Petition for Immediate Change at Animal Care & Control of New York City - The Petition Site

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Petition for Immediate Change at Animal Care & Control of New York City - The Petition Site

•As concerned New Yorkers and taxpayers

•As caring advocates for animals and a better New York

•As members of rescue groups and animal advocacy organizations

•As visitors to your city

We are appalled by the unconscionable number of animals killed, the horrific conditions in the shelters and the lack of accountability to the public by Animal Care and Control of New York City (AC&C). We therefore demand a new paradigm, with immediate changes in the shelter system and a new Executive Director who will implement these changes.

Despite the dedicated and persistent efforts of the Mayor's Alliance for New York City Animals, despite a major influx of funding from Maddies Fund, whose purpose is to bring about a NO KILL city, despite the heroic efforts of dedicated rescue groups and despite published euthanasia rates suggesting a reduction in the overall number of animals killed, nevertheless, the numbers of animals currently destroyed in the New York City shelters remain unacceptably high. Tens of thousands of healthy and adoptable animals continue to be killed for space and the public has been deceived about this. Recent press releases from AC&C have falsely stated that no animals were being killed for space, while at the very same time, alerts coming from AC&C personnel were begging rescue groups to save animals slated to be killed for space.

Animal Care and Control of New York City has resisted attempts by public officials and others to obtain information about specific conditions in the shelters. Moreover, AC&C has failed to follow its own mandated safety procedures, resulting in even more needless deaths:

•Animals have been killed who had rescues or adoptions lined up

•Animals have been destroyed who were incorrectly labeled sick or vicious

•Animals have been killed before their hold time has expired, in some cases even while family members were on their way to the shelter

In addition, the financial/housing crisis and recent New York City Housing Authority breed-specific bans with size/weight restrictions have only added to the tragic numbers of innocent, friendly, family dogs who are killed at AC&C.


In light of the above and in light of the urgent need to appoint a competent, humane Executive Director for Animal Care and Control of New York City, who can set about instituting meaningful change and repairing the damage done, we urge the Mayor, the new Commissioner and the Board of Directors to focus their national search on someone
•who is fully knowledgeable about NO KILL and fully committed to working toward making New York a NO KILL city, without delay

•who has a proven track record advocating for animals, who has successful shelter experience and who has demonstrated a capacity for creative and innovative solutions

•who is committed to dialogue with the animal advocacy and rescue communities and who will implement an effective plan to immediately reduce kill numbers, increase adoptions and provide humane care for animals in the shelter system

We further demand full transparency and accountability to the taxpaying public by AC&C and the incoming Executive Director. Until now, information to the public has been withheld or difficult to obtain. FOIL/FOIA requests by public officials and the general public have been met with resistance and non-compliance. In addition, statistics published by AC&C have been questioned by experts and issues of statistical manipulation have been raised: e.g., animals have been labeled "sick" in order to show a reduction in the number of healthy animals euthanized. Specifically, we demand full availability to the public of published, monthly statistics on the AC&C website indicating the following:
•the number of animals killed for space

•the number killed for behavioral issues

•the number destroyed because they were identified as pitbulls or deemed feral

•the number killed because of illness or injuries

We also demand that monthly statistics be published on the AC&C website showing how many animals went to rescues, were adopted out, returned to owners; the number unclaimed; how many off-site adoption events were held each month; how many volunteers and how many staff vets on duty at each shelter.

Finally, information about animals who are slated to be killed should be made available to the public, well in advance of their kill dates. Currently, such information is distributed even to rescue groups at the very last minute, often making it difficult or impossible to save these precious lives.
The existing institutionalized impound and kill system in New York City is a disgrace and embarrassment to all New Yorkers and to animal advocates everywhere. This archaic system which allows for the killing of healthy, adoptable animals has continued as an acceptable solution and as the status quo for far too long.

Animal Rights Action Network/ARAN (Ireland);
Brooklyn Animal Foster Network;
The Coalition for New York City Animals;

Cornwall's Voice for Animals (UK);

For the Animals Sanctuary;

Four Paws SakeFriends of Animals;

German Shepherd Rescue of Central Colorado;

HAYTAP (Turkey);

Long Island Animal Advocates;

My Loveable Rescues;

Noah's Arks Rescue;

One Life Rescue;

People for the End of Animal Cruelty and Exploitation/PEACE;

Pets Alive;

Pet Protectors;

Pryor's Planet;

SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness/SHARK;

Sunnyskies Bird and Animal Sanctuary;

United Poultry Concerns;

Wagging On and On Forever/WOOF;

The Westport Coalition Against Puppy Mills;

THE WITNESS A Tribe of Heart Documentary


Texas Animal Shelter Sells Cats for Use in Deadly Lab |

Texas Animal Shelter Sells Cats for Use in Deadly Lab

Stop Fur Industry in Denmark - The Petition Site


Negligence is a widespread tendency in Danish mink and fox farms!

Denmark's major newspaper Ekstra Bladet, activists from the Animal Organization ANIMA and Danish TV2 has revealed unimaginable cruelty of mink and fox farms in Denmark.

Here are some examples:

A fox with three legs that are lagging around the grill. A fox with a mouth full of abscesses. More mink with lamb hind leg, which can not move. A whole raft of mink with open flesh wounds.

The animals are neglected in the Danish fur industry, which is one billion business and one of Denmark's major export successes.

We want immediate ban on Denmark's fur industry!

Evaluate animal testing for medicines Petition

Evaluate animal testing for medicines Petition

Animals are used to test the safety of medicines, but this practice is doubted by many scientists. There are many examples of medications that damage or kill human patients after passing animal tests. Meanwhile technology has made many incredibly accurate non-animal tests available.

Astonishingly, animal experiments have never been formally evaluated from a medical perspective. Now a cross party group of MPs have launched The Safety of Medicines (Evaluation) Bill 2009. This Bill would request a statistical evaluation of animal tests by a panel of independent experts. We desperately need this evaluation. It is estimated that a million people are hospitalised every year in the UK by unexpected drug reactions. This costs the taxpayer £2 billion per year.

Early Day Motion 569 has also been launched. This is like a petition that can only be signed by MPs. PLEASE ASK YOUR MP TO SIGN THIS by sending a pre-written postcard available from: If you prefer to email your MP, please follow the advice here: Alternatively, you can email your MP via Enter your postcode and write a short polite note asking for them to sign EDM569 - this will be sent online. Sorry, you can only do any of these if you live in the UK.

You can see more about the Bill and the EDM at:

If this Bill goes ahead it could end some of the most controversial, cruel tests on animals. It could also stop human patients suffering side effects including blindness, organ failure, birth defects and death.

Please support the Bill and EDM.

Bunnies Burned to keep Sweden warm this Winter. - The Petition Site

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Bunnies Burned to keep Sweden warm this Winter. - The Petition Site burned to heat Sweden&form=BB

The bodies of thousands of rabbits culled every year from the parks in Stockholms Kungsholmen neighbourhood are being used to fuel a heating plant in central Sweden.

The decision to use Stockholms rabbit cadavers as bioenergy to warm Swedes living in Vormland doesn't sit well with Stockholm-based animal rights activists.
Those who support the culling of rabbits surely think its good to use the bodies for a good cause. But it feels like they're trying to turn the animals into an industry rather than look at the main problem.

Anna Johannesson of Vilda kaniners v%uFFFDrn Society for the Protection of Wild Rabbits told the local V%uFFFDrt Kungsholmen newspaper; "Every year, the city of Stockholm kills off thousands of rabbits in an effort to protect trees and shrubbery in the citys extensive network of parks and green space"

According to Tommy Tuvunger with the Stockholm Traffic Office, the agency responsible for controlling the citys rodent and wild animal population, part of the problem rests with delinquent pet owners who decide to release their rabbits into the city's parks.
Many of the released rabbits are tame, he told the newspaper.
Animal control authorities employ a special rifle to shoot the excess rabbits, with most of the culling taking place at dawn when the animals peek out from their holes.

The city usually steps up its rabbit hunting efforts in the autumn as leaves begin to fall from bushes and trees, making it easier to see the rabbits.
Tuvunger explained that it doesn't take many newly released rabbits to do what rabbits are known for doing, much to the detriment of Stockholms' efforts to control the size of its rabbit population.
People who think that the bunnies are cute and cuddly suddenly don't think they're as fun anymore and put the animals outside. They think: there they can play with the other rabbits, he said.
Last year marked a new record for Stockholm's rabbit cull, with nearly 6,000 rabbits, mostly from Kungsholmen, being 'removed' from Stockholm's parks.
But rather than simply disposing of the dead rabbits, the city instead froze them for eventual transport to a special heating plant in Karlskoga in central Sweden, where the bunny bodies are then burned as a form of bioenergy.
According to Johannesson, Sweden's animal control authorities aren't interested in pursuing other options besides killing the rabbits.
We want to see them start looking at other solutions for the rabbits, she said, citing the Finnish capital of Helsinki, which employs sprays to make park plants unappetizing as well as a network of shelters for various domesticated animals.
In Helsinki, where they have the same problem, they've come much farther, Johannesson told V%uFFFDrt Kungsholmen.

David Landes ( 46 8 656 6518)

Save Shelter Animals from Research Experimentation - The Petition Site


The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs permits and compels that any POUND or SHELTER is REQUIRED TO SELL DOGS and/or CATS to the operator of a RESEARCH FACILITY in Ontario when requisitioned under the Animals for Research Act, R.S.O. 1990, c.A.22, s.20(6); 2005, c.2, s.2(4). Ontario is the only province left to remove this mandate.

Cats, dogs and other companion animals that are lost, abandoned, surrendered or otherwise under the care of pounds and shelters should not be sold or gifted for experimentation.

We petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as follows: To amend the Animals for Research Act to ban the gifting or sale of lost, abandoned, surrendered or homeless pets from pounds and shelters to research facilities.

FREE MAJLO! - The Petition Site

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FREE MAJLO! - The Petition Site

please sign petition at:

Majlo is a sweet and gentle dog who has never harmed anyone. Still he is confiscated and ordered killed by the police of Norway, and has been held in a secret place since February 2009. His family haven't seen him since he was taken away. They are claimed for 500 dollars to see their own dog, in addition to the 250 dollars they pay each week for his imprisonment. Their crime: Not knowing that the breed was banned in Norway when they came over from Sweden, where the breed is legal.

Although the law offers banned breeds to leave the country with their owners, the police insist on Majlo being killed instead. A behaviour test on Majlo proves that his temper is very good, but it has become a question of prestige to the police to take his life. Now it is up to the court to decide Majlo's fate. Please tell them how wrong it is to kill an innocent dog and deprive a family of their beloved friend, just to make an example!

For more information about Majlo and photos of him, see Majlo's page at Canadian Voice for Animals:

Please join the facebookgroup:"Redd Amstaffen Majlo"

This is Majlo, a gentle 2 year old dog - probably the most famous dog in Norway. He once was a beloved member of a family, who trusted him so much that they used to let him guard their baby. But Majlos life took a sudden change in February of this year when he was taken by the police and ordered killed. He was locked up in a secret place, where he now has been for half a year, awaiting his fate.Please write to the Police Department and to the Minister of Justice asking them to withdraw the appeal and release Majlo. This dear boy shall not have to die for some absurd principles, and his family should not be deprived of their best friend.
Please all of you - act now! Majlo and his family need your help!
Write to:
The Police Department:
Att.: Christian Budsberg Pettersen

The Minister of Justice:



Las granjas de visones de España al descubierto



Stop South Africa from sacrificing animals at Soccer World Cup - The Petition Site

Stop South Africa from sacrificing animals at Soccer World Cup - The Petition Site
Stop South Africa from sacrificing animals at Soccer World CupTarget:50,000 signatures.Sponsored by: Debbie Bouwer.South African traditional leaders intend performing ritual animal slaughters in order to bless Soccer Stadiums for the 2010 World Cup tournament scheduled to take place June 2010.

Zolani Mkiva, chairman of the Makhonya Royal Trust, said the tournament has to to be blessed in true "African style" and that they are going to slaughter cows in sacrifice at each of the 10 stadiums to be used for the event.

The traditional sacrifice methods are GROSSLY inhuman! You can view HOW it is done here:

Please promote this petition to as many people as you can - we really have VERY LITTLE TIME to stop them! You can get the full story on my blog here:

Save the Spectacled Bears in South America - The Petition Site

Save the Spectacled Bears in South America - The Petition Site

Spectacled Bears are the only bears living in South America but they are not being in consideration properly... in fact they are being considered as a menace!!!! yes a menace! for the ones who doesnt know much about these animals they are vegetarians they need great and big wild forest to live as they need to look for their food (mostly fruits and plants) and they are totally harmless.

However the places where they live are being destroyed by people to create cultives, so not only they almost have no way to go but also they are completely unprotected!! even though they are an endangered species THIS IS AWFUL WE GOT TO DO SOMETHIN SO PLEASE SIGN THIS SO I CAN SEND THIS TO THE GOVERMENTS OF PERU AND COLOMBIA SO THEY CAN LISTEN US AND DO SOMETHIN TO PROTECT THEM FROM MANKIND.


Petition for the wolves - Norway. Save them from extinction! - The Petition Site

Save them from extinction! - The Petition Site

Only 24-26 wolves remain in the Norwegian wilderness. Still they are hunted by the Norwegian authorities. 3 wolves were shot this summer, and 4 more are now allowed to be hunted. This means that the critically endangered wolf population will be reduced by more then a quarter!

In recent years only 3-6 annual breedings of brown bears have been registered in Norway. Still the authorities give licence to kill this endangered specie. Since January 2009, 17 bears have been shot dead out of a population of 120 bears.

The killing goes on and on... Last year 136 lynxes and 90 wolverines were shot - the highest number since 1850. Most of the wolverines were killed during their breeding season, using helicopters, killing the infants together with their mother in the den. Only some more then 300 wolverines remain in the wild.

The reason for this massive killing is the determination to give preference to livestock in most areas. In the summer, 2,1 million sheep are let out in the wilderness to fend for themselves. The number of sheep documented killed by top predators is estimated to only 3000 out of totally 130.000 lost each year.

The governanced extermination of wolves and other top predators is not according to national and international agreements. But instead of complying international commitments and protecting these endangered species in sustainable populations, the Norwegian government now plans to increase the killing.
Please help us to save these magnificent animals from extinction! They are facing serious threats, and as their populations are declining, reduced genetic variations and demographic factors themselves is a threat to their survival.

Please tell Norway to respect international conventions and stop the ruthless killing and devastation of wild fauna now!

JUSTICE for Smokey & Charlie-2 Burnt Pit Bull Puppies - The Petition Site

JUSTICE for Smokey & Charlie-2 Burnt Pit Bull Puppies - The Petition Site

Smokey: On July 31st, Smokey was found by animal control a couple days after acid had been dumped on him, found as a stray. Smokey was left alone to suffer unimaginable pain and eventually death. The rescuer received an urgent plea from Kern County Shelter they had this puppy that needed urgent medical attention. Smokey did not arrive to his rescue until August 5th due to the severity of his burns and wanting to make sure he was stable enough for the trip down to San Diego. He initially received vet care in Bakersfield, bandage changes, pain medications and antibiotics.

The rescuer immediately took him to the hospital; Animal Medical Center in El Cajon, CA. Smokey was hospitalized for close to three weeks receiving treatments for his burns.

As of today, October 22nd 2009 Smokey is still receiving bandage treatments, remains on antibiotics to prevent infections and is scheduled for surgery on the 29th of October to repair the damage to the back of his neck. Smokey will probably have nerve damage the remainder of his life.

Smokey is now 5 months old and although he endured such torture remains to be very sweet, great temperament & very loving. He absolutely loves people and loves other animals. Smokey is a true testament of forgiveness, with such a wonderfully, gentle spirit.

Charlie: On October 15th the same rescuer received another urgent message from the Kern County Shelter that another puppy was found with severe burns from chemicals, now determined to be acid. Charlie was transported to San Diego, CA on October 16th and immediately taken into Animal Medical Center in El Cajon, CA.

On Monday October 19th, Charlie underwent two intense surgeries to remove infected skin in hopes that his wounds can be healed & sewed together & pieced back together the remaining healthy skin. Charlie also has 4 drains in him to help reduce any infection. Charlie is believed to have been caged for an undetermined amount of time. His back legs are weak, no muscle tone & he is severely malnourished with protruding hip bones and all of his ribs show. He also has problems with his front paws. When standing or walking all pads are on the floor rather than just his front toes. Similar to being flat footed. The doctors believe this will be able to be corrected with proper nutrition and exercise.

These dogs had not just lost their way, however. Both puppies had been purposely doused with acid which severely burned them! It is not a coincidence that they were found two months apart and in the same vicinity.

1 ) We are asking Kern officials to open an investigation to find person/people responsible for these crimes.
2 ) To issue Kern County wide News/Media broadcast notifying residents of the county of the crimes committed and encouraging people to come forward to offer any information that will lead to arrest and conviction.

3) We are asking Kern officials to issue a memo that will go out to every dog owner in the county, stating that the crime of this nature is a criminal offense and anyone committing such act(s) will be prosecuted at the full extent of the law.

4) We are asking Sheriff' department to distribute the fliers created offering a $5000.00 reward for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of person(s) responsible for these crimes.

New Petition for EU to act over Balkans Animals - The Petition Site

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Existing EU member nations require proof of Balkans states application of %u2018democracy and the ru - The Petition Site

Several Balkans states are now seeking either full membership (Accession) to the European Union (EU), or are attempting stronger links with the EU.
These include: Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia

and Herzegovina, Croatia and Kosovo.

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV) has been campaigning for the improved welfare of Balkans animals for several years. We have extensive experience and data relating to the terrible daily suffering inflicted on animals, despite existing Balkan states national legislation which should legally prevent much of this. There is very little evidence to show political and municipal authority enforcement of animal welfare legislation. %u2013 details of this on a %u2018nation by nation%u2019 basis can be seen via our site at

In October 2009, SAV wrote to Commissioner Olli Rehn; EU Commissioner for Enlargement, expressing our deep concerns regarding an apparent lack of existing national animal welfare legislation implementation and enforcement by governments throughout the Balkan states.

Over 25 prime evidence links from the SAV site were provided to Commissioner Rehn, each of these containing many sub links, showing extreme Balkans animal suffering video footage which relate to our concerns. A few examples are shown in the following links - **WARNING Graphic Animal Suffering**:

We have expressed our concerns to the Commissioner, that even when provided with such evidence, clearly showing extreme animal abuses, nothing with regard investigation and prosecution is being followed up by the Balkans authorities to press charges; to enforce (the) often existing national animal welfare legislation. In Serbia for example, the Public Attorney appears to be dismissing all evidence provided by animal welfare campaigners; instead, they themselves are themselves being accused of obstructing them (the Public Attorney) from getting on with their legal work.

In our letter, we have reminded Commissioner Rehn that (on his website) his very own words declare:

The European Union currently has 27 Member States. The Western Balkan countries, Turkey and Iceland may also join once they meet the conditions for membership. The aim of enlargement is simple: to extend the area of peace, stability, democracy and the rule of law, and prosperity and well-being throughout Europe.

We draw particular attention to the statement by Commissioner Rehn of - democracy and the rule of law, as it is felt that despite Serbian animal welfare campaigners providing large amounts of evidence to Serbian legislators, no action appears to ever be taken by Serbian authorities to apply the rule of law, a fundamental condition necessary for EU membership.

If no action (in the form of prosecutions against animal cruelty) is being shown to be taken by Serbian legislators following the production of evidence and documented requests by animal welfare campaigners, then we declare that Serbia is not meeting some of the necessary and fundamental aims of EU enlargement with regard showing the implementation of both democracy (ie. requests by animal welfare campaigners) and the rule of law (ie. by not prosecuting perpetrators of causing animal suffering), even when evidence is provided.

As a consequence, Signators of this petion request that Commissioner Rehn now fully investigates if there is actually any animal welfare legislation enforcement by Balkans states requiring EU membership prior to them being granted official EU membership. Or is animal welfare legislation implementation simply being ignored.

We request the implementation of democracy and the rule of law for all animal welfare issues within Balkans states at all times prior to their EU Accession. Where this is not happening, we rquest the EU demands it prior to accession.

Petition for Carson City Bird Netting Ordinance - The Petition Site

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Petition for Carson City Bird Netting Ordinance - The Petition Site

We request that the Carson City Council or Mayor originate an ordinance governing the installment, maintenance and security of bird netting, to protect birds from entrapment, suffering and/or death.

Problem: Some stores put up netting in ceiling areas to discourage birds from perching or nesting over areas used by customers. Birds - especially small birds - find holes/ openings in these nets, get inside and panic because they can't find their way back out, and die of hunger, thirst, shock and exhaustion. This is unquestionably animal entrapment and cruelty. This is especially dangerous during nesting season.

The Carson City District Attorney's office says that no existing laws address this situation.

Example: Lowe's Home Improvement Center in Carson City has huge nets in the ceiling of their garden center and their customer pickup area. Holes exist in both areas. Drs. Thor and Dulcimer Nielsen, working with Lowe's Manager Kevin Carlile, made some corrections, and Mr. Carlile promised that remaining holes/gaps/openings would be fixed, but after several months this hasn't been done. The Nielsens personally found two dead finches in the pickup area net on two different occasions.

Proposed solution: Pass an ordinance that requires businesses to correctly install and maintain such nets to ensure that no birds whatsoever can get inside the nets. Include in the ordinance fines and penalties for failure to comply, and inspections to ensure compliance. Non-compliance will require removal of nets.

Remand Santa Cruz Animal Services to a NO-KILL policy - The Petition Site

Remand Santa Cruz Animal Services to a NO-KILL policy - The Petition Site

Jayden's Journey to a NO-KILL America.
Why should only the non-profit animal rescue facilities and shelters function successfully as No-Kill?
Why can't the county-funded shelters who are guaranteed government funds to operate, do so under the NO-KILL guidelines of a humane society?

Do we realize that we are what financially enable these KILL facilities to operate? Do we realize we are paying all of their salaries to euthanize pet animals, dogs and cats?
When will we demand it be stopped? What will it take? Will it take your pet to accidentally get euthanized because it inadvertently ended up there? Or, will it take your pet dog, that bit in fear, to be euthanized by these so-called experts? Because they say it was not worthy of rehabilitation?
When do all of these injustices and the numerous other injustices done to these animals in these county-funded animal shelters stop?
They make up their own rules, and say it is so, because they say it is so. They deem themselves above God in their decisions, intelligence and supremacy.

Animals are treated worse than criminals, they are defenseless and helpless, and they live in supposedly the most civilized country in the world.
Yet we kill them, hourly, daily, 365 days of the year. The vicious cycle continues with some shelters still using barbaric methods of killing these dogs and cats because of ignorance, greed, and apathetic laziness. When will we change this?
We as taxpayers of the United States of America will start with Santa Cruz Animal Services, located in Santa Cruz County in California, as being our first target of change.
We demand a change in policy to Santa Cruz Animal Services KILL policies and remand it be changed to a NO-KILL policy and guideline shelter.

This is funded with taxpayers funds, these taxpayers refuse to support this facility operating under KILL guidelines.

A county-funded animal shelter ended the life of a dog, named Jayden on October 16, 2009. He was failed by humans in general, throughout his short life, and then ultimately destroyed by the Animal Welfare System. Jayden was deemed unworthy of rehabilitation because of his past biting incidents and history.

I first became aware of Jayden's plight, as I had been following the slow downward spiral of a young couple posing as Pit Bull advocates and had 13 Pit Bulls that they had rescued and were fostering and rehabilitating into forever homes. This was certainly what they portrayed to many of us, so much so, that many assisted them in raising almost $400 for a supposed kennel run to house the dogs in safely.

When another crisis sent them seeking desperate assistance for their 13 'rescued' Pit Bulls, in an announcement that they were now being immediately evicted for what we now know was neighbor complaints of flies, and dog feces and filth on the property. It was very apparent that these individuals were nothing other than irresponsible and reckless individuals completely out of control and in no way responsible enough to have 1 Pit Bull let alone 13 in their care.

They netted another $175 from the public claiming the funds would be used for boarding the dogs safely while moving if needed. It soon became abundently clear that they were only thinning out the herd by keeping the more desirables and dumping the more troubled. They soon relinquished two of the dogs to Santa Cruz Animal Control, but lied to the public, claiming it was a No-Kill facility and that they had no choice.

It was during this entire train wreck that I was directly involved in. While, I wanted to keep these dogs safe and agreed to help them raise the funds for the safety of the dogs, it was becoming increasingly clear that these were very distorted and twisted individuals that had no business having 1 dog as a pet, let alone attempting rescuing the one breed of dog that is the most abused dogs on the face of this earth. It really hit home after they dumped the two dogs, that were supposed to have had temperament issues at the county kill shelter while collecting money to ensure their safety.
Jayden was another unfortunate victim of theirs that ended up dumped on an unsuspecting friend of theirs for what was supposed to be 3 days, but then turned into three weeks and they still refused to take the dog back from her. They told her to take him to the shelter, they couldn't help her.

Jayden, who was used to nothing other than being crated 24/7, finally had freedom and relished every minute of it. During his short three weeks in this home, he was personable, affectionate, loved and longed for attention, and wanted desperately to please. He got along fine with her other dogs, and children, ate and slept openly, and everything seemed in harmony. So well, that this person did not mind him and actually enjoyed his presence and resigned herself to just letting him stay with her until he could find a home.
Unfortunately, with Jayden's newfound freedom came inadequacy at being properly socialized and a fight between him and her older dog developed. This individual did what any person with inexperience dealing with a dog fight would do, and she made the mistake of trying to get between the dogs, and Jayden bit her calf, quite severely. The dog did not maul her leg and it was one bite that was a deep tissue puncture wound and the bite did require medical treatment and stitches. Jayden was able to be subdued and removed from the house immediately after the bite, and did not redirect his aggression at anyone or anything else in the home.
When this woman contacted the Turners, pleading for them to get Jayden or that she would have to contact animal control, as she had no experience dealing with such a serious matter. They ignored her pleas.
She surrendered the dog to Santa Cruz Animal Control. She explained where he originated from, in which they instantly recognized the name of the couple from their previous incidents with them. Because of her deep affection for Jayden, she neglected to tell them of the biting incident for she feared they would not give him a chance and would euthanize him.
The animal networking community became aware of the biting incident as some of us were closely following the situation and the dogs. I really felt the dog deserved a chance at quality rehabilitation and not the neglectful treatment he had endured in his short life. We began a campaign to ensure his rescue and hopeful rehabilitation.

I talked extensively with the shelter manager in regards to Jayden's extensive bite history that Wednesday on the 14Th. She represented the shelters anger at being deceived of the dog's biting history, but they were cooperative and receptive to possibly releasing the dog to a rehabilitative organization and facility.
She did, however, make repeated statements expressing extreme resentment for the increased interest being paid to this dog, while they had perfectly well-balanced dogs in the shelter needing interest and saved. The telephone calls began to take on a disturbing tone in the days ahead.

The shelter represented that the dog would be eligible for possible release to a qualified rescue after quarantine on the 16Th at 4pm. On that Friday the 16Th I represented Dog's Best Friend Rehabilitation and placed the call along with another Rescue organization to Santa Cruz Animal Shelter, in attempts to begin negotiations for Jayden's release to us. We were treated with open disregard, obvious contempt, hostility, and blatant resentment for even wanting to save this dog.

We were ridiculed for our efforts and treated without any common courtesy of professionalism.
The shelter manager informed me after considering the circumstances, the director decided that morning that Jayden would not be eligible for release to any organization ever. When I asked for clarification, she stated that he would not be made available, and refused to commit to anything other than, '"He would not be available"'.

When asked why the dog was not being afforded a second chance at rehabilitation, she stated, sarcastically and emphatically, "He had more than his second chances, he has had tons of chances". However, she couldn't acknowledge that such irresponsible handling of a dog would be deemed as appropriate rehabilitative efforts for a dog such as this.

Jayden was shuttled in and out of irresponsible environments and crated the majority of his short formative years, yet these were his "supposed chances". She asked numerous times, "Why would we want to save this dog?" Her obvious disdain for any effort at doing so was grossly apparent, obviously in her mind, he was deemed as totally unworthy.

I asked to speak with the shelter director that made the decision, she stated that I could not, that he would not be back until after 3pm and I was welcome to phone back and speak with him then.
When I phoned back at 3:01 I spoke with the same shelter manager, she said she would see if the director was back and placed me on hold for a period of time. She then came back on the line, and asked for my full name, and the organization's name, I spelled it for her. She then placed me back on hold again. After about 3 minutes later of additional hold time, another woman whom I had never spoken with came on the line and was unbelievably even more unprofessional than the previous.
She stated the director was not back and he would not be able to help me anyways, that Jayden would never be available and that he was already euthanized at 1pm that afternoon. The obvious enjoyment and unprofessional manner in which she relayed this communication to me, bordered on the bizarre, and I actually found it to be the disturbing thing of this entire incident.
Instead of being enthused in an outside organization wanting to preserve a troubled dogs life, they instead, resented it. They chose this valuable time to debate and chastise us for wanting to save such a dog, when so many more are worthier of being saved, criticizing a dog's right to live, regardless of any extenuating circumstances.

Nobody can make themselves judge and jury to a dog biting incident(s) in which they were not privy to or directly involved in to understand the extenuating circumstances and the dynamic that goes into dog aggression. We as rescuers and those that rehabilitate understand this fundamental logic, yet, it's disturbing to think that an animal shelter agency would not.

Their unprofessional and very emotionally charged dialogue began to display their obvious frustration at the animal shelter system in America today. It appeared that the dog in question, seized to be a living being with a right to life, but instead a symbol or tool, to them, to reserve and prove the right to judge his fate, in this broken system today.

They deemed themselves worthy of playing God, and deemed a dog not worthy of life. They verbally chastised a Rescue organization that only wished the opportunity to save him. They lectured about the Pit Bull Crisis in general, and how shamed we should be that we are not wishing to save the good ones languishing in shelters. How dare we not want to help those dogs, assuming such ignorance is how we think.
This incident in a dog's welfare at the County level, only instilled a very common and disturbing theme in practice all over, and that is that we as human beings in positions of authority over their very existance are holding these 'dogs' completely responsible for their destructive actions, regardless of the direct link of their actions originating from the irresponsible handling by the humans themselves. We create them, in their entirety, instilling more destruction, and yet, we are blaming them for our faults. This is a disturbing analogy for a County Animal Shelter system to be operating under.
Is it any wonder at the high-kill rate that exists in these government funded shelters, considering such unsympathetic and archaic thought patterns that are operating behind some of them. To move past such barbarity and small-minded thinking, one has to start over in these mentalities and behaviors found at the county level. It seems to be a common pattern that is operating in 90% of them throughout the US. Not all county shelters exist under such a mindset and some are unique and truly innovative in their philosophies, and treatment of these living beings, and they are truly pioneers, striving to make a difference, not just to exist in the status quo environment of 'the system'.

They treated us with disdain, contempt and utter hostility, when all we wanted to do was save a dog's life. They deemed our work with rehabilitating dogs as worthless and useless to society. That essentially, killing them is far more effective in accomplishing and promoting respect of animal welfare and the sanctity of all living beings.

How dare they make such an assumption, as if we could be as callous as them to pick and choose our battles. Are we not all battling the same thing? The absolute abuse, neglect, mistreatment of the most abused dog on the planet? We would give anything to be able to solve and rescue the overpopulation of the Pit Bulls all over the world. But we cannot, but we can try and help the most disadvantaged ones, the most troubled ones and give back to the most abused, mistreated, vilified, and persecuted breed of dog, in demonstrating their worthiness of life, even in the most extreme cases. I can think of no better testament to the breed.
Instead we were condemned, as this dog's fate was too. I found myself hoping that they did not display such hostility to that very scared and frightened dog, that felt such fear, that he lashed out in it. It was not hate, a dog knows no such thing as hate, it's only fear that they feel so powerless against.

I tried to ask this last woman I spoke with if someone held Jayden and showed him love and comfort when they euthanized him, for Jayden did show love, and loved affection and loved kindness, he was not wildly and uncontrollably vicious, but she never gave me the chance, she hung up on me.

I exposed this couples scam and dangerous and reckless behaviors in a previous article titled "Tough Lessons Learned in Rescuing Pit Bulls". I ended that article with these words, yet I had no idea how prophetic they might be: "God forbid it will take the deaths of these dogs for this to hit home with anyone, and I hope and pray for their sake this is not the ending scenario, for no one will be more devastated than I, to think I had direct knowledge of their situation and being at that shelter, and to know that will haunt me for the rest of my life."

Jayden's journey to Jeff and Dog's Best Friend Rehabilitation in Irving, TX was in process, we undertook the process in securing him $300 in sponsorship funds to get him pulled out of the county facility by a Rescue Organization finally willing to help us in California. We had the secure and responsible foster in place and we were going to somehow, someway eventually get this dog to Texas to hopefully a new life that he deserved, even after everyone else, including the Turners in being the most responsible for dumping and turning their backs on him.

It was a very special mission and goal, for this dog, that obviously had gotten shuffled around and aside for all of his life. We were excited and determined in Jeff's optimism in rehabilitating Jayden. Jeff gave his full assurance that even if such a transformation did not take place, that Jayden would always live out the remainder of his life with him, safe and in comfort, without fail. How could one argue with such dedication of someone willing to take this dog on without any monetary assurances or financial backing, a further testament of his belief in this dog's promise and the belief in his own abilities.

But, in Jayden's Journey it did not end in the way we all had hoped or thought it would. However, his life and his struggles and his ultimate death will serve a greater mission and purpose. It will bring awareness of such tragedies, in hopes ones such as his can be avoided in the future. So many lessons and wisdom to be obtained in his very struggle to live.

We asked the public to believe in Jayden in deserving of a second chance. The tremendous outpouring of sadness and outrage over this dog's death, has proven we did believe in you, Jayden. We will always continue believing in dogs like you and we will work tirelessly in promotion of this, without fail, for as long as it is needed.

Rest in peace sweet friend. Thank you for the wisdom and the lessons you shared in having you in my life, even if it was from afar.


Petition: To Boyington, thrown from a car in disrepair

Sunday, 18 October 2009 1 comments
Pétition : Pour Boyington, jeté d'une voiture, dans un état lamentable

Pour Boyington, jeté d'une voiture, dans un état lamentable

Boyington, bouledogue français de 7 ans, a été jeté d'une voiture derrière le refuge de Roubaix. Il a été vu par le vétérinaire :

état catastrophique, ça dure certainement depuis plusieurs mois, ou bien un calvaire de toute une vie. Son oeil est crevé, il est squelettique et a le ventre gonflé de vers. Il est trop faible que pour être énuclée pour l'instant.Il perdra la vue assez rapidement car son autre oeil n'est pas en bon état.

Sa puce a permis de retrouver les propriétaires, ils n'en veulent plus et une plainte a été déosée à leur encontre pour maltraitance. S'il y a un jugement, cette pétition servira d'appui à la défense de Boyington qui a été pris en charge par Caniseniors.

It is imperative to confirm your signature !
Petition: To Boyington, thrown from a car in disrepair
French Bulldog 7 years, was thrown from a car behind

Refuge Roubaix. He was seen by the vet:

catastrophic state, it certainly lasts for several months, or

although a nightmare of a lifetime. His eye is punctured, it is

skeletal and belly swollen with worms. It is too small to

be enucleated at the moment. He lost the sight fast enough for her

other eye is not in good condition.

Its chip has to find the owners, they no longer want

and a complaint was filed against them for abuse. If there

a trial, the petition will support the defense of Boyington

which was supported by Caniseniors.

Some photos of poor Boyington

Support Change for Chained Dogs in Clarksville, TN! - The Petition Site

Saturday, 17 October 2009 0 comments
Support Change for Chained Dogs in Clarksville, TN! - The Petition Site

Please help us improve the lives of dogs that spend 24 hours a day chained or penned in Clarksville-Montgomery County.

On Sept. 14, 2009, the Animal Control Committee proposed to the County Commission that a chaining resolution be added to current regulations in order to restrict and provide specific guidelines on how an animal may be chained/tethered in our community. Sadly, the resolution failed by only a few votes. Please help us convince County Commissioners that a favorable vote towards improving the lives of chained and penned dogs is what this community wants and needs in order to make Clarksville a better place to live.

Please view the full letter to the County Commissioners for details on this petition. Thank you for your support!

Stop Gadimai: A festival where 200,000 animals are killed (Nepal)

Friday, 16 October 2009 0 comments
Please, sign the petition on

Stop Gadimai

Can you picture 7,000 young buffaloes being rounded up and killed by a thousand drunk men carrying large knives? A festival where 200,000 animals are killed to please a goddess?

This is exactly what -if nothing is done- will happen in December 2009 in Nepal. The Gadimai Festival in Bariyarpur, Bara District, is held each 5 years. The mass sacrifice turns the entire area into a marshy land of blood. Animal Nepal and Animal Welfare Network Nepal want to end this bloody, cruel practice.

For more information go to Worship Without Cruelty at

Gadimai: The Gadimai Mela takes place every five years in Bariyarpur, Bara district, in the south of Nepal and is scheduled for Kartik (October-November) this year. The fair is infamous for the large number of animals (up to 200.000) which are sacrificed to appease the Gadimai goddess. The fair reaches its climax on an ‘auspicious’ day, when thousands of buffaloes are sacrificed. The blood letting that takes place turns the entire area into a marshy land of blood. It is expected that this year some 60.000 young he-buffaloes will be killed, as well as an additional 140.000 chicken, goats, pigs, birds and other poultry. The first ritual during Gadimai is to worship the weapons which are used in the sacrifice. The priests chant different hymns to appease the Goddess Gadimai. Once the pre-sacrificial rituals end the animals are brought in for the kill. The sacrifice starts with the offering of five different animals: pig, buffalo, goat, wild rats and birds which include chicken and pigeon. The different animals represent the mental obscurations sacrificed by the community including anger, stupidity and desire. After the sacrifice of the first animal, a goat, thousands of pigeons are sacrificed by severing their heads. Next three wild rats are brought and sacrificed before a comb like pole. After this more than 250 people carrying naked swords and axes wrapped in red clothes, all with a license to kill, approach the temple. They frantically rush towards the field where more than 7,000 young buffaloes are kept. Before the beasts are slaughtered, seven buffaloes tied to a pole undergo the sacrificial ritual. In the end, only the heads of those gentle animals who were alive just a few moments ago, remain. More info on the Gadimai Festival can be found at

Sasarimaiko: The Sasarimaiko Mela in Mahottari which is held every twelve years and witnesses the killing of 10,000 animals. Both Terai festivals have been ‘transferred’ from India, possibly during the 11th century, and therefore are not indigenous celebrations of Nepalese culture.

UPDATE: A number of religious groups in Nepal are opposing this mass sacrifice. Palden Dorje or Buddha Boy, a young religious leader, plans to bless the devotees ahead of the event with the aim to stop animal sacrifice. For those who can stomach a documentary on the sacrifice itself, go to Flixya (part 1 & part 2).




After hurricane Wilma hit Cancun in 2005, where once stood a restaurant that housed tigers and jaguars as part of the decor, now only remain the ruins of the building and the felines left behind by the owner as the storm passed.

Upon his return, with no money to neither rebuild nor care for the animals, Pepe chose to let the animals sit in their decaying environment, in too small concrete jail-like cages. Meals are few and far between, consisting even of small stray animals that happen to walk near the cages. Medical attention is bottom priority: all the animals show signs of neglect. Sanitary, humane conditions, basic hygiene, clean water and food, once part of their lives, have now disappeared.

After The Wild Animal Sanctuary, GEPDA and Last Chance for Animals showed evidence of the living conditions and lack of care these animals were victims of, the Mexican Government agreed to have them rescued. Negotiations started in the summer of 2008. These organizations have successfully worked in previous cases with the Mexican Government and this time formulated a detailed plan to relocate the big cats to the Sanctuary a 320-acre facility in Colorado providing them with medical care and a safe environment.

While Mexican wildlife officials revoked Pepe's permits, the Sanctuary and its animal welfare partners made all the necessary transportation arrangements to go and save the animals.

However, on September 3rd, 2009 just days before the actual rescue was to take place THE RESCUE WAS CANCELLED by the Mexican authorities. No explanation was given. No phone calls were answered. Negotiations stopped for a few days and now are slowly picking up again, while the cats remain caged in dire conditions.

These Cats have waited too long and there is something you and I can do. Today.

Room to walk, climb trees, eat properly, live a happier existence. This can happen. GEPDA has made significant progress and now we need important government pressure from you and me, concerned people from Mexico and other countries. Please let the Government of Mexico know your opinion, together we can raise our voices and demand a better life for the felines.

Thank you, on behalf of the Big Cats in Cancun.


Despues que el huracan Wilma azotara Cancun en 2005, donde antes hubiera un restaurante que como parte del atractivo tenia tigres y jaguares en exhibicion, ahora solo quedan las ruinas del edificio y los felinos abandonados.

Al regresar su propietario, sin dinero para reconstruir o mantener a los animales, sin pedir ayuda a las autoridades o a otra organizacion, eligio dejarlos en este ambiente insalubre, dentro de jaulas demasiado chicas y a veces inundadas. Hay poco alimento, la dieta incluye animales perdidos que por error deambulan cerca de las jaulas. La atencion medica, tan necesaria, es inexistente. Todos los animales presentan evidencia de negligencia. Las condiciones son de crueldad, no tienen una higiene basica, sin agua limpia, sin comida. Todo esto que conocieron anteriormente, ya no lo tienen mas.

The Wild Animal Sanctuary, GEPDA y Last Chance for Animals mostraron a las autoridades las condiciones inhumanas en las que estos seres se ven obligados a vivir, y estuvieron de acuerdo en que era indispensable organizar un rescate. Las negociaciones iniciaron en el verano de 2008. Estas organizaciones anteriormente lograron rescatar a algunos animales de situaciones similares y ahora desarrollaron un plan detallado para trasladar a los felinos al Wild Animal Sanctuary en Colorado, un hermoso santuario para animales salvajes que han vivido en condiciones de abuso y crueldad, donde pueden vivir el resto de sus dias en libertad y de manera saludable.

Mientras las autoridades revocaban los permisos del propietario (Pepe), las organizaciones protectoras hicieron todos los arreglos necesarios para transportar a los animales.

Sin embargo, el 3 de Septiembre de 2009, tan solo algunos dias antes, EL RESCATE FUE CANCELADO por las autoridades mexicanas, dando argumentos vagos y de poca claridad. Las llamadas, sin contestar. Las negociaciones, totalmente detenidas. Silencio.

Poco a poco, las negociaciones comienzan de nuevo, mientras los felinos esperan. Hay algo que tu y yo podemos hacer hoy.

Espacio para correr y caminar, una dieta saludable, libertad, una vida mas feliz. Todo esto esta al alcance de esta docena de tigres y jaguares. GEPDA ha hecho grandes progresos y ahora necesitamos tu ayuda para pedir al gobierno mexicano que se libere a estos animales de esta vida de abuso y crueldad.

Juntos podemos levantar la voz por los felinos que no la tienen. Juntos podemos exigir su libertad.

Gracias en nombre de los tigres y jaguares de Cancun.

Ve el video en


Stop the Cruel Bullfighting in Madrid - The Petition Site

Stop the Cruel Bullfighting in Madrid - The Petition Site

Few Spanish traditions divide opinion as much as bullfighting. For every bull aficionado willing to defend their art there are ten who see it as just cruelty to animals and want it banned - yet still the practice goes on.

So which side are you on? Do the centuries of tradition, flamboyant costumes and fantastic shows excite you or do you see it as an anachronistic pastime that is no different to lion battling or gladiatorial duels?

Madrid and Andalusia continue to host bullfighting events throughout the summer. The stadiums are usually full, both with curious tourists and die-hard fans. The national Spanish TV network, TVE, shows bullfighting at prime time on its main channels.

In 2004, the Barceona city council passed a symbolic vote against bullfighting. The official argument against it was that it was cruel and that it had no real history in Barcelona, anyway - it was just there for the tourists. Critics have argued that the real reason behind the ban was to distance Catalonia from the rest of Spain. This was erroneously reported at the time as an official ban in Catalonia. I only discovered that bullfighting does continue in Barcelona when I walked past the Barcelona bullring and discovered there was a fight on that weekend. An official working at the bullring there and he had some impolite words to say about Barcelona council. He described the news stories on the ban as 'propaganda' and told me that there had never been a ban. He pointed to the ground and said 'here we are in Spain'; he then gestured to the ground outside and told me 'there is Catalonia'.


Bullfighting has existed for thousands of years and it has been popular in Spain for nearly a millennium, though some say it has existed in Spain since the time of Emperor Claudius two thousand years ago. With the rise of the animal rights movement, an ever increasing number of people have been critical of bullfighting, both within Spain and in the rest of the world. The number of websites in opposition to the activity far exceeds the number in favor.

Case AgainstAnimal rights activists argue that the practice is barbaric and that the animal suffers extensively during the ritual. They also differentiate between killing for meat - considered to be a necessity, and killing for fun.

Response to Criticisms

For a start, proponents of bullfighting point out that the animal is eaten afterwards, so the animal's death is not in vain. They also claim that the animal does not suffer greatly during the event - a good bullfighter will kill the bull efficiently. The strength of this argument is questionable - while the final kill is quick, the abuse the bull sustains during the fight is prolonged.

The idea that abattoirs always kill in the most painless and efficient way is a myth. With the number of bulls that die each year in bullfighting tiny compared to the number that die in the meat trade, the campaign against bullfighting is seen to be a waste of resources when there are far more animals dying in unfit slaughterhouses than in the bullring. Of course, the barbarity of abattoirs does not excuse cruelty of a bullfight. But it does suggest that a disproportionate amount of time is being spent on protesting against bullfighting when there are bigger animal cruelty battles to fight.

There is also an argument against the idea that we eat meat out of necessity and bullfighting is for 'fun'. The truth is that vegetarianism is a viable alternative to meat-eating and that all meat-eaters do it 'for fun'. Whether your fun comes in the form of a 20-minute visual spectacle or a juicy hamburger, some might argue the result is the same.

Where it Stands

The European Union shows no sign of stepping in to ban bullfighting. It even actively promotes an event in Coria where a bull is taunted in the streets. Such activities are deemed to be "traditions, customs and a centuries old culture".

It is difficult to gauge how many people in the audience of a bullfight are tourists and how many are local aficionados. But there is definitely a strong argument that if international public opinion continues to worsen and tourists stop attending, the number of bullfights may dwindle as organizers find the events to be no longer economically viable. We have a say in this NOW! The Olympics will be there in 2016. Please let them know how you feel about bullfighting!!

Boycott Puglia - don't Spend your Vacation at Dogs' Hell - The Petition Site

Boycott Puglia - don't Spend your Vacation at Dogs' Hell - The Petition Site

Dont spend your vacation in the dogs hell. Dont go to Puglia!

Puglia is the hell for dogs and for humans who love animals:

Parts of the local population are treating animals in a brutal, unhuman and uncivilized way

Dogs and puppies are abandoned, poisoned, beaten and incarcerated by private owners and municipal employees

70.000 dogs are interned in horrifiying, private camps

These so called Canili are hatcheries for diseases of all kinds

The operators are not interested in adoptions. Canile means dying all life long

Taxes for stray dogs are embezzled systematically
Communes dont enforce neither registration nor castration
Veterinary offices are part of the problems

For 15 years animal protection laws are taken ad absurdum
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