Save Simba! - The Petition Site

Tuesday, 8 November 2011 0 comments
Save Simba! - The Petition Site

  • Target: Redditch Police, Worcestershire, United Kingdom
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Simba is another victim of BSL. An innocent dog taken from his family.

This is Simba's owners' story:
"On 3rd October my dog Simba was picked up by the dog warden. He has now been taken by police and been seen by the Breed specialist who has classed my Staff cross as a Pit bull Type dog and have requested I sign him over for destruction. Simba has done nothing wrong, he just happens to look like an illegal breed. Me and my family are now taking this to court and if you could please sign this petition to show your support, we would be very grateful. Simba is sat in kennels as we speak not knowing that he is on death row. Please help stop these evil people from murdering my baby. My family and my 1 year old son miss him very much."

Simba's owner is due in court on November 15th!!!

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