A Christmas Puppy

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'A Christmas Puppy'

They took you in then they soon found out
You were trouble to them, now they want you out!
They don't want your noise, your little accidents
They just want peace, and good riddance!
They thought a dog would be fun, they'd take it for walks
But a few months later, they shout when you bark
A few months later the walks are no more...
You sit by the window and stare at the door
You've nothing to do but what do they care
You're no longer a pup and they've no money to spare
So you don't get your walks and you'll sometimes go hungry
They'll go to the pub and piss up their money
You'll get tied in the garden come rain or come shine
You're slowly forgotten under the washing line
You'll wander in circles and sleep out the hours
Chew on your tail and dig up the flowers
You'll hear other dogs as they pass on the street
You'll long to be with them, share a game, have a treat
But no one in your house will notice your plight
As they close the curtains and turn on the lights
The winter will come and they've almost forgotten...
That there's you in the cold and your dog house is sodden
You've nothing to play with and nothing to eat
And nobody can see you through the fence from the street
You've sat there for months in your own quiet hell
A puppy they bought off a bloke they knew well
He's got a new litter n' he's selling again
And already it's Christmas, but now you're in pain
Your eyes are like hollows, your ribs are on show
You're broken by sorrow but nobody knows
As you lick your sore feet and wince, how you hurt...
You're wasting away to a grave in the dirt
But inside the festive dinner is served
And a present is given to a very young girl
She screams with joy as the box opens up
And there in the corner, is a new fluffy pup!
Farewell to young Bess in the garden, you died...
You didn't have long, a year then goodbye
They buried you, said you were sickly and bad
But this new dog they've got is the best that they've had.

Written and narrated by Maria Daines


STOP Animal Cruelty In Zajecar, east Serbia

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Take action

End Live Animal Exports - The Petition Site

End Live Animal Exports - The Petition Site

Hundreds of thousands of Australian animals are exported live and slaughtered in the Middle East during a sacrifice festival, Eid-al-Adha.

Live Export Investigation 2010 video

In a landmark animal cruelty trial, a Perth magistrate ruled that Australia's live export industry is cruel. Magistrate Catherine Crawford found the charge of transporting animals in a manner likely to cause them unnecessary harm proven beyond reasonable doubt. Yet permits for live export continue to be issued.

We ask you to uphold your word to protect animals from cruelty and END LIVE EXPORTS.

The Hon Julia Gillard MP

Prime Minister
PO Box 6022
House of Representatives
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600

Tel: (02) 6277 7700
Fax: (02) 6273 4100

Email the Prime Minister


Justice for Pookie!The dog set on fire! - The Petition Site

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Justice for Pookie!The dog set on fire! - The Petition Site

Greenville, S.C. - Losing faith in humanity, one dog at a time. Unbelievably, another story about a dog caught on fire at the hands of cruel people. Yesterday, a story about Lady, the dog doused with gasoline and lit on fire on Halloween.
This morning, a heart-wrenching story of a dog in Greenville suffering from extensive burns after his dog house was set on fire. It gets worse...the dog house was over-turned on the dog, the dog was chained, and there was a cinderblock placed on the dog's head to prevent him from moving.
The dog had been left behind by his owner at a home that was for sale. The owner left the dog chained in the backyard so that he could "keep an eye on things'. How a chained dog, confined to an empty backyard is supposed to protect a home is a mystery....
A neighbor told WYFF4 News that the burned dog had been chained in the backyard for 11-12 years. Though the neighbor was stating that the dog never caused anyone any trouble, her statement is profoundly sad.
In the neighbor's statement, there is no mention that it is tragic that the dog spent 11-12 years on the end of a chain. There is no mention that it is heart-breaking that the dog was alone in the backyard, a vulnerable target to predators.
The burned dog, named Pookie, is currently being treated at the North Greenville Animal Hospital. He is in severe pain from injuries to his face, especially his eyes and nose. However, he is expected to survive.
The homeowner/dog owner has relinquished her rights to the dog and Pookie will be in need of a new home. Individuals interested in adopting Pookie can phone Animal Care Services at 864-467-3950.
Individuals hoping to help donate funds for Pookie's medical care can either call 864-467-3954, or mail donations to: Animal Care Services at 328-C Furman Hall Rd., Greenville, SC 29609.
Anyone with information on the burning of this innocent dog is asked to phone the Greenville Police. Tips can be called in to Crime Stoppers at 23-CRIME, or the Greenville County Sheriff's office, 864-467-5357, or Greenville Police Dept. 864-467-5268.
The incident occurred Tuesday, late afternoon at a home located in the 200 Block of Perry Avenue. If you saw anything out of the ordinary, please pick up the phone and call the police. This person must be punished.

Another petition

Free Tony the Tiger from His Truck Stop Cage - The Petition Site

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Free Tony the Tiger from His Truck Stop Cage - The Petition Site

On Dec 14, 2010 the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) decides whether or not to renew a permit that keeps Tony, a 10-year old Siberian/Bengal tiger, caged as a road-side attraction at a truck stop. Renewal of this permit means that Tony would be condemned to yet another year of suffering.

Tony has lived his entire life in a concrete and steel cage near gas pumps, subjected to fumes, noise, and traffic 24/7. He is frequently taunted by visitors and exhibits abnormal pacing behavior. Please let the LDWF know that this "attraction" is inhumane and Tony should be surrendered to a big cat sanctuary to receive the care he deserves.

Tony's owner refuses to surrender him to a sanctuary but, with your help, we may be able to convince the LDWF that this is not his choice to make. Sign the petition to tell the LDWF not to renew the permit that keeps Tony at the truck stop.


Justice for Gooch: service dog killed by groomer during nail clip - The Petition Site

Justice for Gooch: service dog killed by groomer during nail clip - The Petition Site

Laurie Crouch is a 23 year old woman who lives with multiple sclerosis from a wheelchair. Her 3 year old pet pit bull and service dog, Gooch was killed October 14, 2010 during a routine nail clip by a groomer who makes home visits.

The groomer cut Gooch's quick and the dog struggled. Laurie watched helplessly as the groomer wrapped a leash around Gooch's muzzle and lifted him off the ground by a prong collar. The groomer and her assistant both literally sat on the dog to get the nail clip done. Laurie instructed the groomer to stop the nail clip but she refused, telling Laurie she came all this way and she intended to finish the job and get paid.

Gooch died right in front of Laurie's eyes. A necropsy determined cause of death as suffocation and found brain and liver hemorrhaging. Gooch had bloody foam in his throat by the time the groomer finished.

The police are still investigating and are working with the county prosecutor to determine IF charges will be brought against the groomer. Please sign this petition asking Oakland County Prosecutor, Jessica R. Cooper to file charges against Gooch's killer and ask for the maximum sentence allowed by law.

Stop the Cruel Exportation of Australian Sheep to Kuwait

Stop the Cruel Exportation of Australian Sheep to Kuwait

Kuwait is the major destination for Australian sheep in the Middle East. Some 22 million Australian sheep have been exported to Kuwait over the past 20 years.

In early 2004 and again in 2006 Animals Australia investigators visited Kuwait and brought the brutal treatment of sheep and cattle in Kuwait at the Shuwaikh abattoir and the Al Rai livestock market to the attention of the Australian Federal government and live export industry.

Animals Australia has implored both the Australian government and Meat & Livestock Australia to at the very least reduce the risks posed to exported Australian animals by ensuring that they were not onsold to individual buyers an outcome that they could legitimately achieve through requirements in export permits and exporter/importer agreements. Neither the Australian government nor the live export industry was willing to take this obvious measure to reduce suffering.

Last month Animals Australia's Lyn White returned to Kuwait for the Festival of Sacrifice and visited once again the Kuwaiti livestock market and abattoir that had presented such grave animal welfare concerns in the past.

"The streets of the Al Rai market on the morning of the Eid turned into a mass slaughter area for animals. Australian sheep were being purchased, bound with wire and shoved into car boots whilst others were being dragged terrified on their stomachs towards filthy slaughter areas on the side of roads where they waited amongst the dead and dying to have their throats cut.

"The treatment of two young dairy bulls was so horrendous that it was almost soul destroying to witness. One was killed on the side of the road, and the other in a carpentry workshop. Both were brutally forced to the ground where they struggled, terrified as they were trussed with rope over a period of many minutes until tightly bound, they had their throats cut by inexperienced slaughterers resulting in long, painful deaths.

For full footage please refer http://www.animalsaustralia.org/investigations/live-export-investigation-2010.php#photos

"Whilst the majority of Australian animals will be slaughtered in the Middle East whilst fully conscious all year around and animals are available to be sold to individual buyers each day the Australian Government and Meat & Livestock Australia know so clearly that animals are enmass brutally treated during the Festival of Sacrifice yet they are still willing to send hundreds of thousands of animals to this Festival each year."

Footage obtained by Animals Australia investigators in Bahrain in 2007 forced the Bahraini government to prohibit the transpiration of Australian animals in boots from the Bahrain feedlot for fear of losing their supply of animals.

Animals Australia's investigations in the Middle East have clearly revealed that animals will only be protected from cruelty when legislation is passed to prevent cruel treatment and practices. Current treatment is even contrary to Islamic teachings, yet widespread abuse still routinely occurs. Far from influencing change, Australia's live export industry's willingness to supply animals is contributing to and condoning animal cruelty.

A decision by Australia to not provide animals on animal welfare grounds will resonate through the region and assist the calls from the many caring Muslims throughout the Middle East for animal cruelty legislation to be passed



 America's wolves are facing a grave new threat.

Please call your two senators today and register your opposition -- for the sake of wolf survival!


Close Loopholes to End U.S. Shark Finning - The Petition Site

Close Loopholes to End U.S. Shark Finning - The Petition Site

Shark finning, the process of cutting fins from live sharks at sea, has increased over the past decade due to the rising demand for shark fin soup. Since shark meat is considered to be of low value and not worth the cost of transporting the bulky bodies to shore, fishermen catch sharks, cut off their fins, and throw the still-living sharks back into the water.

The finless sharks sink to the ocean floor where they die slow and horrifically painful deaths from drowning, starvation, or being eaten by other fish. An estimated 100 million sharks die in this way each year.

Senator John Kerry (D-MA) has introduced the Shark Conservation Act of 2009 to help close existing legal loopholes and end shark finning in U.S. waters. This bill has already passed the House of Representatives and is awaiting action in the Senate.

Urge your Senators to co-sponsor the Shark Conservation Act of 2009.

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