Madam Mayor of CERNAVODA-Romania - STOP KILLING INNOCENT ANIMALS> - The Petition Site

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Madam Mayor of CERNAVODA-Romania - STOP KILLING INNOCENT ANIMALS> - The Petition Site

We, citizens of the world, are appalled by the latest decision of the municipality of Cernavoda to kill the stray dogs ...we know this is NOT the first time such horrors take place in your city and we are horrified to to find out that the Mayor of the City of Cernavoda, her self took again this barbaric decision.
We are very much aware of the fact that there is a Law for the protection of animals in Romania, which clearly stipulated that NO HEALTHY ANIMALS should be killed.
We also are very much aware of the fact that many authorities in Romania refuses to cooperate with international organizations for the protection of animals, in order to solve the problem of the overpopulation of strays.
The European Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals,was signed in 1987 and became effective on May 1, 1992, after at least four countries had ratified it. Adherence to the treaty is open and not limited to member countries of the Council of Europe.Romania has signed in June 23, 2003 , has ratified it August 6, 2004 and was implemented : March 1, 2005
The Romanian Law for the protection of animals is very clear and and it has entered in force since 2008, yet many authorities, the Mayor of Cernavoda being one of them, REFUSES to implement it and CONTINUES to kill animals with impunity.
We ask all Romanian officials to apply the LAW and to stop the slaughter of animals.
In the attached letter we will provide evidence about the crimes against animals committed in the city of Cernavoda, with the intention to ask the Mayor of the city, Mrs. Mariana Mircea to change her decision to kill innocent animals.

This is the Law which should be applied at national level = Cernavoda included.[ Legea 205/2004 (iunie 2004), privind protectia animalelor, cu modificarile si completarile ulterioare (legea nr 9din 25.01.2008),Normele Metodologice :ORDIN nr. 31 din 31 martie 2008 (ANSVSA),523 din 30 iunie 2008 (MIRA),pentru aprobarea Normelor metodologice de aplicare a Legii nr. 205/2004, (EMITENT: AUTORITATEA NA%u0162IONAL%u0102 SANITAR%u0102 VETERINAR%u0102 %u015EI PENTRU SIGURAN%u0162A ALIMENTELOR ,Nr. 31 din 31 martie 2008 ; MINISTERUL INTERNELOR %u015EI REFORMEI ADMINISTRATIVE,Nr. 523 din 30 iunie 2008 ; PUBLICAT ÎN: MONITORUL OFICIAL nr. 511 din 8 iulie 2008]
Thank you.

Justice for the cats at Salamanca's cemetery!!!! - The Petition Site

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Justice for the cats at Salamanca's cemetery!!!! - The Petition Site

The content of this petition could be the a movie plot. It's too merciless, sadistic, mean and surreal to be based on a true story. Unfortunately, this Schindler's List meets The Godfather is happening right now. The title of this motion picture could be: Massacre at the cemetery of Salamanca.

This Spanish cemetery has enjoyed the presence of some beautiful guests for 30 years: cats. It was their mission to keep the place clean of rodents and vermin and, apparently, they all delivered.

During the last years some members of the NGO ASPAP (Asociacion Salmantina Protectora de Animales y Plantas) have been feeding and providing veterinary care for all these felines (it goes without saying that they weren't provided with financial aid). Once again, an unanswered request to the City Council to neuter and spay the cat population, forced the dedicated voluntaries to handle the situation on a shoestring.

So far, we have the setting, the main characters, the supporting actors. What's missing from the picture? The bad guys, of course. In this particular case, the psychopa.. I mean the very bad guys are Parque Cementerio de Salamanca S.L. Since these vindictive, heartless people took charge of the cemetery, cats were mysteriously injured, mutilated and killed.

Soon it became clear that their purpose if wasn't only cat extermination, they hated these little felines and enjoyed killing them in the most sadistic ways: decapitation, evisceration, hitting, stabbing, suffocation, among other things. They argued in their defence that cats contributed to the dirtiness of the place urinating on the graves (which is a blatant lie to everyone who knows cat nature). These people pointed out, as well, that cats were a constant nuisance to visitors, but as ASPAP members can confirm, many of these visitors congratulated this NGO on their work, and as a result of this interaction, even some membership were attracted.

Nevertheless, the plot thickens. For the last few days the level of cruelty has reached a new level. Not only food and water gets mysteriously removed, but the killings are even more brutal than ever. Every now and then small cat corpses appear in strange positions at plain sight, left strategically where activist can easily find them. Instead of a inhumane and despicable culling, these abominable, morally depraved acts seem to be some kind of vendetta against all the animal lovers who are fruitlessly trying to save their lives.

How many mafia movies ring the bell so far?

Please, don't leave the movie theatre, this terror movie is not over yet. This time, the ending depends partly on us. We cannot save the cats who died, but we can cry out for justice and try to save the few ones left.

Even though legal action has been taken by ASPAP, Spain has not the best record as far as animal welfare is concerned. Maybe if this terrible massacre comes out and the whole world condemns it taking action against Salamanca (and their precious tourism is at stake), the killers may be punished and the survivor cats still stand a chance

Please, sign this petition and send a letter to the City Council (, the local newspaper La Gaceta Regional de Salamanca ( and the Cemetery Administration (, condemning their indifference to this massacre and expressing your views on this unforgivable and unforgettable abominable act of medieval animal cruelty.

You can also follow the event on Facebook So you can spread the word faster! Tell everyone you know!

As a Spanish animal lover I cannot begin to express how sad, ashamed, angry and frustrated I feel. Only when I think that Spain cannot sink any lower, another act of ignorance, insensitivity and viciousness strikes back.. going unpunished!

A few days ago, the whole world spoke for the voiceless cat Lola, now I ask you on behalf of all the not-so-famous cats of Salamanca, to be their voice as well. Please, help them!! Justice for the cats of Salamanca's cemetery!


Justice for S.A Kitten - The Petition Site

Justice for S.A Kitten - The Petition Site

The south Australian RSPCA have all they need to investigate the brutal murder of a 6 week old kitten in Lake View South Australia & all they did was hear the horrible story & said they will not take it further. The man was in a mood & crushed the kitten under his foot leaving it bleeding to death with crushed ribs & spine in agony,

We are calling on the RSPCA to take further action immediately.

Join us on Facebook:!/group.php?gid=123293164386021


Appeal After Dog Was Drowned In Canal (UK) -please help to find the murderer!

RSPCA' story- Appeal After Dog Was Drowned In Canal (UK) -please help to find the murderer(s)!

Anyone who saw anything suspicious or has any information that could help should call the RSPCA 24-hour cruelty line on 0300 1234 999 and ask to leave a message for inspector Barr.
Justice must prevail!
Please see press release below from the RSPCA
Many thanks for your support
SWAP team UK

Tuesday 24 August 2010

Appeal After Dog Was Drowned In Canal

The RSPCA is appealing for information after a dog was thrown into the Leeds and Liverpool Canal in Accrington with a weighted-down rucksack tied to him.

The rough-haired terrier was found floating face-down under the bridge on Burnley Road (A678), near to Moorfield Way, Clayton Le Moors on Monday 2 August 2010.

RSPCA inspector Mandi Barr said: “This poor little dog never stood a chance. Two carrier bags, tied together, had been used to attach a rock-stuffed rucksack to him. Whoever did this is a callous and cruel coward and we want to know who they are.”

A member of the public spotted the dog’s body and called Lancashire Police who rang the RSPCA. The dog was micro-chipped which lead the RSPCA to his owners.

“They had put him outside in the garden at around 7am that morning. Naturally they’re very upset about what’s happened,” said inspector Barr.

The dog was called ‘Freddie’ and was just 18-months old. He’s described as mostly black, with a white stomach and tan patches on his face and legs. The rucksack was purple with black straps and a red ‘Head’ logo on it.

Anyone who saw anything suspicious or has any information that could help should call the RSPCA 24-hour cruelty line on 0300 1234 999 and ask to leave a message for inspector Barr.

Inspector Barr added: “We don’t want them to get away with this. This dog has suffered an awful death and someone is responsible for that. Please, if you think you can help, call us.”


Photographs of Freddie are attached, please credit the RSPCA where used

RSPCA inspector Mandi Barr is available for further comment at limited times on request

No further information is available about Freddie’s owners and they are not available for comment

Leanne Plumtree, RSPCA North Regional Press Officer



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This happened in Veroia in northern Greece on August 25 2010

The real Greece!

Appeal to improve the living conditions of Animals in Ghamadan Zoo Petition

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Appeal to improve the living conditions of Animals in Ghamadan Zoo Petition

Background (Preamble):
I walked in to Gamdan Zoo today and the first thing that struck me immediately was the foul smell. The zoo was deserted due to the current heat wave.

The temperature when I entered the zoo had reached 45C. Once I had paid the 500 fils entrance fee and walked into the gates, I was really saddened to see that most of the animals living in captivity do not have 1% of the living conditions you would see in their natural habitat. This what I saw a visitor to Ghamadan Zoo:

1- A Bear living on cement floors. Bears are wild animals, and should have a suitable environment like nearby water source for their physical and mental wellbeing.

2- Wild cats, the zoo has a good number of lions, tigers and two leopards in cages not big enough for them to roam and run freely as they do in the wild.

3- Shockingly, the zoo can be considered an uncontrolled breeding facility for pets, there are Persian kitten and cats only few feet away for the wild cat cages , Dalmatians, French terrier with a severe case of matted hair and worst of all, Siberian husky dogs and puppies, that naturally live in colder environments but here they are living in a cage in this scorching heat.

4- Monkeys have no tree for them to climb up onto. Every single decent and acclaimed zoo in the world provides trees and climbing apparatus to their monkeys. Surely this is obvious?

This type of zoo kills any and all basic natural instinct those exotic animals have. Would you take your family to visit this zoo? Kids visiting the zoo think it is how animals live, many of them wrote to animal activists feeling stressed by what they saw.

This petition has been prepared to urge the Ministry of Agriculture to force the zoo owner to seek consultation with the required experts and zoologists in order to change the zoo to one that meets the minimum requirements of the natural living conditions of those animals.

Would you take your family to see animals in Ghamadan Zoo?

Ghamadan zoo is not a good advert for Amman and is a bad reflection of Jordan to international and local visitors.

Pictures speak louder then words, please check this site for pictures taken of the zoo.

Here is a link with detailed info about the zoo condition since 2007, please take the time to read it.


Support ordinance banning tethering of dogs - The Petition Site

Support ordinance banning tethering of dogs - The Petition Site

A growing number of counties across the country express the same sentiment that adopting an anti chaining ordinance helps to create safer communities and is a more humane way of life for our animals.

Now the residents of Sarasota County has the chance to change their current ordinance. Revisions would permit temporary tethering for outdoor enjoyment purposes of supervised animals; however, permanent tethering or chaining would be prohibited.

Public Comment on this ordinance will take place on September 15 at 9:00 AM at the Sarasota County Administration Building, 1660 Ringling Blvd, Sarasota. It is Item number 7.

The more signatures this petition will have by then, the greater the chance is that we can end this cruel and inhumane practice of chaining dogs.



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A Robeson County couple where on their way to the Animal urgent care at 3635 Sycamore Dairy Rd, Fayetteville NC, when less than two blocks away they where pulled over by Fayetteville Police Officer R. G. Ferguson for the tint on the windows of their car being too dark. They rolled down all windows as the officer approached and the officer said " you dont have a killer dog in there do ya?" they advised him the dogs was seizing and needed to get to the vet which was located around the corner, asking that the officer follow them there and continue with giving them the ticket at that location so the dog could been seen as soon as possible. Officer Ferguson refused to let them drive off, saying he had never heard of an emergency vet in Fayetteville, took their licenses and proceeded to sit in his car for twenty minutes. He then walked back to the car, stuck a tint measuring machine to the windows, then went back to his car where he wrote out tickets, the driver was not licensed but did have a permit with restricted driving yet the officer told them if they pulled away they would be at risk of being arrested. The driver pulled into a parking space where officer Ferguson then pulled into the space next to them, sat there for twenty more minutes until the dog took her last breath, then he drove away. The couple of course rushed over to the Animal Urgent care where their dog was pronounced dead just moments later by an employee named Kim. The gentlemen, Mr. Thompson of Lumberton, NC called the police department and spoke with Fergusons Sergent who stated that they where all animal lovers but that Ferguson had done nothing wrong. Officer Ferguson should be held accountable for his actions, this IS a form of animal neglect and abuse and I feel he should be charged for allowing a dog to suffer. This information has been passed on to PETA and the HSUS. The only thing that stopped that officer from allowing them to continue was his power trip he feels from wearing that badge. PLEASE email or call the Fayetteville police department and ask that Officer Ferguson be required to attend an animal empathy class so that he understands the importance of dogs as family members .. and the police departments motto is " Be the best of the badge", did he do his best?
You can calll Chief Tom Bergamine at (910) 433-1819 UPDATE*** I received an email from the Sgt who is over the complaints for the department he is looking into the situation!! Sgt. P. Brewington Office of Professional Standards Fayetteville Police Department (910)433-1823Please call him and let him know your thoughts on the lack of compassion from this officer for a dying animal

It has come to our attention that on Sunday, July 25th your officer R. G. Ferguson pulled a couple for having dark tint on their windows. The couple explained they where trying to get their dog who was in obvious distress, to the emergency vet that was right around the corner. Not only did officer Ferguson refuse to allow them to get their dog the medical attention she required, he held them for over 45 minutes while he knew the dog was laying there suffering. By North Carolina law officer Ferguson committed the crimes of animal abuse and neglect. We hope the Fayetteville police department will not take this matter lightly. We are asking that officer Ferguson be suspended without pay while a full investigation into his actions is preformed. "Be the badge"? Is that what he was doing that day? Protecting and serving? There was a living being there who needed to be protected and he stood by and did nothing. The couple does not deny the reasoning for their being pulled however, when questioned, every officer we spoke to responded that they would have escorted the couple to the vet and handle the situation from there. Emergency services even for animals should be common knowledge for a police officer, to claim he did not know of any emergency vet in town is no excuse, the dog was obviously in distress and died due to his lack of compassion. A life was ended and a family had to explain to their two year old son why his doggie was never coming home again.
Most dogs who suffer seizures are able to pull through when given the proper medical attention. This whole situation could have been prevented had officer Ferguson just followed the couple right around the corner to the vet. This clinic has been in operation for many years and is on a main road in fayetteville, for the officer to not know of its existence shows that he has never had any apparent concern for ANY animal in your community


RIP Kairn! Name, shame and PUNISH the 2 kids who burnt him alive!! - The Petition Site

RIP Kairn! Name, shame and PUNISH the 2 kids who burnt him alive!! - The Petition Site

ANY you know these 2 kids?
FRIDAY 2ND JULY 2010, two yobs locked a dog inside a cage, doused it in petrol and let it burn to death.
The sickening act of cruelty was carried out in a bin shelter at the bottom of Shalden House, in Tunworth Crescent, Roehampton, last Friday night.
The dog, a rottweiler believed to be called Kairn, was heard yelping and barking between 10.30pm and 11pm. A Metropolitan Police spokeswoman said two boys aged between 14 and 15 were seen to throw petrol over the dog and run away.

Neighbours tried in vain to help it by throwing buckets of water over the subsequent blaze. It was eventually extinguished by five firefighters from Wandsworth Fire Brigade, who were called shortly before 11pm.

PLEASE support his group...
name and shame the sick ******** that burnt that poor dog alive!!




Millions of animals die due to animal testing a year. Many have to watch others die right in front of them- even their own babies. Every day of their lives, they wake up and wonder what kind of torture they would go through today.
Don't read the following if you are too sensitive:
What actually happens to these poor, helpless animals? You might ask. Well here are just a few:
They are forced to breathe cigar smoke, forced to endure needles in their mouth, eyes, nose and head all at the same time with no pain killers, soap, shampoo and makeup are dropped into their eyes, they are experimented surgerically on while awake, their heads are cut off with scissors (mice and rats) their spines are crushed and much, much more. For burn 'studies' the animal is burned alive until their flesh can come off in big pieces. For head trauma research, they are strapped down and a machine hits them in the head with different forces.

These poor animals are tested on products that might not even make it to the stores or see public consumption or use. So many of these animals die in vain with no benefit to humans.

These animals also never see the outdoors. Their home is a steel cage, not the woods and they have no food. They see bright lights, humans and needles when they should be seeing others of their kind, grassy slopes a wide open sky and trees for cover.

We the Undersigned,
This issue has gone on for a long time. I did a report on this issue and during researching it, I came across the most awful things that made me cry and get up and do something. I have started petitions, signed petitions, and even started my own nonprofit organization called P.A.W (Protect Animals Worldwide) to raise money to help stop issues like this. There are many, mant companies that do not test on animals like: TRESemme, Nexxus, Abercrombie and Fitch, Burt's Bees, Victoria's Secret, Paul Mitchell, Clinique and many more. These companies are at the top, and don't test, so why do other companies have to? I just cannot find strong enough words to express my feelings and concerns for this. If only everybody knew what happened to animals behind the walls of the labs, there would be a lot more protesters on the streets.

Please consider using alternatives for more of these companies. I can't believe what happens to these animals. Many animals are tested on and killed for products that might not even make it to the store or meet public consumption and use. So many these animals die in vain, with no benefit to humans, no mate, no home, no real life. Just an artifical 'home' made of steel. As they wake up from their usual night of no sleep, they wonder what kind of torture they will have to endure today, or if they even might die. They never once got to experience fresh air, trees and grass, no sky, no breeze to go through their fur and espcially no mate. It would be awful to have a life alone, solitary, with nobody to comfort and ease you out of your pains. Please don't let any more animals die in vain.
Thank You


Please help the Animals in the Danish Agriculture - The Petition Site

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Please help the Animals in the Danish Agriculture - The Petition Site

Denmark has one of the biggest farm industries in the world. These animals live under very bad conditions.

Small pigs and calves are removed from their mothers. Cows and pigs live in bases where they cannot turn around. Slat calves and battery hens.

More than 30,000 dairy cows are killed each year "before time" because of neglect.

Pigs are being mistreated on the way to the slaughterhouse as they are loaded on trucks because slaughterhouses reward the farmers that provide quick loading.

Horses are sent to slaughterhouses abroad and endure extremely long transport times, with the result that many die of thirst and stress. The rest are more or less crippled.
Sheep are transported in a similar way to horses.

In less than one month, we have read about:

Piglets, who starved and dehydrated started to eat each other alive. Piglets, who are drowned in the stools, and piglets are transported thousands of miles with broken bones.

Hundreds of Danish pigs are beaten before they end up as roast pork on the dinner table.
Iron pipes, boards, chains and even a tattoo hammer are just some of the things that used to disfigure the pigs.

Millions of pigs killed for meat each year. They will be neutered and will have their ears chopped into, without the use of painkillers, they will be filled with medicine to their life and they will grow up in conditions that would otherwise kill them. Stripped of everything that is natural for them to be pigs in factory farms held inside the narrow metal stalls in dirty stall.

Please watch all pictures in this link
and watch this video

Hundreds of sheep carrying two years have been neglected. Several have died this summer of thirst. The sheep stood in 25 degree heat without access to water. They were emaciated and many were so severe hoof disorders that they could not stand on their feet.

At one farm was found dead cows, dying animals, inadequate access to food, lack of water, deep litter, which was so deep that the cattle sank deep into it, and manure on a large area rose above the columns in the barn.

A recurring problem in horses is lack of hoof care. We see today more and more horses with hooves so-called trunk. It's hooves are overgrown extremely long due to lack of pruning through a very long time, maybe years. They are virtually impossible to correct and unfortunately it has cost some horses - and donkeys - life.

About six and a half million chickens have over 2010's first seven months had serious sear wounds on their feet because they have been close in their own urine and feces ..

Geese plucked alive to Danish duvets
Geese are under severe pain plucked while still alive. And when the feathers grew out again, do the same thing four times. Feathers from live geese make up a large proportion of all duvets of goose.

Additionally, a lot of wildlife pups killed by large farm machinery and agriculture minister has said no to allocate money for a project that could save many animal babies from being chopped to minced meat in agricultural machinery.

Denmark has a animal law:

Animal Protection Act Section 1 and 2

Animals must be treated securely and protected as possible against the pain, suffering, distress, lasting harm and substantial disadvantage.

Anyone who keeps animals must ensure that they are treated lovingly, including that they housed, fed, watered and cared for according to their physiological, behavioral and health needs in accordance with established experience and scientific knowledge.

This is not respected.

Please help the animals and sign. Thank you

Justice for Buddy - The Petition Site

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Justice for Buddy - The Petition Site

My owner and his friend tried to "teach me a lesson" for running away, by "allegedly" attaching me to a motorcycle and dragging me 300 feet until I collapsed into a pool of blood. I was dragged through a camp ground in front of MANY young children. Please sign this petition with hopes of my abusers getting the maximum possible sentence if found guilty. You can read some details here, which includes information on who "allegedly" did this to me:
and the people fighting for me!!

Dear Sir or Madam:

We as concerned citizens of one of the world's most advanced countries, have come together to voice our disgust in regards to the abuse of animals, namely Buddy.  Animals have rights just like humans. They don't deserve to be tortured and abused.

Each year thousands of animals are injured or die of abuse and neglect. Often this violence against animals goes unpunished. It should not be ignored despite the fact that statistics show that there is a strong correlation between violence against animals and violence against humans. Studies show that animal cruelty can be one of the earliest and most dramatic indicators that an individual is developing a pattern of inflicting suffering on others. In addition, statistics show that many violent criminal offenders have histories of serious, repeated animal cruelty as children or teens. These violent people must be severely punished for their crimes, before their violence spreads to hurt more animals and people.

We, the undersigned residents of Canada and concerned global citizens, are urging the House of Commons to amend Canada's federal animal cruelty legislation.

We strongly feel our current federal animal cruelty laws are grossly inadequate and do not offer effective protection for animals in this country and that the passage of Bill S203 did nothing to address the inadequacies of this outdated legislation that continues the deplorable statistic of animal cruelty cases leading to unsuccessful conviction.

Canada continues to rank at the bottom along with third world countries on animal protection legislation and this is unacceptable.

One of the world's greatest humanitarians eluded to the rights of animals in his poignant statement;
"The greatness of a nation and it's moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated" ~Mahatma Gandhi
As a nation, how do we measure up?

On July 28, 2010 I was tied behind a motorcycle and dragged until I was unconscious and collapsed in a pool of blood.I endured 5 hours of surgery to try to repair my horrific wounds caused by this incident. 
Can you please help me and other helpless creatures to ensure we never have to go through something like this again.
If found guilty of abusing me please prosecute the two men charged,Steve Latoure and Patrick Gendron to the fullest extent of the law.  You can be the person to make a difference,  who sets an example and show that animal cruelty will not be toleratedAnd PLEASE do not allow them to ever own an animal again or be within 100 feet of one.

We ask your Honourable Judge to hand the maximum possible sentence to Patrick Gendron and Steve Latoure, should they be found guilty of animal abuse.
Thank you


Please unchain the Dogs of Indiana - The Petition Site

Please unchain the Dogs of Indiana - The Petition Site

We the people, who are currently registered voters in Indiana have willfully signed this petition out of concern for the safety of our community members and the humane treatment of animals in our community. We the taxpayers respectfully request the following:
Addendum to current animal laws to prohibit the chaining or tethering of dogs, except when all of the following conditions are met:
(1) The canine is in visual range of the responsible party, and the responsible party is located outside with the canine.
(2) The tether is connected to the canine by a properly fitting collar or a body harness made of nylon or leather, not less than one inch in width.
(3) The tether has the following properties: it is at least five times the length of the canine%u2019s body, as measured from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail.
(4) The canine is tethered in such a manner as to prevent injury, strangulation, or entanglement.
(5) No canine shall be outside during a period of extreme weather, including without limitation extreme heat or near-freezing temperatures, thunderstorms, tornadoes, tropical storms, or hurricanes.
(6) All canines have access to water, shelter, and dry ground.
(7) The canine is at least six months of age. Puppies shall not be tethered.
(8) The canine is not sick or injured.
(9) If there are multiple canines, each canine is tethered separately.

Please consider the following:
Permanent tethering of a dog is not only cruel and inhumane, but it creates aggression in dogs and therefore promotes dangerous environments for our community members. The ASPCA reports 81% of fatal dog attacks involve dogs that are isolated. Tethered dogs suffer with hunger from sporadic feedings, overturned water bowls, little to no exercise or regular socialization. Chained dogs spend their entire lives eating, sleeping, urinating and defecating in a single confined area. They are exposed to extreme temperatures such as cold, heat and rain; heartworm disease; snakes, bugs, rodents, flea and tick infestationsand a magnitude of other parasites. Typical of a chained dog is laceration to the neck where the collar has become imbedded or is too tight fitting and the area becomes raw.
Many states and local governments across the U.S have already banned permanent tethering. Jurisdictions that have prohibited permanent tethering have experienced safer communities for people and pets, as well as significant reductions in animal cruelty cases, nuisance complaints, animal bites and attacks.

What's Wrong With Tethering?

Aside from being deprived of a life of socialization, tethered dogs are often the victims of abuse and neglect, suffering from sporadic feedings, empty water bowls, inadequate veterinary care and exposure to weather extremes. They are forced to eat, sleep, urinate and defecate in the same confined area, which goes against their natural instincts. Tethered dogs also suffer neck injuries from collars that have grown embedded into their skin%u2014some even strangle to death when chains become entangled with other objects. Chained in place, they are also helpless to defend themselves against stray dogs and wild animals who may invade their space, or taunting by humans. In addition, unaltered chained dogs are likely to attract strays, leading to unwanted litters.

What Are the Effects of Long-Term Tethering on Dogs?

Tethering for short time periods in an animal-friendly environment (access to water, shelter, toys for example) is generally harmless. However, keeping a dog on a tether for the majority of the day often leads to negative behavior changes. Tethered dogs run a high risk of becoming %u201Cstir crazy%u201D due to the inability to release their energy and socialize with others. With dogs, boredom often leads to frustration, which, in turn, often leads to aggression. Adding to the overpopulation problems at Indiana Shelters
Please let their voice be heard in Indiana, Mans' best friend deserves better than life on a chain.


CLAYTON COUNTY Georgia Animal Control Shelter..BE HUMANE! - The Petition Site

CLAYTON COUNTY Georgia Animal Control Shelter..BE HUMANE! - The Petition Site

CLAYTON COUNTY..Jonesboro Georgia USA.
THIS ANIMAL a shelter that kills its animals via the cruel HEARTSTICK method of Euthansia.
We urge the Governor S Perdue and the Mayor of Clayton investigate this shelters practises on animals.
And why...all of the animals that come through its doors, arent advertised...and being given the chance at living.
Especially being the "owner surrendered" animals..why are these poor animals just killed asap.?

WE THE UNDERSIGNED urge you to ..PLEASE help the animals at the Clayton County Animal Control in Jonesboro Georgia...USA.
We desperately want to get the word out about the animals that are not being seen by anyone.
In this shelter they are heartsticking the "owner surrenders" almost every day. These poor animals arent even being given any option of adoption by rescues or the general public.
THE HEARTSTICKING procedure is even being done by people who aren't even vets...and the animals arent sedated first. Imagine the horror!

These...owner surrenders have NO rights and NO time.
They come in ..and they go down.
The Animal Control officer went down the line in Jonesboro on a recent Saturday morning..and
told every owner in line what was going to happen to their animals..
This is just irresponsible pet ownership too..:((
People think when they take their pets to the shelter ( for whatever reason) ...that they will be adopted ..this sadly IS NOT ALWAYS the many shelters deem the "owner surrender" animals unadoptable, and kill them quickly.
Many shelters..think..hmm..there must be something wrong with the animal..if their owners now- dont want them..then nobody else will either!

The address of the shelter is:
1396 Government Circle
Jonesboro, Georgia


CONTACT THE GEORGIA GOVERNOR..SONNY PERDUE.,2657,78006749_94820188,00.html


Coweta County Commissioners and Voters - The Petition Site

Coweta County Commissioners and Voters - The Petition Site

From: Members of "Justice for Old Yeller"

There are serious problems at the Coweta County Animal Control. The true horror story of one specific dog, we call Old Yeller, highlights this problem. The lack of decency and simple human compassion was the case where a suffering animal was allowed to lay in pain for several days without receiving medical attention or basic care is truly sickening. How can this be allowed to happen? This animal could have been rescued and taken from the shelter but they did not allow it. In fact, at one point, they told the president of the Georgia Humane Society that he was dead on Monday morning and when someone else called a different employee said he was alive.
There were many people who did nothing to help him and some who blocked others from extending a loving hand to Old Yeller. This behavior can not be allowed to continue another day. You have the ability to change this now. The voters have the ability to change their State Representatives and Senators to those with more compassion. We sincerely hope you will act immediately to address this terrible treatment of animals in your county shelter.

We, the undersigned, urge you to start an immediate investigation into the circumstances that allowed a dog with 4 broken legs and a broken jaw, to lay in his cage in Coweta County Animal Control, with NO medical attention, unable to eat food or drink water from Thursday Aug. 5 to Monday, August 9th There was no way to save him by the time a rescue picked him up on Monday. Where was the simple human compassion for that suffering dog ? This callous behavior can not be possibly be acceptable to you or any of the voters in Coweta County.
In spite of rescues offering to come and care for this dog, he remained in his cage, in pain and unable to move. We implore you to make changes that will stop this from ever happening again. Please do something to change this system that shows no compassion now.
Old Yeller did not deserve the pain and suffering that they allowed him to endure. No living animal deserves to die like that. Please fix this broken system before it happens again. This is such a terrible way to treat animals who need help.




Coweta County, GA - The photo of the broken-down dog immediately touched the hearts of those that viewed it. The beautiful, yet sad face of the dog labeled "Old Yeller" was taken at the Coweta County Animal Control.
The Georgia Humane Society (GHS) learned about Old Yeller on Sunday morning, they made the decision to pull the dog from the Coweta County Animal Control and take him into their organization as one of their sanctuary pets - in other words, offer the dog, whom they were told was 15 yrs-old, a permanent, safe and loving place to live.
When the president of GHS phoned the county animal shelter on Monday morning, she was informed that Old Yeller had died. Shockingly, a short time later, she was phoned again, and informed that the dog was actually alive.
In explanation of the strange exchange, it is surmised that shelter officials saw the dog not moving in the kennel and assumed that he was dead. When someone actually checked, they discovered that he was indeed alive.
After jumping through the hoops necessary to remove Old Yeller from the animal control facility, GHS president, Michelle, went to the shelter to retrieve the beleagured dog. She had been told that he had no injuries, but that he was "old and dying" and that the shelter would not help to pay for any medical that he might need.
So frail was the dog, that he was unable to walk - his face showed his obvious pain. Old Yeller, renamed "JoJo" by GHS, was immediately transported to a veterinarian. The findings were shocking and heart-breaking.
The dog was not 15 yrs of age as the animal control officers had indicated - instead, he was estimated to be between 5-7 years of age. Upon examination, it ws determined that all four of his legs were broken and he was suffering from Tetanus (Lock jaw). His body was covered with pressure sores from laying and not being able to move and due to the Tetanus, he was unable to open his mouth, so he had not eaten in days.
So horrific were his wounds and so great was his suffering, that Michelle and the veterinarian made the painful decision to end JoJo's suffering humanely - surrounded by loving hands, the broken dog passed gently and peacefully - finally out of pain and no longer suffering.
So many aspects of this story are disturbing and downright torturous. It was speculated that JoJo had been hit by a car because he was found lying beneath a house when animal control was initially called. No one is certain, but there is supposition that it was his own owners that called animal control to take him in. No one knows how long the injured dog lamented under the house.
Knowing that the dog was most likely injured by a vehicle, it is even more disturbing that he was allowed to suffer so greatly at the Coweta County animal shelter. The shelter has a veterinarian on staff - why was JoJo not examined? Why was the injured dog not treated or humanely euthanized? Why was he allowed to suffer for so long?
The kind individuals at the Georgia Humane Society are devastated by the loss of this beautiful dog, but they are also outraged. What type of a system, in a "developed" nation such as the United States, allows abuses like this to happen under government (taxpayer) funded organizations? Why is there no oversight to prevent abuses of this sort?
Please take a moment and write to the state officials in Georgia and let them know that you have had enough of this backwards mentality. The United States is a progressive country, yet animal welfare is almost medieval in portions of the nation.
Contact information (Please be professional and straight-forward in your correspondence):
  • Coweta County Administrators (Board of Commissioners): Administration Office, Coweta County Administration Building, 22 East Broad Street, Newnan, GA 30263, (770) 254-2601
  • U.S. Representative District 8, Lynn West Moreland,1501 E. Hwy 34 Ste B, Newnan, GA 30265
  • U.S. Senator Saxby Chambliss, 416 Russell Senate Office Bldg, Washington D.C. 20510
  • U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson, 200 Russell Senate Office Bldg, Washington D.C. 20510
  • State Senator %u2013 District 28 Mitch Seabaugh, 322-B Legislative Office Bldg, Atlanta, GA 30334
JoJo (Old Yeller) need not die in vain. Change must happen, but change can not and will not happen in animal shelters if people do not speak up and voice their anger and offer their solutions.
Rest In Peace JoJo - there are no words for what you had to endure during your last days on this earth. Blessings to the kind people at the Georgia Humane Society that took JoJo from the animal care facility, offering him love in his final moments.
If you are interested in receiving future dog-related articles, including news, tips and advice, please click the Subscribe Icon. It's free and anonymous. Thank you for reading and thank you for sharing this article with others.
Please help us by writing letters or calling the authorities that are listed in this petition,please sign and forward to as many people as possible.We as a humane society cannot let this go un-punished ,justice must be served.Thank you

Petition to stop animal cruelty in MANZANILLO - The Petition Site

Petition to stop animal cruelty in MANZANILLO - The Petition Site

Please sign my pettition to our goverenment here in Manzanillo,Col.,Mexico
Por favor firma mi peticion para nuestro gobierno aqui en Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico.

Here we need to work a lot about make culture about be against animal cruelty.
Aqui tenemos que trabajar bastante para crear una cultura en contra de la crueldad animal.

Thank you. For consider our problematic in this area of the world.
Gracias. Por considerar nuestra problematica en esta area del mundo.


Live Animal Export is Inhumane and Immoral - The Petition Site

Live Animal Export is Inhumane and Immoral - The Petition Site

The Australian live animal export industry is inherently cruel, inhumane and immoral.

In the last three decades, Australia has sent more than one-hundred-and-fifty-million sheep and cattle to the Middle East. More than two-and-a-half-million animals have died on ships whilst en route to their destination.

Most importing countries do not have laws to protect the welfare of animals. Upon arrival, Australian sheep are routinely purchased, restrained and forced into the boots of cars. Both sheep and cattle are then slaughtered by having their throats cut whilst fully conscious.

The Australian live animal export industry is indifferent to the suffering of millions of animals. However, there are alternatives to this practice. For more information, please go to the Animals Australia website:

'Cultural tradition', which is driven by profit, is not reason enough to brutalise animals.

Please add your name to this petition and let the Australian Government know that the live animal export is both inhumane and immoral.


Ban Greyhound Racing in Australia - The Petition Site

Ban Greyhound Racing in Australia - The Petition Site

It is of no surprise, that within an industry that promotes a disengagement from true animal worth and is motivated by financial gain, a substantial degree of suffering and neglect is likely to arise. Breeders may kill or abandon puppies they deem unsuitable for racing, or dogs that ‘wash out’ after failing to succeed in racing events.

In fact, according to figures for 2009 (the latest available) issued by Greyhounds Australasia Ltd, greyhounds named = 12,115, litters whelped = 2,988.

This means that in 2009, there were 2,988 litters of greyhounds born.
It is generally accepted that, on average, greyhound have 8 pups per litter.
Thus, from 2,988 litters, there should be about 23,904 pups.
"Greyhounds named" means greyhound pups registered by the racing industry (when they are given a racing name).
In 2009 12,115 were named, so what has happened to the remaining 11,789?
Furthermore, racing greyhounds sustain a number of injuries and diseases rarely seen in other breeds due to the demands of racing, such as right hock fractures and bone disease. When racers are no longing winning, they are downwardly discarded through the racing system until they are no longer financially worthy of housing at any racing level. As a result of such diminished economic viability coupled with their perceived objectified status, the racers are replaced and disposed of. Disposal of greyhounds varies considerably, from euthanasia at local pounds to the evident supply of greyhounds to universities for research and teaching purposes.

It is time: you have the power to change the future of the magnificent greyhound. By boycotting all greyhound events and tracks, you can diminish the monetary supply through which greyhound racing is sustained. BE THEIR VOICE AND STOP THE EXPLOITATION OF GREYHOUNDS NOW…


Tail Wagging Dog Shot by LaGrange, MO PD - The Petition Site

Tail Wagging Dog Shot by LaGrange, MO PD - The Petition Site

Scenario: Your dog gets loose from its leash and chases down a neighbor's child. This news is bad enough for the pet owner, but continue on. The dog doesn't hurt anyone, but neither does it make it easy for police called to the scene to capture it. What do you do?

Apparently, for the LaGrange, Missouri Police Department, instead of waiting on animal control officers to arrive on the scene, or even being just a little more patient with steering the dog into a dog kennel once the catch-pole had been secured around its neck; you simply shoot it, in the head, TWICE!

This story was reported by WGEM after video captured by the police cruiser went viral on YouTube. People everywhere are outraged at the unnecessary force by the officer in the video. It clearly shows the dog secured by the catch-pole, held down on the grass. All that needed to happen then was for the second officer to place the dog cage in front of the animal, hold it steady, while the first officer pushed the dog, head-first, into the cage. This isn't rocket science.

Instead, the officer simply pulled his gun, which he kept reaching for during the entire length of the video (seems a little trigger-happy to an observer), and fired. The first shot didn't kill the dog. Injured, the pooch wagged its tail as if signaling, "please don't hurt me". The officer then fired a second time, ending the dog's life.

It's barbaric!

The dog's owner, Marcus Mays, is left grieving, and having now to deal with a citation of owning a "vicious" animal, for which he plead "not guilty". The case went to trial today, June 17, 2010.

The mother of the little girl, Mary Coleman, even feels bad about the outcome, saying she didn't wish harm to the dog.

Police chief Dale McNelly told WGEM, "You know, I'm not saying it's a perfect scenario because we don't ever want to go around shooting people's pets and that's not what we're about," (more of this interview here)

The Humane Society is conducting an investigation into the shooting and says that the police department will be undergoing re-training to better handle similar situations in the future.

Perhaps the Humane Society could require such training be mandatory annually for ALL police departments. This might take new legislation, but wouldn't it be worth saving animals from unnecessary death at the hands of officers unsure how to deal with an uncooperative dog? Just think how many human lives it might save, too. Who wants a trigger-happy officer loose in the field? At the very least, a reprimand is in order so this officer doesn't walk away thinking his behavior is appropriate and acceptable. A reprimand for the other officer, too, who stood by and did nothing to save the dog's life.

This was so heartless, cruel and cold-blooded and completely unnecessary. The dog was restrained, subdued, placid and quiet but there was no one to save her. This is similar to a police officer handcuffing a suspect, having him lie on his belly and then, with his hands cuffed and completely helpless, shooting him in the back while he begs for his life.

Let this case be an example of what NOT to do. Let something good come out of something bad, or else the dog's life, its tail-thumping last words, had no meaning at all.

(columnist Michele Gwynn)
Click above link for video of this heartless crime. (Graphic) less





  • signatures: 2,496

  • signature goal: 10,000

I am Jelena Tinska an actress in my country, Serbia.I cannot afford to help unhappy dogs and other animals financially as they would deserve, without cruel killings and torture that happens to them in this country and which is unfortunately their destiny. But since I work in media and TV, I have become an extended arm in the media to the associations that fight for the wellbeing of the animals. I have my own weekly talk show ZEITGEIST, and also write for newspapers, and through those two types of media I fight for their well being the only way I can.

I live in Novi Sad, where the situation is the same as in Belgrade. I am not asking you anything from you. Nothing materialistic. But I ask you, based on the documentation that I have emailed you before in French, to please make EVERYONE you can aware, and from whom it depends if Serbia will join the EU, to make them aware of everything you know. And also to the Serbian government on the following email addresses I am writing with regard to the numerous e mails that I personally have had from animal welfare organisations in Serbia relating to animal cruelty there. It comes at a time in which you are declaring that the Stabilisation and Association Agreement (SAA) with Serbia in Brussels will consolidate the results achieved so far and advance the Justice and Home Affairs part of the Agreement. I wish to inform you of one area in Serbia where there has been and still is a complete lack of action on the part of the Serbian authorities responsible. I ask please that this letter be registered as a Formal Complaint to the EU regarding animal welfare atrocities in Serbia. I request written confirmation of this; thank you.

There have been very many reports circulating in Europe that the Serbian Authorities are not taking the actions that they should to ensure the proper treatment, care and control of animals within Serbia, a country hoping to obtain membership of the EU within the next two years. During 2006 we in the United Kingdom were supplied with many reports of Dogs (Canines) being rounded up, held and finally slaughtered in many Serbian towns/cities. Witnesses from these Serbian welfare organisations were able first hand to document the methods and procedures associated with street animal control by many Serbian authorities which appear to have been contracted to do the killings, and possibly using EU Enlargement monies given by the EU to do this. Below is a sample of the reports we have obtained from welfare organisations in Serbia: In one example; a visit to SMEDEREVO was undertaken on Wednesday 27th September.

Welfare campaigners noted and witnessed several street Dogs which had been rounded up and were now being kept at the local pound. Many photographs of these dogs were taken, samples of which are provided in this letter for your review. We know that the Garbage collection for the city of Smederevo is undertaken by a public organisation called KOMUNALAC; and also that the dogcatchers (Shinters) employed by them are attempting to keep their dog killing secret.

We have also obtained documentation showing a Report produced by the Veterinary Inspector of Smederevo as a result of a visit made by welfare campaigners on Friday 29th September. We note from the report that the entire pound was declared empty of dogs. Although we find it very hard to accept and do not consider it to be at all possible, we state that there may be the very un-probable possibility that all of the dogs in the pound were re-homed between Wednesday 27th, the day of the initial visit, and Friday 29th, the date of the veterinary report. We are 100% certain that all the dogs held in the local pound during the dates detailed were subsequently killed by the local authorities.

Despite the welfare organisations having asked the authorities mentioned to provide information of the addresses of the homes to which these dogs were allegedly sent for their re-homing, as it was considered a part of the conclusion to this welfare investigation, no information whatsoever has been provided by the authorities to prove that dogs had been re-homed from the pound in Smederevo. Further, we have photographs taken at the Garbage dump at Smedervo which were taken on 29th September; the exact date when the dogs from the pound were allegedly re-homed by the authorities. We are certain that the dogs shown in these photographs are the same dogs which were held in the pound during this period, and we are reliably informed by local monitors that prior to their killing, the dogs held in the local pound were kept in a very small enclosure, approximately 1.5 metres x 1.5 metres, and which was used as the facility to hold some 30 dogs !. We understand also that neither food or water was provided to any of the animals during their time at this enclosure pound, a policy which we find to be disgusting. We are led to understand that the killing of the Smedervo dogs during late September 2006 was undertaken by the organisation JKP Komunalac ,the City Rubbish contractor/organisation, and that a money transfer from the City Budget to the Bank exists to show that payment of the killings undertaken during September exist. Selected photographs from some of the very many we now have on file as evidence of the conditions/disposal processes on the rubbish dump at Smedervo are shown below. Other towns/cities which we have been provided with similar information to the above incidents include: OVCA /belong to ORCA/%u2013 North of Belgrade. We were informed that the veterinary here has destroyed between 6000 and 7,200 dogs.

We have very strong concerns that facilities at this town are always made unavailable to the public and that the facility is protected by monitoring cameras on the outside. We have been informed that if anyone who has lost a pet goes to the facility to try and find their dog, they are not allowed in and are asked to give a description of their animal. People are usually shown pictures of dogs in the facility on a monitor but always never end up being re-united with their own animal. They are always informed that their dog is not at the facility. We suggest that the animals in all cases have been destroyed. NOVI SAD %u2013 North West of Belgrade. Within the garbage collection and handling facility is a collection of iron cages measuring 1 metre square into which dogs are placed. Sometimes the dogcatchers (Shinters) place the dogs they have captured into the cages where they are held until killed; sometimes they are killed immediately after their capture. The dogs are usually killed by the injection of T-61 into their lungs. Once they have been killed, the bodies of the dogs are moved to the garbage dump facility (see photographs above) where their bodies are usually covered by the placement of at least one layer of rubbish in order to hide the killings that have taken place. PANCEVO %u2013 North-East of Belgrade; near to OVCA detailed above.

The Public organisation which handles garbage for this region is called Higijena, and we have witnessed some twenty (20) building boxes here for the holding of dogs collected in the region. We are informed that dogs should be held for at least seven (7) days but often they are killed in much shorter times, again by the injection of T-61 into their lungs. The chief of the dogcatchers who travel around the region is one Mr. Vladimir Zec, a man who appears to hold a diploma from the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) for his unHumane methods of dog catching and control%u2019. The organisation Higijena appear to use this diploma as an alibi for the work which is done on dogs and which is paid for out of the city budge; possibly EU Enlargement money ?. In summary, Higijena appear to be using the reputation of an animal welfare organisation (WSPA) as a means for being contracted to kill animals; possibly with money given by the EU ! KULA %u2013 Some kilometres out of the city, the Public Veterinary Station has a facility JVS KULA%u2019into which they place dogs after capture. When between 5 and 15 dogs have been captured, they are killed by the veterinarian. We know from documentation obtained by Serbian welfare organisations that the veterinarian, Mrs. Danijela Kozomora, claims that all of the 686 dogs destroyed during six months in 2006 had been declared as %u201CHealthy%u201D.

This completely goes against what is declared by Mrs. Gordana Milosevic-Stojanovic (the Deputy Public Prosecutor of Serbia) who seems to declare that %u201Conly dogs with incurable illnesses are destroyed%u201D. Something is very wrong. Under the Freedom of Information legislation which exists in Serbia and with information supplied from Serbian welfare campaigners, we have had access to, and still have photocopies of the documentation of veterinary inspectors reports for every one of the 686 dogs mentioned, and in every single report the destroyed animals are detailed as %u2018healthy%u2019 by the veterinarian. SVILAJNAC %u2013 South-East of Belgrade. The Public contractor/organisation which handles garbage for this region is called Morava, and here again welfare monitors have witnessed dogs being held for killing (with both T-61 and the use of pitchforks and mallets)in holding cages as shown in the photograph below. One dogcatcher has informed the welfare organisations that he would want them to attempt to stop the killing of the dogs as he can no longer stand the terrible nightmares that he suffers as a result of witnessing dogs being killed with the mallets. We find this method of destroying living and healthy creatures completely unacceptable, regardless of where it happens. We have very strong reservations also about the methods which were employed for the killing of these %u201CStray Animals%u201D.

Sources have informed us that the dogs were killed by a variety of procedures including stabbing with Pitchforks, clubbing to death with mallets; the use of the drug T-61 and also the use of Nuvan, Kreozan-poisons. We would like to make it clear that the use of drug T-61 has NOT been considered an acceptable euthanasia drug in the United States of America since 1988, when it was withdrawn from manufacture, and also not accepted in Canada since 1994. The American Veterinary Medical Association lists T-61 use as %u201Ca method (of killing) which should only be used under specific conditions unlikely to prevail in dog pounds anywhere%u201D. Both T-61 and Kreozan cause death by suffocation. Sources inform us that for humans, overexposure to Nuvan causes acute depression which is evidenced by headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal cramps, excessive sweating, salivation, blurred vision, tightness in chest, weakness, muscle twitching and confusion. In extreme cases, unconsciousness, convulsions, severe respiratory depression and eventual death may occur. Thus we ask you sir to please inform us if any Serbian personnel (Shinters) involved with the use of this agent have been made aware through health and safety legislation of its potentially lethal consequences. We know that it is used to kill dogs, it can also kill humans who are unaware of its dangers. Why are Nuvan, Kreozan and T-61 still being used by authorities to kill dogs in Serbia in September 2006 when they are not being used in other civilised countries such as the USA and Canada ? Evidence we have obtained via Serbian welfare organisation investigations show the huge numbers of animals that have been killed (destroyed by Euthanasia) over recent years. This evidence is shown in the following figure and is summarised in the accompanying Table.

Summary of data shown in the above figure: YEAR CATCH (Dogs and Cats) ANIMALS KILLED ANIMALS BOUGHT ANIMALS IN SHELTER 2002 Dogs: 3032 Cats: 81 Dogs: 2991 Cats: 79 Dogs: 31 Cats: 2 Dogs: 18 2003 Dogs: 2727 Cats: 51 Dogs: 2734 Cats: 51 Dogs: 11 Cats: 0 Dogs: 10 Cats: 0 2004 Dogs: 3185 Cats: 88 Dogs: 3185 Cats: 88 Dogs: 0 Cats: 0 Dogs: 0 Cats: 0 From documentation we have been provided with and which is shown in the following figures, it can be clearly stated that 90% of the Budget money (possibly EU Enlargement donated money ?) allocated for animal welfare issues, for example, to Belgrade, will be spent on the killing of animals, and a mere 10% on the sterilization of homeless animals for the period 1st January to August 2006. Of 5042 Dogs collected in Belgrade during this period, 4510 were killed and a mere 1389kg of food purchased and supplied for the animals. This data is %u2018Official%u2019 figures from a report by the Director of JVS %u201CBelgrade%u201D %u2013 Ovca, the facility where the dogs are collected and then killed. We understand from Serbian animal welfare organisations that we have corresponded on this issue with, that the Serbian authorities have been asked to stop the killings, to undertake sterilization of captured animals and to provide the same with marker %u2018idents%u2019 to show that they have been sterilized and thus should not be killed.

We have been informed that the authorities have shown no interest in the requests of the welfare organisations and only wish to continue with a policy of killing. We are hearing that at the moment animals which have been sterilised and provided with an ident are still being rounded up and destroyed %u2013 this is completely unacceptable ! Despite the new Serbian laws associated with Veterinary care: Veterinary Legislation, Article 46 refers, valid from 2nd November 2005, and which requires care for homeless dogs and cats, as well as the new Serbian Criminal Code: Article 269 Paragraph 2 of the which provides punishment of up to three years imprisonment for anyone who inflicts cruelty or killing on animals, we know that despite charges in the International Courts in Strasbourg %u2013 Case Number 1052/07 being brought by welfare organisations, the Public Attorney General of Serbia does nothing to conform with the requirements of the law and undertake their responsibilities. Meetings between welfare organizations and the Public Attorney General of Serbia on 13th April and 14th August 2006 resulted in nothing being done to provide better protection for the street dogs and cats of Serbia.

For this reason now we are considering that the welfare organizations of Serbia should have our support to bring Criminal charges to the International Criminal Court at The Hague, because in summary, Serbian authorities are not complying with Serbian legislation and thus should be prosecuted for not doing so. It should be made very clear that we know only two animal welfare organisations have to date attempted to bring criminal charges against the mass killing of animals. Sources have informed us that these organisations themselves have now come under attack from the Serbian authorities who seem intent on ultimately destroying these (animal welfare) organisations. The aim of the authorities; which will never happen before the issue goes to court, appears to be to prevent the animal welfare organisations from ever being able to do further welfare work in Serbia. We understand that Mayors from some towns and cities are attempting to bring criminal charges against the welfare organisations mentioned above. It is our knowledge that by having this %u2018support%u2019 of certain welfare organisations, many of the Serbian authorities are able to undertake their mass killings because they are appearing to declare that the killings have the approval of the welfare organisations.

The Public firm Higijena from Pancevo has a representative named Mr. Vladimir Zec, who travels by car all over Serbia collecting dogs and returning them to Pancevo for mass killing. Despite current laws on Veterinary and Criminal codes as given above, we know that at least four (4) employees of Higijena have in very recent times been operating in regions including Svilajnacs; - Serbia does not treat its animals well despite the fantastic efforts and work undertaken by Serbian animal welfare organisations. Thank you for your time and review of our dossier on this very important issue. less


Investigate ~GREENVILLE COUNTY Animal Shelter SC.. - The Petition Site

Investigate ~GREENVILLE COUNTY Animal Shelter SC.. - The Petition Site

This petition was created to raise awareness to the people in the worldwide community, about the INJUSTICE that is felt by many..which has happened at the GREENVILLE shelter.
Innocent animals seem to be dying here ...WHY IS THIS?
Is it because of the very POOR communication?
And that very sadly many dear innocent animals have to be PTS ( KILLED).
However.. it is believed that some unnecessary Euthanasing is being done on occasions, and this is why we want answers.
We call for an investigation so that the common practises/ duty of care , and general shelter staff "negectful behaviours" can be ruled out.
Shelter staff.. on many occasions now.. have NOT replied to emails/ faxes promptly, nor answered many phone calls, thus making many of the Rescuing efforts and subsequent adopting of animals very hard near impossible!
This is a really TERRIBLE situation, as very sadly a lot of animals will be euthanized ( KILLED!) ONLY because of a lack of communication...
**Due to this poor communication..some animals wont have much chance for a new life.
IF more Shelter volunteers are urgently required to assist with things (answering the phone/ emails/ faxes) then please put out the word for them. **IS ..only 2 volunteers really enough, if you state you have too many animals.. to find homes for?
If the public dont can they try to offer their help to you?

RECENT INFO>>> and this is just one example.
** this is the page of the dog that rescuers were trying to save..
This poor dog BOOG had a sponsor, and had a rescue group to pull him -- but nobody could get in touch with them for more than 3 days.
HOW MANY other pets have been killed because of this issue.?
This shelters practises, MUST BE looked into!
This is only fair, and its just for all the animals welfare.
How many other pets have been killed because of this.?
People need to be aware of Greenvilles rather slack communication practises.

"PEOPLE HELP US FIGHT AGAINST INJUSTICE"...we need to help the animals there...they cant talk..but we all can.
Please sign this petition to get Authorities to investigate this shelters practises....PLEASE...its for the innocent animals.

"If you can help, please email
If you would like to sponsor or pay the pull fee, call:
(864) 467-3950"
Greenville County Animal Services
328-C Furman Hall Rd
Greenville, SC 29609
(864) 467-3950 Phone
(864) 467-3294 Fax
1/ This message is from a very deeply concerned committed Animal Activist.. (L.Afsoon)..this is her side of the issue.

2/ This message comes from a FB person called Jazz M.Onster..
This person received a message from Taryn (a Rescue Co ordinator) from the Greenville shelter..and she states in her message, that she would like this petition removed.
Taryn writes..( I hope you understand our situation better now, and that you will remove the petition that you have posted.
If you have other questions or comments, please feel free to email me.
Rescue Coordinator
We just want a fair enquiry into the above issues, so that no more innocent animals are unfairly PTS (KILLED).
All efforts to find new homes must be undertaken.
And if an animal has a confirmed rescue on line, THEN ...they must NOT be killed.
Better communication is also needed asap.. ANSWER YOUR EMAILS, FAXES AND PH CALLS in a timely manner!
SURELY...that cant be too much to ask.


Urge City Council To Pass Tethering Ordinances - The Petition Site

Urge City Council To Pass Tethering Ordinances - The Petition Site

Recently, Alexandria City Council passed an ordinance prohibiting people from tethering their dogs for more than three consecutive hours in a 24 hour period. In this petition, I am asking for more City Council's to pass ordinances like this. This is a vital issue since some people leave their dogs to suffer at the ends of short chains for day, weeks, or even months. After so much time in confinement, many of these dogs become aggressive. By passing and enforcing tethering laws, authorities can help protect dogs and public safety. According to a 1994 study by The Center For Disease Control and Prevention, chained dogs are 2.8 times more likely to attack than dogs who are not tethered. Please sign this petition urging officials to pass tethering ordinances.

Urge City Council To Pass Tethering Ordinances
We the undersigned are urging you to pass ordinances in your city prohibiting the tethering of dogs for long periods of time. Alexandria City Council just passed an ordinance and this petition urges you to do the same. Since research has shown that tethered dogs tend to be more aggressive, by passing and enforcing tethering laws, authorities can help protect dogs and public safety. Thank you so much for you time in this matter and for reading this letter. We look forward to action in the future and hope this matter is taken seriously. Thank you again.


Stop the abuse of Irish Greyhounds and Racing Dogs. - The Petition Site

Stop the abuse of Irish Greyhounds and Racing Dogs. - The Petition Site

We the undersigned would plead with you to take serious action against the abuse of greyhounds used for racing and the racing itself. It was reported in the Irish Times of 1st August 2008 that a number of dead greyhounds were found terribly mutilated in a pool of water. The horrible action taken against these animals was in no doubt related to racing careers of these dogs. It is commonly known that many of these dogs are abused due to underperformance or injuries sustained while racing.

We petition you to ban this 'sport', as it is immoral and immoral to allow it to continue. There is no proper reason for its continuation and we hope that you will listen to the voices of those who have signed this petition.

I thank you kindly for taking the time to consider this and hope to hear of action being taken to end this blight once and for all.


Stop the merciless killing of unwanted kittens and puppies - The Petition Site

Stop the merciless killing of unwanted kittens and puppies - The Petition Site

All over the world animal cruelty is happening. Many people claim that they love their cats and dogs, call themselves animal lovers. Yet they dont hesitate to kill the offsprings of their cats and dogs. These newborn kittens and pups are often drowned, beaten to death, shot or murdered on other merciless way.

This horror must be stopped. How can this cruelty be aloud? If you dont want your cat or dog to get offspring spray and neuter it. As simple as that. I want to see strict laws against this merciless killing of innocent animals. These cats and dogs have just as much rights to live as anyone else.


Creation of a Kentucky Animal Welfare Agency - The Petition Site

Saturday, 14 August 2010 0 comments
Creation of a Kentucky Animal Welfare Agency - The Petition Site

We, the undersigned, do hereby call for the Kentucky State Government to fund the creation of a Kentucky Animal Welfare Agency.
This agency will investigate allegations of animal abuse and cruelty submitted by the public and State and Federal agencies. This will also ensure that humane societies, shelters and pet stores are in are full compliance with the humane treatment of animals.
This agency would advise and advocate for tougher animal laws protecting all creatures great and small throughout the state of Kentucky. Kentucky, at this time, only has approximately 3 laws protecting animals and this agency will research laws from other states to see if those laws are applicable and revelant to the Commonwealth.
Finally, this agency will see that the Federal law of what happens to animals in emergency situations is completed


Criminal Charges against Cindy Chandler - The Petition Site

Tuesday, 3 August 2010 0 comments
Criminal Charges against Cindy Chandler - The Petition Site

We are formally requesting felony charges be brought against Cindy and Dennis Chandler in their alleged neglect and abuse of the 14 live Afghan Hounds and 2 dead ones and 1 that had to be euthanized due to '3' fractures in its leg.
The dogs were covered in their own feces and urine and were being starved to death, a slow and painful death. It was only by mere chance they were rescued.
We are asking for justice for our beloved hounds - this person allegedely did not accidentally do this - it appears to be have done with malice and intent to kill these dogs in a slow and painful manner. Her husband knew what was happening and did nothing to protect these animals (failure to protect). Please review the case thoroughly and find justice for those that can't speak.
To Contact the Prosecutor directly
Mike Dvorak
Prosecutor, 60th Judicial Circuit (St. Joseph County), Indiana
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