Peanut (worst case of animal cruelty in Australia)- UPDATE

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At the Court Hearing Today - Jonathon Blake has been given the Maximum Penalty!! of 3 years!!! for what he has done to Peanut.

This is Fantastic news that this guys is getting what he deserves!!

I'm sure we'll hear more news from Karen & Danielle Later on what happened at court, aswell as from Axelle.

Thank you everyone for your continuing support on getting Justice for Peanut and helping support the Neilsen Family.

Thank you to everyone who attended the Rally today at Court.

This is the highest sentence given in Australian History for Animal Cruelty and now sets the Benchmark for future cases in stopping Animal Cruelty!!

Maximum term for torture of dog

SEVERAL people wept in the public gallery as details of the cruel and callous torture and death of seven-month-old puppy Peanut were read in the District Court in Mackay yesterday.

Peanut's horrifying mutilation and death, which his killers videotaped on a mobile phone, beggars belief and the case has been described as the worst case of animal cruelty in Australian history.

After kidnapping Peanut in the middle of the night, Jonathon Blake and another man took him to a park behind the Moranbah rodeo grounds.

They mutilated and decapitated the small dog.

Parts of his body were found around the area by residents.

Prosecutor David Morters said that, by looking at the video: “It is quite clear that both Blake and his co-accused are enthusiastic about their actions. They are laughing and making comments.

“Their purpose in cutting off his legs was to severely disable the dog.

“It is also clear in the video that the dog is in excruciating pain.”

The torture of the dog obviously resulted in great suffering, Mr Morters said.

Blake, now aged 25, pleaded guilty to seven charges, including burglary and killing an animal.

Blake was jailed for sex offences in 2006 and served 21 months; when he was released he was given employment by the Neilsen family in Moranbah. He was allowed to sleep in their home when he had nowhere else to sleep. The Neilsen family even lent him a car.

He had a falling out the Peanut's owner, Danielle Neilsen, and kidnapped and killed the dog for revenge.

After killing Peanut, Blake drove off and crashed his borrowed car through a council fence. He was arrested for drink-driving and it was then that police checked his mobile phone and found the horrific images of the killing of Peanut.

Judge Michael Shanahan said it was one of the worst cases he'd ever heard and said the details “beggar belief”.

He was invited to watch the three videos but refused to see them, saying the details read out were enough for him to impose the maximum sentence of three years in jail.

However, Judge Shanahan followed usual legal practice and ordered parole release after one-third of the sentence was service.

He ordered the videotapes be destroyed.

Demand an end to the killing of male chicks at egg hatcheries! - The Petition Site

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Demand an end to the killing of male chicks at egg hatcheries! - The Petition Site

Baby chicks are often considered to be some of the most adorable animals on the planet. They are frequently employed in Easter decorations, given to children in plush toy form, and fawned over at petting zoos. However, this doesn't stop egg hatcheries from killing hundreds of millions of them each year, using the simple excuse that they "have no use" for them.

According to new information from Mercy for Animals and United Egg Producers, about 200 million male chicks are killed each year because egg hatcheries cannot use them for egg laying, and they are incapable of finding any cost-effective method of raising them for other purposes, even to use as meat. The chicks are most often thrown alive into high-speed meat grinders, though they may also be gassed or killed in other ways, none of which could ever be considered humane. United Egg Producers, a trade group for egg farmers in the United States, unfortunately feels that these methods are perfectly acceptable, but a quick glance at their vague "Animal Welfare" page on their own website,, reveals that this attitude is not surprising. Until recently, farm animals have generally been overlooked as worthy recipients of humane treatment simply because many of them are raised for the sole purpose of being killed and eaten. How we can assume without proof that they have no sentient thoughts or feelings during their lives, however, is unknown.

According to the Humane Society, most egg producers are connected with hatcheries that practice male chick slaughter, and trying to find vendors who are not is difficult even with the help of the internet. And while many of us may be moved by this information to eat less eggs or none at all, most people will forget about this issue the day after they hear about it, and continue eating eggs that are associated with slaughterhouse hatcheries because they like the taste of them, or because egg alternatives are (wrongfully) more expensive. Therefore, the most effective way to stop this practice is to appeal to the companies in charge of the hatcheries who employ it. Hy-Line North America, one of the largest breeders in this country, is a prime target: their Iowa facility alone kills about 30 million male chicks per year. By signing this petition and sending it to them, we can make our displeasure known, and hopefully Hy-Line will be forced to reconsider their standards of animal welfare. They may have difficulty trying to find a place for all the chicks they would normally kill, but as the experts, it is their responsibility to come up with a more agreeable solution.
You can also email Hy-Line directly at

English slaughterhouses exposed

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English slaughterhouses exposed: JV Richards from Animal Aid on Vimeo.

English slaughterhouses exposed. The public is encouraged to believe that killing animals for their meat is essentially a pain- and stress-free business – so called ‘humane slaughter’. Film shot secretly in three slaughterhouses between January and June 2009 by Animal Aid, exposes ‘humane slaughter’ as a sham. The footage is shocking and often deeply disturbing. For full background on the investigation see

National campaigning group Animal Aid has today released footage taken secretly at three randomly chosen abattoirs, which offers an unprecedented close-up of the true inner workings of typical British slaughterhouses that kill pigs, sheep and cattle. The film convincingly disposes of the myth of stress- and pain-free ‘humane slaughter’. The 40 hours of footage shows more than 1,500 animals being stunned and more than 1,000 being killed. Animal Aid anticipates the revelations will provoke a plain-speaking debate involving consumers, politicians, regulators and the industry.

Watch the 10-minute compilation film:

AC Hopkins in Taunton, Somerset:

JV Richards in Truro, Cornwall:

Pickstock in Swandlicote, Derbyshire:

AC Hopkins:

JV Richards:


Full story:

Read the full report:




Alert: Free the Nepal Monkeys

From: Gateway to Hell Campaign

After a campaign that lasted for six years (2003-2009), the Nepal government has decided to definitely halt the breeding of monkeys in Nepal for biomedical research taking place in the USA. It shows that it pays to have patience and that the good forces sometimes do win in the end!

End the Use of Pigs in Vanderbilt's Trauma Training Program

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) :

End the Use of Pigs in Vanderbilt's Trauma Training Program

Please contact Vanderbilt University School of Medicine dean Jeffrey R. Balser, M.D., Ph.D., and ask him to replace the use of pigs in all Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) courses with validated nonanimal training methods. Please remember, being polite is the most effective way to help these animals and improve medical education. Use the following talking points:

Another Victory for Pigs in Canada! >> September 2009


Another Victory for Pigs in Canada!

Life continues to improve for pigs in Canada. In July, PCRM announced an Advanced Trauma Life Support win for pigs in Toronto. Now, the University of Saskatchewan College of Medicine announced that it too will stop using live pigs in its program and exclusively use the TraumaMan System

Save the Threatened Caribou in Ontario - The Petition Site


Human beings have the privilege of sharing this earth with many other species. We have the ability to protect these species, to ensure that this world retains the vast and varied beauty of life that now graces it. Yet many animal and plant species continue to fall into decline. The caribou populations in Ontario have recently been identified in this category. This is a problem not just for the people of Ontario or even Canada. It is a problem that should be tackled by the entire world.

On July 30, 2009 The Wildlands League released a new report showing that 7 out of 9 caribou populations in Ontario are tracking towards collapse due to high levels of industrial disturbance of their habitat. This is the first time this type of analysis has been applied in Ontario. Nine local ranges were examined along the northern limit of commercial logging in the province.

Trevor Hesselink, Director- Forest Programs, a chapter of the Canadian Parks and Wildnerness Society (CPAWS), stated that the habitat for 7 threatened caribou populations is so highly disrupted and fragmented by clearcuts, roads and fire that it cannot sustain any further logging and industrial pressure in the remaining intact forest. In April the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources released a map of local caribou ranges which it would be using to develop a Caribou Conservation Plan. Based on these maps CPAWS was able to conduct a thorough analysis of caribou population and found that 80% of the ranges at the northern end are tracking toward extinction, caribou have run out of space according to Janet Sumner of CPAWS.

Despite having released the maps, the Ministry of Natural Resources has taken no further steps to protect the caribou, at least through interim protective provisions, until the official plan is finalized. It has, instead, according to the report, used public dollars to construct more roads in caribou habitat.

This petition will be sent to the government of Ontario - Ministry of Natural Resources and the government of Canada - Ministry of Natural Resources, to request their immediate action to protect these fragile ranges in order to ensure the survival of the 7 caribou populations identified in this study as being threatened. We will request that all commercial logging, road construction and other industrial activity be immediately ceased in the areas identified in the study until a final Caribou Conservation Plan has been formalized.

The CPAWS Wildlands League website is

The press release and the report, A Snapshot of Caribou Range Condition, can be found at this website.


Outlaw the Cruel Practice of Canine Devocalization - The Petition Site


Outlaw the Cruel Practice of Canine Devocalization - The Petition Site

Would you ever silence a family member? Some people silence their dogs and cats through devocalization, a painful surgery that cuts the vocal cords through the animal's oral cavity or an incision in the neck.

This procedure creates serious health risks for the animals, including hemorrhaging, coughing, gagging, aspiration, trouble swallowing and problems breathing. Furthermore, devocalization leaves pets unable to communicate when something is wrong, which may put them and/or humans in harm.

Devocalization does not fix problems at home or change the animal's needs. Owners must take responsibility for their pets and address the roots of the problem instead of cruelly silencing their animals.

A proposed bill in Massachusetts would ban canine devocalization in all cases except when it' s "medically necessary." Although several states already have laws relating to devocalization surgery, most states do not. Call on your representatives to propose national legislation banning non-medical devocalization nationwide!

FREE MAJLO - The Petition Site


FREE MAJLO - The Petition Site


Majlo is a sweet, gentle 2 year old dog who has never harmed anyone. Still he is ordered killed by the Norwegian police, who have held him in their custody for half a year, while his family have been fighting for his life. His only fault is that he belongs to a breed that is forbidden in Norway. Sadly, his owners didn't know about this injunction when they moved to Norway from Sweden, where the breed is legal. Although the provision of the Act allows forbidden breeds to leave the country, the police insisted on Majlo being killed instead. In August 2009 the court rescinded the judgement to kill Majlo and allowed him to return to Sweden with his family, but the Police Department appealed the verdict and refuses to let Majlo go.

Majlo's family is strongly attached to him, and miss him terribly. They don't know where he is, as he is kept in a secret place, and they are anxious for his well-being. They are charged about 250 dollars each week for Majlo's imprisonment, and twice the amount to visit him. The latest they can not afford, so they haven't seen him since he was taken away by the police back in February.

Majlo has become a symbol of the injustice that allows innocent family dogs to be killed, only because their breed is used in illegal dogfights, while criminals taking part in this abusive sport, seldom or never are accused.

In a couple of months, a higher court will decide whether Majlo shall live or die. We need a lot of signatures to tell the court that we won't accept that a friendly, harmless and beloved family dog shall be killed because of Norwegian Police principal, especially if the courts offer another solution for Majlo - to return back to Sweden with his family and continue his life there.

Dolphin Slaughter in Taiji’s ‘Cove’ Suspended : EcoWorldly

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September 1st usually marks the first day of the year for the brutal killings, but for the first time the Japanese media has arrived in Taiji en masse, causing the local fishermen to pause while the world takes notice.

Dolphin Slaughter in Taiji’s ‘Cove’ Suspended : EcoWorldly
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