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Author Unknown

Tis the night before Christmas
and all through the town,
every shelter is full -
we are lost, but not found,
Our numbers are hung
on our kennels so bare,
we hope every minute
that someone will care,
They’ll come to adopt us
and give us the call,
“Come here, Max and Sparkie -
come fetch your new ball!!
But now we sit here
and think of the days…
we were treated so fondly -
we had cute, baby ways,
Once we were little,
then we grew and we grew
now we’re no longer young
and we’re no longer new.
So out the back door
we were thrown like the trash,
they reacted so quickly -
why were they so rash?
We “jump on the children,
“don’t come when they call”,
we “bark when they leave us”,
climb over the wall.
We should have been neutered,
we should have been spayed,
now we suffer the consequence
of the errors THEY made.
If only they’d trained us,
if only we knew…
we’d have done what they asked us
and worshiped them, too.
We were left in the backyard,
or worse -let to roam-
now we’re tired and lonely
and out of a home.
They dropped us off here
and they kissed us good-bye…
“Maybe someone else will give you a try.”
So now here we are,
all confused and alone…
in a shelter with others
who long for a home.
The kind workers come through
with a meal and a pat,
with so many to care for,
they can’t stay to chat,
They move to the next kennel,
giving each of us cheer…
we know that they wonder
how long we’ll be here.
We lay down to sleep
and sweet dreams fill our heads…
of a home filled with love
and our own cozy beds.
Then we wake to see
sad eyes brimming with tears -
our friends filled with emptiness,
worry, and fear.
If you can’t adopt us
and there’s no room at the Inn -
could you help with the bills
and fill our food bin?
We count on your kindness
each day of the year -
can you give more than hope
to everyone here?
Please make a donation
to pay for the heat…
and help get us something
special to eat.
The shelter that cares for us
wants us to live,
and more of us will,
if more people will give.




Plea from an abandoned dog - two beautiful poems

A Stray Dog’s Prayer

Dear God please send me somebody who'll
I'm tired of running, I'm sick with despair.
My body is aching, it's so racked with pain.
And Dear God I pray as I run in the rain,

That someone will love me and give me a home.
A warm cozy bed I can call my own
My last owner neglected me and chased me away
To rummage in garbage and live as a stray.

But now God I'm tired and hungry and cold.
And I'm afraid that I'll never grow old.
They've chased me with sticks and hit me with stones
While I run in the streets just looking for bones!

I'm not really bad God, please help if you can.
For I have become just a "VICTIM OF MAN!"
I'm wormy Dear God and I'm ridden with fleas
and All that I want is an owner to please!

If you find one for me God, I'll try to be good
I won't run away and I'll do as I should.
I don't think I'll make it to long on my own,
Cause I'm getting so weak and I'm so all alone.

Each night as I sleep in the bushes I cry,
Cause I'm so afraid God, that I'm gonna die!
And I've got so much love and devotion to give,
That I should be given a new chance to live.

So Dear God PLEASE, PLEASE answer my prayer
And send me somebody who WILL really care…


Lay your hand upon my head
So I can feel your touch
My eyes are dim but let me see
That face I love so much
My limbs are weak - so lay with me
And hold me very close
You are my very dearest friend
The one I love the most
I cannot speak and so I put
My faith and trust in you
Because your love for me is strong
You know what you must do
Let me feel you by my side
I want to feel you near
Whisper words of love to me
Those words I need to hear
The time has come for me to go
The Rainbow Bridge awaits
And all those hounds who’ve gone before
Are waiting at the gates…
To welcome me – so “Farewell” friend
I must be on my way
Hold me tightly in your arms ..
But wipe your tears away
We won’t forget the happy times…
we shared – both you and I
It’s time to go – but there’s no doubt
Our love will never die

authors are unknown.

A Dog`s Soul

A Dog's SoulEvery dog must have a soul, somewhere deep inside
Where all his hurts and grievances are buried with his pride.

Where he decides the good and bad, the wrong way from the right,
And where his judgement carefully is hidden from our sight.
A dog must have a secret place, where every thought abides,
A sort of close acquaintance that he trusts in and confides.
And when accused unjustly for himself, He cannot speak,
Rebuked, He finds within his soul, the comfort he must seek.
He’ll love, tho’he is unloved, and he’ll serve tho’badly used,
And one kind word will wipe away the times when he’s abused.
Altho’ his heart may break in two, his love will still be whole,
Because God gave to every dog an understanding Soul! 


I died today


I died today.

You got tired of me and took me to the shelter. They were overcrowded and I drew an unlucky number. I am in a black plastic bag in a landfill now.

Some other puppy will get the barely used leash you left. My collar was dirty and too small, but the lady took it off before she sent me to the Rainbow Bridge.

Would I still be at home if I hadn't chewed your shoe? I didn't know what it was, but it was leather, and it was on the floor. I was just playing. You forgot to get puppy toys.

Would I still be at home if I had been housebroken? Rubbing my nose in what I did only made me ashamed that I had to go at all. There are books and obedience teachers that would have taught you how to teach me to go to the door.

Would I still be at home if I hadn't brought fleas into the house? Without anti-flea medicine, I couldn't get them off of me after you left me in the yard for days.

Would I still be at home if I hadn't barked? I was only saying, "I'm scared, I'm lonely, I'm here, I'm here! I want to be your best friend.

Would I still be at home if I had made you happy? Hitting me didn't make me learn how.

Would I still be at home if you had taken the time to care for me and to teach manners to me? You didn't pay attention to me after the first week or so, but I spent all my time waiting for you to love me.

I died today...

by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
I am the voice of the voiceless:  Through me, the dumb shall speak;
Till the deaf world's ear be made to hear  The cry of the wordless weak.
From street, from cage, and from kennel, From jungle and stall, the wail
Of my tortured kin proclaims the sin  Of the mighty against the frail.
For love is the true religion,  And love is the law sublime;
And all that is wrought, where love is not,  Will die at the touch of time.
And Science, the great Revealer,  Must flame his torch at the Source;
And keep it bright, with that holy light  Or his feet shall fail on the course.
For he who would trample kindness  And mercy into the dust--
He has missed the trail, and his quest will fail: 
He is not the guide to trust.
Oh shame on the mothers of mortals  Who have not stopped to teach
Of the sorrow that lies in dear, dumb eyes, 
The sorrow that has no speech.
Oh, never a brute in the forest,  And never a snake in the fen,
Or ravening bird, starvation stirred,  Has hunted his prey like men.
For hunger, and fear, and passion  Alone drive beasts to slay,
But wonderful man, the crown of the Plan,  Tortures, and kills, for play.
He goes well fed from his table;  He kisses his child and wife;
Then he haunts a wood, till he orphans a brood, 
Or robs a deer of its life.  He aims at a speck in the azure; 
Winged love, that has flown at a call; 
It reels down to die, and he lets it lie; 
His pleasure was seeing it fall.
The same force formed the sparrow  That fashioned Man, the King;
The God of the Whole gave a spark of soul 
To each furred and feathered thing.
And I am my brother's keeper,  And I will fight his fight,
And speak the word for beast and bird, 
Till the world shall set things right.


Do I Go Home Today?

 My family brought me home cradled in their arms-

They cuddled me and smiled at me and said I was full of charm.
They played with me and laughed with me and showered me with toys.
I sure do love my family, especially the girls and boys.
The children loved to feed me, they gave me special treats.
They even let me sleep with them - all snuggled in the sheets.
I used to go for walks, often several times a day.
They even fought to hold the leash, I’m very proud to say.

These are the things I’ll not forget - a cherished memory.
I now live in the shelter-without my family.
They used to laugh and praise me when I played with that old shoe.
But I didn’t know the difference between the old ones and the new.
The kids and I would grab a rag, for hours we would tug.
So I thought I did the right thing when I chew the bedroom rug.
They said that I was out of control, and would have to live outside.
This I did not understand, although I tried and tried.
The walks stopped, one by one; they said they hadn’t time.
I wish that I could change things, I wish I knew my crime.
My life became so lonely, in the backyard, on a chain.
I barked and barked all day long to keep from going insane.
So they brought me to the shelter but were embarrassed to say why,
They said I caused an allergy, and then they each kissed me goodbye.
If I’d only had some classes, as a little pup.
I wouldn’t have been so hard to handle when I was all grown up.
“You only have one day left.” I heard the worker say.
Does that mean I have a second chance?
Do I go Home today?

(Author Unknown) 


Confessions of a Gas Man

 Yes, I Gas Dogs and Cats for a Living.

I'm an Animal Control officer in a very small town in central North Carolina.

I'm in my mid thirties, and have been working for the town in different positions since high school.

There is not much work here, and working for the county provides good pay and benefits for a person like me without a higher education. I'm the person you all write about how horrible I am.

I'm the one that gasses the dogs and cats and makes them suffer. I'm the one that pulls their dead corpses out smelling of Carbon Monoxide and throws them into green plastic bags. But I'm also the one that hates my job and hates what I have to do.

First off, all you people out there that judge me, don't. God is judging me, and I know I'm going to Hell. Yes, I'm going to hell. I wont lie, it's despicable, cold, cruel and I feel like a serial killer. I'm not all to blame, if the law would mandate spay and neuter, lots of these dogs and cats wouldn't be here for me to gas. I'm the devil, I know it, but I want you people to see that there is another side to me the devil Gas Chamber man.

The shelter usually gasses on Friday morning.

Friday's are the day that most people look forward to, this is the day that I hate, and wish that time will stand still on Thursday night. Thursday night, late, after nobody's around, my friend and I go through a fast food line, and buy 50 dollars worth of cheeseburgers and fries, and chicken. I'm not allowed to feed the dogs on Thursday, for I'm told that they will make a mess in the gas chamber, and why waste the food.

So, Thursday night, with the lights still closed, I go into the saddest room that anyone can every imagine, and let all the doomed dogs out out their cages.

I have never been bit, and in all my years doing this, the dogs have never fought over the food. My buddy and I, open each wrapper of cheeseburger and chicken sandwich, and feed them to the skinny, starving dogs. They swallow the food so fast, that I don't believe they even taste it. There tails are wagging, and some don't even go for the food, they roll on their backs wanting a scratch on their bellys. They start running, jumping and kissing me and my buddy. They go back to their food, and come back to us. All their eyes are on us with such trust and hope, and their tails wag so fast, that I have come out with black and blues on my thighs.. They devour the food, then it's time for them to devour some love and peace. My buddy and I sit down on the dirty, pee stained concrete floor, and we let the dogs jump on us. They lick us, they put their butts in the air to play, and they play with each other. Some lick each other, but most are glued on me and my buddy.

I look into the eyes of each dog. I give each dog a name.

They will not die without a name.

I give each dog 5 minutes of unconditional love and touch.

I talk to them, and tell them that I'm so sorry that tomorrow they will die a gruesome, long, torturous death at the hands of me in the gas chamber.

Some tilt their heads to try to understand.

I tell them, that they will be in a better place, and I beg them not to hate me.

I tell them that I know I'm going to hell, but they will all be playing with all the dogs and cats in heaven.

After about 30 minutes, I take each dog individually, into their feces filled concrete jail cell, and pet them and scratch them under their chins.

Some give me their paw, and I just want to die. I just want to die.

I close the jail cell on each dog, and ask them to forgive me.

As my buddy and I are walking out, we watch as every dog
is smiling at us and them don't even move their heads.

They will sleep, with a full belly, and a false sense of security.

As we walk out of the doomed dog room, my buddy and I go to the cat room. We take our box, and put the very friendly kittens and pregnant cats in our box. The shelter doesn't keep tabs on the cats, like they do the dogs.

As I hand pick which cats are going to make it out, I feel like I'm playing God, deciding whose going to live and die.

We take the cats into my truck, and put them on blankets in the back.

Usually, as soon as we start to drive away, there are purring cats sitting on our necks or rubbing against us.

My buddy and I take our one way two hour trip to a county that is very wealthy and they use injection to kill animals.

We go to exclusive neighborhoods, and let one or two cats out at a time.

They don't want to run, they want to stay with us. We shoo them away, which makes me feel sad.

I tell them that these rich people will adopt them, and if worse comes to worse and they do get put down, they will be put down with a painless needle being cradled by a loving veterinarian.

After the last cat is free, we drive back to our town.

It's about 5 in the morning now, about two hours until I have to gas my best friends.

I go home, take a shower, take my 4 anti-anxiety pills and drive to work.. I don't eat, I can't eat.

It's now time, to put these animals in the gas chamber. I put my ear plugs in, and when I go to the collect the dogs, the dogs are so excited to see me, that they jump up to kiss me and think they are going to play.

I put them in the rolling cage and take them to the gas chamber. They know. They just know. They can smell the death.. They can smell the fear.

They start whimpering, the second I put them in the box.

The boss tells me to squeeze in as many as I can to save on gas.

He watches. He knows I hate him, he knows I hate my job.

I do as I'm told. He watches until all the dogs, and cats (thrown in together) are fighting and screaming. The sounds is very muffled to me because of my ear plugs.

He walks out, I turn the gas on, and walk out.

I walk out as fast as I can. I walk into the bathroom, and I take a pin and draw blood from my hand. Why? The pain and blood takes my brain off of what I just did.

In 40 minutes, I have to go back and unload the dead animals. I pray that none survived, which happens when I overstuff the chamber. I pull them out with thick gloves, and the smell of carbon monoxide makes me sick. So does the vomit and blood, and all the bowel movements. I pull them out, put them in plastic bags.

They are in heaven now, I tell myself. I then start cleaning up the mess, the mess, that YOU PEOPLE are creating by not spay or neutering your animals. The mess that YOU PEOPLE are creating by not demanding that a vet come in and do this humanely.

You ARE THE TAXPAYERS, DEMAND that this practice STOP!

So, don't call me the monster, the devil, the gasser, call the politicians, the shelter directors, and the county people the devil. Heck, call the governor, tell him to make it stop.

As usual, I will take sleeping pills tonight to drown out the screams I heard in the past, before I discovered the ear plugs. I will jump and twitch in my sleep, and I believe I'm starting to hallucinate.

This is my life. Don't judge me. Believe me, I judge myself enough.



Pet Shop Puppy I don’t remember much from the place I was born. It was cramped and dark and we were never played with by humans. I remember Mom and her soft fur, but she was often sick, and very thin. She had hardly any milk for me and my brothers and sisters. I remember many of them dying, and I missed them so.
I do remember the day I was taken from Mom. I was so sad and scared, my milk teeth had only just come in, and I really should have been with Mom still, but she was so sick, and the humans kept saying that they wanted money and were sick of the “mess” that my sister and I made. So we were crated up and taken to a strange place. Just the two of us. We huddled together and were scared, still no human hands came to pet us or to love us.
So many sights and sounds, and smells!! We are in a store where there are many different animals! Some that squawk! Some that meow! Some that peep! My sister and I are jammed into a small cage, I hear other puppies whine. I see humans looking at me, I like the “little humans”, they look like they’d be fun, like they would play with me!
All day we are kept in the small cage, sometimes mean people will hit the glass and frighten us, every once in a while we are taken out to be held or shown to humans. Some are gentle, some hurt us, we always hear “AW they are so cute! I want one!” but we never get to go with any.
My sister died last night, when the store was dark. I lay my head on her soft fur and felt the life leave her small thin body. I had heard them say she was sick, and that I should be sold at a “discount price” so that I would quickly leave the store. I softly whined to mourn for her as they took her body out of the cage in the morning, I wondered where they put her?
Today, a family came and bought me! Oh happy day!! They are a nice family, they really, really wanted me! They had bought a dish and food and the little girl held me so tenderly in her arms. I love her so much! The mom and dad say what a sweet and good puppy I am! I am named Angel. I love to lick my new humans!
The family takes such good care of me, they are loving and tender and sweet. They gently teach me right from wrong, give me good food and lots of “LOVE”. I want only to please these wonderful people! I love the little girl and I enjoy running and playing with her.
Today I went to the Veterinarian. It was a strange place and I was frightened. I got some shots, but my best friend (the little girl) held me softly and said it would be OK. So I relaxed. The Vet must have said sad words to my beloved family, because they looked awfully sad. I heard severe hip dysplacia, and something about my heart… I heard the vet say something about, back yard breeders and my parents not being tested. I didn’t know what any of this meant, just that it hurt me to see my family so sad. But they still loved me, and I still loved them very much!!!
I am now 6 months old. Where most of the other puppies are robust and rowdy, it hurts me terribly just to move. The pain never lets up. It hurts to run and play with my beloved little girl, and I find it hard to breathe. I keep trying my best to be the strong pup I know I am supposed to be, but it is so hard. It breaks my heart to see the little girl so sad, and to hear her mom and dad talk about, it might now be the time. Several times I have gone to the Veterinarians place. I just wanted to feel the warm sunshine and run, and play and nuzzle with my family.
Last night was the worst. Pain has been my constant companion now, it hurts even to get up and get a drink. I try to get up but can only whine in pain. I am taken in the car one last time. Everyone is so sad, and I don’t know why.
Have I been bad? I try to be good and loving, what have I done wrong? Oh if only this pain would be gone! If only I could soothe the tears of the little girl. I reach out my muzzle to lick her hand, but have to stop because of the pain.
The Veterinarian’s table is so cold. I am so frightened. My humans hug and love me, they cry into my soft fur. I can feel their love and sadness. I manage to lick their hands softly. Even the vet doesn’t seem so scary today. He is gentle and I sense some kind of relief for my pain. The little girl holds me softly and I thank her, for giving me all her love. I feel a soft pinch in my foreleg.
The pain is beginning to lift. I am beginning to feel a peace descend upon me. I can now softly lick her hand. My vision is becoming dream like now, and I see my Mother, my brothers and sisters, in a far off green place. They tell me there is no pain there only peace and happiness. I tell the family, good-bye in the only way I know how, a soft wag of my tail and nuzzle of my nose. I had hoped to spend many, many happy years with them, but it was not meant to be. The pain ends now and, I know it will be many years until I see my beloved family again. If only things could have been different.
“I am sorry,” said the Vet. “Pet shop puppies do not come from ethical breeders. I am so tired of putting so many of these kind of puppies to sleep.”
This story may be published or reprinted in the hopes that it will stop
unethical breeders and those who breed only for money and not for the betterment
of the breed.
Copyright 1999 J.Ellis

Dear Shelter Dog

Dear Shelter Dog,I wanted to address this letter to you by name-but sadly, you do not have one.
First and foremost I want you to know that you are loved. You are thought of and prayed for each and every day by many kind people. I want you to know that you did nothing wrong: you simply couldn’t, for wrongdoing is not in your nature.
I don’t know what cruel twist of fate brought you to this place, but I do know that you do not deserve to be here.
I don’t know it if was decided that you were too large or too small, if you barked too much or too little, if someone became allergic to you or if it was simply decided one day that you were an inconvenience.
I don’t know if the children that you were given to lost interest in you when you were not a puppy anymore and no longer considered cute or fun.
I don’t know if you became too old or too sick or if your medical problems became too expensive.
I don’t know if you simply lost your way one day. I am not sure if you were thrown from a car or dropped off by the side of a road, left behind-you may have waited patiently, bewildered, wondering why those you loved never came back. I don’t know if your family moved away and decided not to take you.
I don’t know if you were tortured-taught to fight against your will, and when you loyally obeyed you were punished further by being brought here. I don’t know if your owner died not wanting to leave you behind.
What I do know is this: you are important and you are loved. I do know that I want to hold you and take away your pain.
I want to show you the love and kindness that you deserve
I want you to know that it breaks my heart when I can’t save you.
I want you to know that you are special. Just as special, just as important as any dog living in a home now-because any of those dogs could be you. You come in all sizes shapes and colors. You have unique personalities and behaviors.
It saddens me that the beauty of your kind soul will never be known and cannot be shared from your jail cell.
You may not have a name but you do have a soul and I do know that one day there will be peace for you. God will shower you with the love and warmth you deserve. You will run through the greenest of pastures and feel the warm sun on your face. You will have your very own toys to play with and a comfortable bed to call your own. You will never be sick; feel pain or be lonely again. Your fur will shine and your tail will wag. You are loved, and you are wanted.
Your pleading eyes have burned holes in the hearts of all of us who love you; this is something that I really want you to know. I want to end my letter to you with a promise.
I promise that I will work towards putting an end to shelter life because this is not a place for a beautiful soul like yours.
I want to look into your loving warm eyes and tell you that there is hope; I want you to know that this fight will continue for as long as it takes-it will continue until you are free.
Someone who loves you

A Dumped Dog’s Prayer 

Don’t close the door! Don’t push me away.Why are you leaving?
Don’t make me stay.
Slow down the car, I can’t keep up.
This pavement is hot and my pads are cut.
I’ve got to quit running or my heart will pop.
Every muscle is aching.
Why don’t you stop?
I’m so hungry and thirsty. Darkness is near.

But I shouldn’t leave, he will come for me here.
Several weeks have passed, I am dead on my feet.
They call me a nuisance because I eat off the streets.
Every car that passes, I chase it to see
If it’s my master coming for me.

Though I approach those that come near
With trust in my eyes and no sign of fear.

With hate in their voices and a cold, heartless stare,
They threaten to kill me - they don’t even care.

Batter my body with rocks that they throw,
I will not leave, he will come, don’t you know?
Overtaken with weakness, my body is numb.

I’m sick and so lonely.
Oh please, let him come!
I will go back where he first threw me out.

I’ll wait for him there, he will come, no doubt.
My thoughts are fading. My chest feels like lead.
I’m sleepy, so sleepy - I can’t lift my head.
It’s so quiet, so peaceful — all remains still.
There is my master at my home on the hill.
Yes, I can see him, he’s calling my name.
His voice is so gentle, his hands are the same.
He decided he wants me. Things will be fine.
I really do love him, that master of mine.
My tail wags with pleasure. I can’t catch my breath.
He came in my dreams, but so did my DEATH

A Dogs Wish 

Treat me kindly, my beloved friend for no heart in all the earth is more grateful for kindness than ours.Do not break my spirit with blows or words, though I will lick your hand between them, your patience & understanding teach me more than your anger.Speak to me often for your voice is the sweetest music, as you must know by my tails fierce wagging.Please keep me inside for I am no longer wild & I ask for no more than to sit with you.Though if you had no home, I would rather follow you through ice and snow than rest in the warmest home in the entire universe for you are my friend.All I ask is that you keep my dish filled, for although I should not reproach you were it empty, I cannot tell you when I suffer thirst or hunger.I only ask of this so that I may stay well to romp and play and walk by your side to stand ready, willing and able to protect you with my life should you or those you love be in danger.And dear friend, should the Great One see fit to deprive me of my health, sight or make me feel pain that I do not understand, do not turn me away, rather hold me gently in your arms as skilled hands grant me merciful release from this earth and eternal rest with our maker.I will miss you then and wait for you to join me.As I leave this body I will be comforted knowing, even with my last breath, I was ever safest in your warm arms.

Copyright © Actions For Animals
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