Justice For MoonShine Murdered by his Owner - The Petition Site

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Justice For MoonShine Murdered by his Owner - The Petition Site

Moonshine, a 3-legged Wolf-dog mix apparently suffered a violent death at the hands of his owner, Shane Michael Thompson. On October 20, 2010 Thompson was charged with animal cruelty after veterinarians determined that the dog had died from blunt trauma and asphyxiation. According to the Palm Beach Post News, Thompson had taken his dog to the Cole Animal Clinic on October 7 to have the dog cremated. He told the clinic that his dog had died, possibly from a seizure.

Examination by a veterinarian and a veterinarian technician revealed trauma to the deceased dog that did not mesh with Thompson's story of a seizure. Later, a man phoned the Tri-County Humane Society to report that his friend had possibly killed his dog.

The Palm Beach County Animal Control was able to retrieve the dog's body and perform a necropsy which confirmed that the dog did die from severe blunt trauma, and asphyxiation. The findings were sufficient for the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office to press charges against Shane Thompson for the dog's death.

According to the report, Thompson and his roommate had acquired Moonshine this past February. Several witnesses claim to have seen Thompson inflict abuse on the dog on more than one occasion. One witness said that Moonshine was seen being physically abused by his owner back in March, when he was a mere 10-wks of age.

According to Thompson's statement to the police, any prior actions towards the dog that may have been construed as violence, were his attempts at discipline.

It would appear that this dog was disciplined to death. According to the statements, Moonshine died still a puppy - his life cut short by violence delivered by the hand of his owner. It's heart-breaking to know that this young dog fell into the hands of an individual capable of cruelly abusing his own dog.
Concerned individuals can visit this link to find the complete booking information for Shane Michael Thompson. Animal abusers should realize that in this day and age, their violent acts are being watched, monitored, and shared. Hopefully that will aid in the prevention of future crimes.

Written by
Penny Eims

Liberen a Ramba, el ultimo elefante esclavo en Chile - The Petition Site

Liberen a Ramba, el ultimo elefante esclavo en Chile - The Petition Site


Justice for Baby Elephant Tortured to Death as Police Watch


A three year old baby elephant calf was brutal tortured to death by a mob of 200 villagers armed with sticks, bamboo poles, and ropes that went berserk charging the baby elephant. The incident was filmed as the mob killed the calf in front of two armed security guards.


(disturbing footage)


The incident took place October 23, 2010 in front of at least two armed personnel, a forest ranger and a policeman, with the more than hour long gory drama filmed by an amateur videographer in a paddy field in Morigaon district's Gubah village, about 60 km east of Assam's main city of Guwahati in India's northeast. The day before the elephant was officially declared a Heritage Animal.

We ask the government to hold an enquiry into the matter and punish all those involved in the act.



Tributo a YENI, perrita ahorcada en Villacañas, Octubre 2010.

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Chamberlin needs your help … His abusers are going to court this Friday, 10/29/10. « Our Compass

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Chamberlin needs your help … His abusers are going to court this Friday, 10/29/10. « Our Compass


Justice for Snowball---dog sexually molested ! - The Petition Site

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Justice for Snowball---dog sexually molested ! - The Petition Site

This is a petition to get one of the most,despicable,disgusting,perverted,poor excuse of a human being off the streets,so all animals and possibility innocent children--can be safe.There is no reason on the face of the earth that this man can try to come up with for what he has done.His name is Mitchell Marsicano and he is from Long Beach,New York.He is accused of sexually molesting a dog,not once,but twice and it was his neighbors dog.The District Attorney's Animal Cruelty Unit and the Long Beach police department have filed charges against him,he will go to court at the Nassau County Court House on October 27,2010.This petition is to show these people that we are disgusted with this man and want justice done for Snowball.
You can read the story for yourself and please remember that this man was ''caught'' and Veterinary reports support that Snowball had trauma done to her.Thank goodness Snowball is safe now..........here is the news story....

Only days after a Connecticut man was charged with sexually assaulting a horse, a Long Island man has been charged with having sex with a dog -- and it wasn't even his.

Nassau County prosecutors charged Mitchell Marsicano, 55, with sexual misconduct, attempted sexual misconduct and burglary after he allegedly forced his way into his tenants%u2019 apartment and allegedly engaged in sexual conduct with a two-year-old, male, Shiba Inu dog named Snowball.

Marsicano, of Long Beach, was arrested early this morning by Long Beach Police. He faces up to 15 years in jail if convicted of the felony burglary charge and one year in jail for the misdemeanor sexual misconduct charges, officials said.

Nassau District Attorney Kathleen Rice said that on at least two occasions between October 12 and October 21, Marsicano engaged in sexual misconduct with the dog in the upstairs apartment of the house he owned.

Marsicano, who lived in the basement of his home and rented out other floors to two tenants, had previously turned over the care of the dog to his tenants, Rice said. The tenants contacted the DA%u2019s Animal Cruelty Unit after witnessing Marsicano sexually abuse the dog in their apartment yesterday morning at approximately 2 a.m. after he entered the apartment without permission.

The 23-pound dog was removed from the home earlier this morning and underwent a veterinary exam at the Nassau Animal Emergency Group in Westbury, officials said.

Veterinarians there said the dog showed injuries to its legs, consistent with being roughly restrained; other injuries and conditions consistent with trauma; and was uncharacteristically skittish to being touched on its hindquarters. Snowball is currently being cared for at the Freeport Animal Shelter.

He was arraigned in Long Beach City Court where bail was set at $20,000 bond/$10,000 cash. The case is still under investigation by the District Attorney%u2019s Animal Cruelty Unit and additional charges could be added. Marsicano is due back in Nassau County court on October 27.

%u201CIt%u2019s unimaginable to think that anyone could carry out such unspeakable acts of cruelty and violence on a defenseless animal,%u201D said District Attorney Rice. %u201CThanks to the actions of witnesses, the Long Beach Police Department and the members of my office%u2019s Animal Cruelty Unit this dog is now safe and protected from any further abuse.%u201D

First Published: Oct 22, 2010 4:39 PM EDT

One good thing is New York just recently was one of the first states to enact the 'Animal Abuse Registry'.

I will follow this case.


Urge the Senate to Pass the Captive Primate Safety Act! - The Petition Site

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Urge the Senate to Pass the Captive Primate Safety Act! - The Petition Site

If passed, the Captive Primate Safety Act would prevent people from buying and selling nonhuman primates as household pets. The Captive Primate Safety Act passed the House of Representatives, but has stalled in the Senate.

Nonhuman primates typically do not make good pets because they often become aggressive as they grow older and stronger. Biting and scratching are normal behaviors for these animals, and their large teeth can inflict serious injury. Furthermore, primates often receive improper care in captivity. They require specific diets, large open spaces and other nonhuman primates for their social health.

Primates should not be kept as pets. Tell your Senators to keep nonhuman primates safe!


PETITION FOR JUSTICE for the cat killers in Izmir, Turkey - The Petition Site

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PETITION FOR JUSTICE for the cat killers in Izmir, Turkey - The Petition Site

The innocent, old stray cat below was brutally killed by a group of people in Izmir, Turkey a few days ago (the terrible video is below).

The murderers (U.G. and his friends) %uFEFFwere interrogated but not punished! Because the current Animal Protection Law (law no. 5199) IS NOT evaluated in the PENAL CODE, but implemented within the MISDEMEANOR LAW.

It means that it does not matter whether you smoke in a non-smoking area or kill a stray animal with torture. In both cases, you pay just a few dollars to get away with the CRIME.

With this petition, we ask for real justice and want the violence to be stopped and murderers to be punished in a righteous way! We want animal murderers, torturers to be punished withing the penal code in Turkey.

We want them to be trialled, to be imprisoned when necessary and ask for the crime to be registered on their personal record.

We do not want to breathe the same air or share the same streets with them, for such people live to kill forever!

And violence deserve civilized laws!

Turkey should demonstrate her level of civilization, just like other countries that free murderers in the end!

We want these murderers to be trialled and imprisoned in a novel justice system where Law No. 5199 Animal Protection Law is properly changed to be evaluated within the Penal Code.

THIS IS THE VIDEO (graphic):





THIS IS THE CAT THAT WAS MURDERED BRUTALLY (when she was alive and taken care of by the people):


NEWS IN TURKISH (can be google-translated):




http://haber.mynet.com/detay/yasam/tekmeledikleri-kedinin-kafasini-ezdiler/536388 http://www.iha.com.tr/haber/detay.aspx?nid=141350&cid=735


The agony and cruel death of the lion casimiro. la agonia y cruel muerte de el leon casimiro. - The Petition Site

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The agony and cruel death of the lion casimiro. la agonia y cruel muerte de el leon casimiro. - The Petition Site

This Sunday October 2, we learned through a spanish page on Facebook of the death in a frightening state of the "famous" lion Casimiro, in the Park of the Guaricha in the state of Monagas (Wac Animal Park Zoo in Guariche, Venezuela) reported on 29 September 2010 in:


News that also appeared in:


This photo raised since then hundreds, perhaps thousands of comments expressing pain, horrors and indignation, both by the deplorable state of Casimiro's death, stating a criminal negligence by the "information" cruelly denied by the photo published affirming that Casimiro had died of a degenerative disease, had been very love, cured and attended.

As high of mockery ghoulish and cynicism spoke to elevate a monument.

In the pages cited we have assertions in reality not necessary to the seen of the photo of the terrible agony of Casimiro lying on a flat rude and dirty floor, which had been warned much to the press when it was time to remedy and nothing was done.

The comments on the Venezuelans press indicate that several or all of the zoos in Venezuela are in a deplorable state and that the society for the protection of animals that receives money for their suppose work "do-nothing".

The object of the petition is: - The immediate closing of the Park of Guaricha in the town hall of Maturin, Monegas or their leaders' substitution for good enabled people and with budget control and use;- The punishment of those leaders; - Surveillance to prevent their directors to can reemprender a similar activity; - The institution of a commission of control of all the parks or zoological of the country and to apply them the same measures that in the first application.

Neglect and Subsequent Death of Casimiro the Lion




On October 3rd at 1pm people from all over the World will gather in order to raise awareness and ask Governments to create Stronger Laws against Animal Abuse.

We, the under signed, strongly request stricter laws/penalties against animal abuse and animal cruelty. Animals deserve protection against abusers. The GOVERNMENT should start to give these innocent creatures this protection! We beg you Stop talking and promising and start acting!
Unacceptable animal abuse is taking place in Our Country. We urge you to set an example and make the laws against animal abusers much stricter.
Scientifically it has been proven that animal abuse is just the beginning.
People who abuse and torture animals are also capable of torturing and abusing humans - so please act now before it is too late!
Abusers need to know this sickening behaviour is not acceptable!

We ask:

Why doesn't the GOVERNMENT take proper action against animal abusers?

We ask:

How can the GOVERNMENT just stand by and let this go unpunished?

Make Laws Against Animal Abuse STRICTER.


Freedom for the dolphins Wayra and Yaku - The Petition Site

Freedom for the dolphins Wayra and Yaku - The Petition Site

Wayra and Yaku are two bottlenose dolphins that have been captured in Cuba and have been transported in 1997 via Mexico to Peru, in order to spend the rest of their lives in a small pool in the five star hotel Los Delfines located in Lima. The import of the dolphins violated national law and the dimensions of the pool did not fulfill national minimum standards. The underwater windows of the pool form he walls of an underground hall, used for parties, events and dancing. In 2005 Wayra gave birth but the baby died within days, being crushed against the wall by the inexperienced mother in an attempt to support the baby.

In order to defend dolphin captivity the hotel owners founded their own NGO called Center for Dolphin Investigation (CILDE). In reality this NGO is nothing else but an intelligent tool to promote the hotels image and to sell merchandising as well as services of the hotel, like children birth day parties in the hotel, dolphin assisted therapies for handicapped children and encounters between dolphins and pregnant women. All this activities are realized without any scientific base and not informing people about possible health risks involved.

Currently the two dolphins have been transported to a even smaller pool without adequate water filtering in an area constructed in the beach %u201CLa Herradura%u201D.

We are demanding Freedom for Wayra and Yaku

1. The Hotel Los Delfines must immediately transport the dolphins back to the bigger pools of the hotel and close down their facility in La Herradura Beach.
2. As long as the dolphins are in the hotel, the management must restrain from organizing events and producing noise in the rooms close to the pool.
3. The hotel must stop their programs for Dolphin Assisted Therapy and encounters between pregnant women and dolphins in order to avoid risks for human health and for the dolphins themselves.
4. The Hotel Los Delfines must work out short term plans to rehabilitate the dolphins and return them to their natural habitat. Alternatively the dolphins may be exported to a facility where they can live in semi natural conditions, if rehabilitation is not possible.
5. The Hotel Los Delfines should abstain from any further involvement in dolphin captivity and forever close down their dolphin facility.

For more information please have a look at the Web Site of Mundo Azul.
See also what else you can do to free Wayra y Yaku
Enjoy an encounter with dolphins and whales swimming free in Perus ocean


Impose Maxium Prison Sentence for Torture of Cat - The Petition Site

Impose Maxium Prison Sentence for Torture of Cat - The Petition Site

A man and two boys confined a one year old short-haired domestic female cat in a microwave oven which was switched on, a tumble dryer which was switched on and confined her in a freezer subjecting her to mental and physical torture.

Colin Sherlock, 44, and two boys, aged 16 and 17, have appeared in court in Devon, England accused of 'physically and mentally' torturing a cat.

The one-year-old cat's owner - a boy of four - was heartbroken by the cruelty inflicted on his pet. It's believed the man who was arrested was his uncle.

Investigating officer, Pc Phil Colley, said the footage showed the cat being put in the microwave for 10 seconds before being pulled out and put into a tumble drier for another 10 seconds.

The terrified cat is then picked up by the scruff of the neck and put in a freezer before being shoved into a bowl of dishwater. PC Phil Colley said of the attack in Teignmouth, Devon: "The cat was reportedly smoking after being let out of the microwave having suffered terribly. I was horrified when I saw the footage." RSPCA Inspector Jim Farr said: "We are not sure what damage has been done inside the animal. It is obviously very traumatised."

The charge alleged: "You caused unnecessary suffering to a female short-haired domestic cat by subjecting her to mental and physical torture through confining her in a microwave oven which was switched on, a tumble dryer which was switched on and by confining her in a freezer."

We asked if found guilty of this shocking case of animal cruelty that all 3 recieve the longest prison sentence possible.





The Court House
Union Street
Torquay Devon
DX 98740 Torquay 4
E-Mail: http://www.hmcourts-service.gov.uk/HMCSCourtFinder/SearchLinked.do?court_name=Torquay%20Magistrates%27%20Court

South Devon Magistrates Court

Riviera House

Nicholson Rd


Devon TQ2 7TT


Prevent Breed Specific Legislation In Texas - The Petition Site

Prevent Breed Specific Legislation In Texas - The Petition Site

Whereas we recognize that each and every dog is an individual in temperament and behavior, and physical appearance does not determine behavior;

Whereas all dogs have the potential to do serious or lethal harm, and this is not dictated solely by a dog's physical appearance but by a number of complex circumstances;

Whereas dog owners should be held strictly liable for the actions of their dogs regardless of the dog's physical appearance, so that both dog owners and victims of irresponsible dog owners are provided equal rights and restitutions;

Whereas breed-specific or breed-discriminatory legislation is unethical and inhumane, and has been shown to be financially unsupportable, a detriment to public safety, and a legal quagmire;

Whereas non-breed-specific or non-discriminatory laws provide public safety in an effective, humane, legal, equitable, and moral way;

The undersigned citizens of Texas do hereby direct the members of the state legislature to do the following:

1. Keep intact Texas Health and Safety Code 822.047, which prohibits municipalities from declaring dogs dangerous based solely on breed.

2. Refuse to vote for or support any discriminatory legislation against dog owners, including but not limited to breed bans, restrictions on particular types of dogs, or unequal ownership requirements that are based on a dog%u2019s physical appearance.


Maximum Prison Sentence for Beheading Dog with Chainsaw - The Petition Site

Maximum Prison Sentence for Beheading Dog with Chainsaw - The Petition Site

On September 23, 2010, two men were arrested for be-heading a 2 year old dog with a chainsaw. The men resorted to using a chainsaw after the knife that they tried to use, failed to do the job. Apparently, Teddy Sexton,32, is on felony probation for prior crimes, and chose to use the knife and chainsaw because he could not obtain a gun. Sexton's criminal history includes false imprisonment, drug possession, and aggravated battery against a household member.

A department investigator had been notified of several children suffering from nightmares after the unbelievable incident. Though not known for certain, it appears that the children in the home witnessed the gruesome act.

We ask that this violent crime be prosecuted as a felony and to the fullest extent of the law with maxium prison sentence.



New Mexico Administrative Office of the Courts

The State of New Mexico

237 Don Gaspar

Santa Fe, NM 87501

E-mail: http://www2.nmcourts.gov/contactform/?fp=3

New Mexico Governor's Office

Governor Bill Richardson

State Capitol, Room 400

Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501

Phone: 505-476-2200

Fax: 505-476-2226

Washington Office

444 N. Capitol St.

NW, Suite 400

Washington, DC 20001

Phone: 202- 220-1348

Fax: 202-220-1349

E-Mail: Contact Via 'Web Form.'
Website: http://www.governor.state.nm.us/


Justice for the Worcester, MA Kittens shot with pellet gun! - The Petition Site

Justice for the Worcester, MA Kittens shot with pellet gun! - The Petition Site

Two kittens found injured with pellet gun wounds have died, despite the attempts of a dedicated "cat person" and a Weymouth veterinarian to save their lives.

Deborah Young, who works at Standard Auto Wrecking on Granite Street, said a man contacted her last Friday, saying he had found a female kitten that had been shot in the head and neck.

He handed over the badly wounded animal, wrapped in a blanket. The next day, the man found and turned over a second kitten, a male, which had been had been shot in the rear.

Both of the kittens, which were used to humans and not feral, Ms. Young said, were found lying on Canterbury Street in south Worcester.

Despite the efforts of Deborah M. Lindsey, a veterinarian at the Weymouth Landing Cat Clinic, the kittens could not be saved. She removed the pellet from the female kitten's neck on Saturday, and with lots of attention and nursing from Ms. Young, the kitten's condition initially had improved.

Dr. Lindsey said she could feel the pellet through the kitten's neck and it was lodged up against her jugular vein. She removed the pellet and saved it for Worcester police as evidence, but said she was concerned about fragments the pellet left behind.

"This is so sad, I had to put the little girl down this morning," Dr. Lindsey said today. "She was doing so well for a couple of days, but her temperature was up. I think the infection was so bad."

The male kitten survived for about 24 hours before a serious infection set in, and it was euthanized.

"He was the cutest little kitten," Ms. Young said of the male kitten.

The pellet in the male kitten penetrated right through him, Dr. Lindsey said. "Basically he was leaking fecal material all over him," she said.

On top of the suffering inflicted from the mushroom-type pellets, both kittens were infested with fleas.

"I'm just concerned about how many more are out there, "Dr. Lindsey said. "There were very friendly cats, and not all scared of people."

Ms. Young said she promised two kittens before they were euthanized that their lives would not be in vain.

She promised she would get up the courage to speak out about the extreme cruelties the kittens endured before succumbing to their injuries, and work to stop the senseless shootings of innocent animals.

"They didn't deserve to end up like this," Ms. Young said. "I guess I just want justice for these cats."

She is calling for someone to turn in the person or persons responsible for shooting the kittens. She said she has heard about two other cats in the neighborhood, both pets, which had suffered pellet gun wounds.

Ms. Young said she feeds a feral cat colony on Southgate Street, one street over from Canterbury Street, and is well-known in the area for her devotion to cats. She said many people regularly come to her for advice on cats.

"Kids talk, and maybe some kid talked in school, "Ms. Young said. "I'm hoping that some parent or teacher will call the police to report it."



Demand Stricter Pollution Standards for the European Union - The Petition Site

Demand Stricter Pollution Standards for the European Union - The Petition Site

Recently, an aluminum refinery in Ajka, Hungary spilled toxic sludge over nearby towns causing at least four deaths and over 120 injuries.

In its liquid form, the sludge is wreaking havoc, causing severe burns to the townspeople, devastating agriculture, flooding homes, and killing livestock around the refinery as it pours into the Marcal River. As the wet sludge dries, fears are developing about the toxicity becoming airborne in the form of lead-filled dust.

This sludge, considered non-toxic by European Union pollution standards, is not only affecting Hungary. As it leaks into the Marcal River, it also floods into the Danube, one of the area's largest waterways.

Tell European Commissioner for the Environment about the need for stricter policies on industrial waste in Europe.

Help Hungarian animals after disaster
A $5 donation equals 1000 Forints (Hungarian currency) which is just enough to save a life.
With this Chip-In let's save 500 lives!!! :)

SilentRoar's mission this week is to help NOE to save the animals

Hungary declared a state of emergency

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