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Poisoning of strays has started in Alexandroupolis,Greece. We had our first casualty the day before yesterday. Youtube video link above. Please sign my petition as for me to hand it to our mayor. I also urge you to contact the mayor yourselves. He has not got an email address but here is his postal address:

Mayor George Alexandris

Town Hall

Leoforos Dimokratias 306

TK 68100


Greece Fax:( 30)2551026264

Please be the voice of the voiceless, sign the petition, fax & write to the mayor


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Recently released evidence exposes animal abuse by the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus that is scheduled to arrive in Memphis on June 21. The documents recount trainers using painful bullhooks to subdue and discipline the circus's performing Asian elephants during training.

The Humane Society of the United States urges the public to avoid all circuses that use wild animals in their performances.

The new evidence stems from a groundbreaking lawsuit against the parent company of the circus, Feld Entertainment. Filed by The Fund for Animals, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, The Animal Protection Institute, Animal Welfare Institute, and Tom Rider, a former employee of Ringling Bros., the lawsuit charges the circus with violating the federal Endangered Species Act. It cites abusive training methods, discipline, confinement of the animals, and separation of baby elephants from their mothers.

Wild animals in circuses are subjected to inhumane conditions as they travel from town to town in circuses and traveling shows," said Michael Markarian, executive vice president for The HSUS. "With so many excellent choices in family entertainment, there's simply no reason to support circuses that use wild animals such as elephants and tigers to perform tricks and other unnatural behaviors."


Witnesses and former circus employees have given sworn testimony to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, as recently as October 2006, that behind the scenes at circuses, elephants are kept tightly chained by one front and hind leg and unable to move freely. In the wild, elephants travel many miles each day. There are reports of circus elephants being confined this way up to 20 hours or more each day. Research suggests that this leads to psychological and physical problems such as arthritis, crippling foot problems, and behavior that is indicative of high levels of stress.
As recently as July 2006, undercover investigators have videotaped trainers beating elephants, contrary to statements that the animals are trained exclusively through positive reinforcement. The lawsuit alleges that trainers use a stick with a sharpened metal hook on the end (called a "bullhook" or "ankus") to repeatedly beat, pull, push, torment and threaten elephants.
In a January 2005 e-mail, Ringling's own "Animal Behaviorist" recounted to Ringling's General Manager that she saw an elephant named Lutzi "dripping blood all over the arena floor during the show from being hooked," after a handler "hook[ed] Lutzi under the trunk three times and behind the leg once in an attempt to line her up for the T-mount." A "T-mount" is a stunt where two elephants and at least one person stand on the back of a kneeling elephant...� (quoted from
What you just read is just one of many sad examples of what highly inteligent animals such as elephants, or tigers, and others, are subjected to. In many other places in the world animals are used and abused for a depressing show based on their hidden pain , suffering, and even tears: bacuse elephants DO CRY, REAL TEARS, LIKE OUR OWN!


we want:

Animals to be released from their suffering, away from circus.
The proihibition of the use of animals in circus shows
The creation of a reservation / sanctuary for the rescued animals
It is about time to confirm that we are HUMANS and RATIONAL! and therefore, should behave as such.


Thank you for your time.

Ringling's Baby Elephants Tied Up and Electro-Shocked by Trainers


Urge Mom Central to Steer Clear of Ringling Elephant Abuse

Urge Travelzoo to Stop Promoting Ringling Elephant Abuse


adolescents of Tepic torture a dog - The Petition Site

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adolescents of Tepic torture a dog - The Petition Site

Otro tipo de violencia comienza a circular rápidamente entre la comunidad nayarita en la red social Facebook: un desequilibrado jovencito de 17 años subió fotografías y un video donde en compañía de dos amigos y dos perros de la raza pit bull, torturan con extrema crueldad a un perro callejero hasta dejarlo por muerto.



For almost a month now, there has been a harsh campaign against stray dogs by the media. Since some members of the Bucharest ASL issued statements advocating the reinstatement of the law that permitted the killing of strays, the newspapers and the TV have been incessantly showing images of packs of strays and those people bitten throughout the country. In reality, the law has formally prohibited the killing of strays since 2007, but the municipalities have skirted the problem by leaving the dogs, in thousands of public facilities spread throughout the country, to simply die of hunger and disease. The law has only prevented large scale killings, such as those seen before 2007, when strays were killed en masse even in the streets, thanks to the absence of an animal protection law. Since no sterilization plan has been made, the number of dogs has increased exponentially in the meantime and now the public is asking that drastic measures be taken.

The climate of recent weeks brings us back to 2001 when the then mayor of Bucharest, Basescu, launched the campaign that led to the extermination of at least 100,000 stray dogs in the capital alone. STD is extremely worried and fears that the municipalities where it operates will exploit the atmosphere of hysteria and intolerance crafted by the media to undermine our sterilization programs.

HELP DOGS IN MOSCOW - The Petition Site

HELP DOGS IN MOSCOW - The Petition Site

This petition aims to draw attention of the government of Moscow to very important problems.
Homeless dogs and cats are being killed with cruelty in the streets in the face of passersby. The government does not care about animal shelters in Moscow.Homeless dogs and cats` corpses are being buried in public places( places,that are intended for walking the dogs,for example)!It can cause serious diseases. Dog parks do not exist in some city districts,but walking the dogs anywhere else is forbidden.When people adopt a dog,they want to have a place to walk the dog without breaking the law!

We claim to:

Give people an opportunity to keep their pets in appropriate conditions and to carry out the law.
Organise safe and clean places to walk the dogs in every district of Moscow,as it is supposed to be according to the law.
Stop shooting dogs and cats in the streets.It is cruel.
Introduce severe penalties to people and organisations,that bury corpses of homeless animals in public places.
Take measures to the officials,that are responsible for these infringements.



Sponsored by: Friends of Wolves.Lake Issyk Kul and in all Kyrgyzstan
lborün Taigen and Bird Festival

We can not tolerate such barbaric acts.

This return to archaic and cruel tradition is a disgrace for Russia.

These noble animals deserve respect and protection of their population!
This 2 day festival on the northern shore of Lake Issyk Kul in the town of Cholpon-Ata draws the regions best hunting dogs, eagle hunters, and falcon handlers in all of Kyrgyzstan.

Festivities range from eagle hunting of pheasants; Taigen also known as Kyrgyz hunting dog racing; to wolf baiting.

These long standing traditions have an important place within Kyrgyz culture and reflect their nomadic past.

***Such festivities reflect the Kyrgyz people’s nomadic past.

The final event of the festival is only opened to the most respected Berktuchi and Taigen who must hunt a live wolf. This fierce and sometimes gory battle frequently results in mortal wounds. For the sake of sportsmanship, festival officials attempted to place a bit in the wolf’s mouth to no avail, settling for a heavy chain tethering her to a lead weight.

Within rural communities, Kyrgyz have long raised Taigen and trained Eagles to protect both the lives of their livestock and family. This captured wolf was responsible for killing 68 sheep, 20 cows, and 17 horses. Such an unfathomable number of lost cattle and sheep is enough to impoverish any community.

We also encourage regional NGOs, interested students, and international development experts to contact us at "":


Foie Gras means "Fat Liver" : ban it in India

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Abolish Vivisection in South Africa - The Petition Site

Abolish Vivisection in South Africa - The Petition Site

Vivisection literally means the 'cutting up' of living animals, but has now become more generally used as the term for all experiments on living animals.

Vivisection is the use of animals in scientific Experiments in order to gain knowledge of pathological or physiological processes. In about 85% of these experiments, no anaesthetic is used and results are believed by most to be inconclusive and of no benefit to Humans.

33 Animals Die in Laboratories around the world every second. In South Africa no legal protection exists for laboratory animals. This means that a laboratory can even use animals that are facing extinction. Even if it meant the destruction of the animal, there is no law that would protect the species.

Given the secret nature of animal experimentation the information that is available is patchy, incomplete and out of date. Two specific issues have emerged as trends: an increase in research on animals for indigenous medicines and HIV/AIDS. There also appears to be continued research involving xenogenics.

Stop Lab Testing on Chimpanzees - The Petition Site

Stop Lab Testing on Chimpanzees - The Petition Site

Innocent chimpanzees are being harmed and killed due to the inhumane practice of animal laboratory testing. Chimps are used as test subjects in pharmaceutical labs to determine the effectiveness of drugs on humans. Most often the animals are euthanized after testing.

It's up to concerned citizens like you to fight for these chimps. Sign the petition below telling Congress to move quickly on passing the Great Ape Protection Act (H.R. 1326)—a law that would prevent chimpanzees from being used for invasive research.

Romania-Stop the Torture and Killing of Your Animals!


Everyday more and more reports are emerging out of Romania regarding the shocking treatment and neglect of their animals.

Mass poisonings, animals being slaughtered in front of children, animals killed in their own homes, or being lured away to the woods and tortured before being shot. Many mass graves have been discovered.

Whilst Romania has animal welfare laws they are rarely implemented, and obscene acts of cruelty remain unpunished.

Street dogs are viciously rounded up by "Dog catchers" and taken to state dog kennels which are horrendous!! Animals live in appalling conditions, many alongside their dead inmates. Dogs are neglected and left without food or water. Many die a miserable death after languishing in these over crowded hell holes!!


Please sign this care2 petition sponsored by the Romanian Organisations calling for animal welfare laws to be respected and implemented.

Also sign and send the letter below to the President of the Chamber of Deputies and the Romanian President.

Thank you on behalf of the Animals in Romania

Justice for Mila- 4 Legs were Hacked Off, Serbia - The Petition Site

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Justice for Mila- 4 Legs were Hacked Off, Serbia - The Petition Site

On April 13th, 2010, in Medakovic, a suburb of Belgrade, Serbia, Mila, a stray dog was found under a car with all her 4 limbs brutally chopped off. Although in terrible pain and seriously dehydrated, and after suffering from such cruel abuse in human hands, Mila showed absolutely no signs of aggression towards her rescuers. She remained very gentle, friendly, and loving towards all humans.

The vet said her only chance is prosthesis and that she sustained her mutilation for approximately 10 days. The vet also said that the cuts were very precise and that it could not have been done by only one person. Mila may have wandered around injured, looking for food and water for days and eventually sought shelter under a parked car. Mila shows a great will to live and will be at the vet clinic for a while until she finds a new home.

Serbia's well-known film director and chairman of the SOS Animals association Goran Paskaljevi said that he has been in contact with animal protection associations in Germany and France in order to determine where prosthetic paws for Mila may be manufactured, to then raise the money for this purpose.

Mayor Dragan Dilas confirmed that the city will also provide funds for the purchase of the prosthetic aids. He also said that his office will raise awareness to Belgrade's young and senior residents about the need to have compassion for animals. We applaud the Mayor and hope that he does indeed follow through.

After all the pain and torture Mila endured and her strong will to live, it is our hope that she is given the BEST possible treatment, prosthetic limbs, and rehabilitation to live her life comfortably.

Please read letter to target, sign the petition and spread the word.

News articles:

Help Save Starving Horses at southeast Vernon County farm Petition

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Help Save Starving Horses at southeast Vernon County farm Petition

Since 2008, there have been more than 30 dead horses on the property of Thomas Reardon. It is very disheartening to stand by and know these animals are dying. The horses go for long stretches with no hay or water, even in the depths of winter.

Early this month, two other horses died. One colt was laying down and suffering; it was thrashing around on the ground. The colt had to be euthanized. The State Vet made another visit to the farm and at least two other veterinarians have been there as well.

Sheriff Ron Peckman said the paperwork in the case has been delivered to the Vernon County Prosecutor's Office. But, Vernon County Prosecutor, Lynn M. Ewing III, returned it for further investigation.

To read more on this tragic story:

Please feel free to call Prosecuting attorney
Lynn M. Ewing III Nevada Missouri 417 448-5555

Stop Plan for Domestic Cat Hunting in NJ

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Right now in New Jersey, there is a debate underway about what to do with the feral cats there. Although there is already a successful trap-neuter-return poilcy in place, a certain few want to change the status of any outdoor cat- whether domestic or feral- into an 'exotic animal', and ban TNR. This will very likely pave the way for hunting of loose cats as wild pests, aka varmints.
The main person who has been pushing this is New Jersey Fish and Game Council Member Leonard Wolgast, whose wife's family owns the Blumig Kennel. This kennel provides various shelter services, including euthanisations for area communities. The East Brunswick animal control officer has also been a vocal advocate of this plan. His name is David Blumig. See this page for his email address and other information. Also interesting is his string of cat-hating comments on this page.
See this article for more details. Also, you may want to leave a comment on this page.
Contact the state agency advocating this HERE. The state agency in charge of authorizing such a status change for an animal is the Dept. of Health and Senior Services. Please contact them HERE.

As one signer of this petition so aptly put it:
"If you all legalize shooting cats including bow hunting, you are going to allow people to kill other people's pets who accidentally wander out. If anybody shoots my cat there will be law suits everywhere including against the STATE who allowed this animal cruelty. FURTHER if you all call feral cats "wildlife" you ALSO LEGALIZED CAT MEAT. Wildlife is eaten. CAT MEAT will be served as "chicken" dishes like they do all over China and in Chinese restaurants. " ( L.Swa_)

Cat and Dog Fur Ban in Canada - The Petition Site

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Cat and Dog Fur Ban in Canada - The Petition Site

Every year, hundreds of thousands of dogs and cats, just like the ones we keep as pets, are brutally slaughtered for their fur. This million-dollar fur industry, based in a number of Asian regions, is not governed by animal cruelty legislation of any kind. The animals live in deplorable conditions - they are kept cold for thicker coats, kept weak for slaughter and are crowded into small crates and bags for transport. At the end of their short lives, they are inhumanely slaughtered for their pelts.

Companion animal fur is used for a variety of items including the lining for gloves and boots, trim on garments, hats, blankets and even toys or figurines.

Products that use cat and dog fur are banned in countries all over the world. It has been ten years since the United States passed the Dog and Cat Protection Act of 2000, which blocks all imported products made with cat or dog fur from entering the country. Recently, the European Union implemented a similar act, effective January 1, 2009.

In Canada, products that include cat and dog fur remain legal and can be imported, exported and sold in Canada without labels. Additionally, with the global market closing, Canada is becoming an attractive target for producers.

On September 17, 2009, Anita Neville, M.P. for Manitoba's Winnipeg South Centre, introduced a private member's bill, Bill C-439, an Act to amend the Hazardous Products Act and ban products made with dog or cat fur from crossing the border into Canada.

Please support Bill C-439 and encourage all Members of Parliament across all party lines to help ban these products from entering Canada.

Life of a Research Primate


Negligence kills Primates across U.S.

SAEN exposes Abuse of Dogs and Cats inside 5 U.S. Labs

Please read the article pasted below, and get angry. And then go to this page to make your voice heard on this issue:
SAEN calls on Secretary of Agriculture to Take Action

Tom Vilsack, our Secretary of Agriculture needs to hear from all of us. Call him. Email him. Then call him again. Let Secretary Vilsack know that any lab that slaughters animals like this must be stopped!

Ban Electroejaculation of Bulls in Canada - The Petition Site

Ban Electroejaculation of Bulls in Canada - The Petition Site

Former Prime Minister of Canada, Pierre Trudeau once quipped that "the state has no business in the bedrooms of the nation". While that may be true between consenting adults in the "bedroom" it can not be used to justify the "states" turning a blind eye on the activities behind closed doors in the factory farm barns of Canada, or many other world countries, who's male farm animals are routinely subjected to un-anesthetized electroejaculation to collect semen for Artificial Insemination (AI) and bull "breeding soundness examinations".

Electroejaculation involves placement of a bipolar electrode over the males accessory glands by way of the rectum; this method is a fast and operator convenient alternative to the artificial vagina method of semen collection. Professional AI services generally collect semen from bulls twice a week.
Electroejaculation of bulls has been proven to cause extreme pain when used as intended. Studies have shown that blood Cortisol and progesterone concentrations (stress response indicators) were significantly elevated after electroejaculation. All this says nothing about the misuse by operators in the "turning up of the voltage and current as punishment" should the bull be "non-compliant" or "not able".

User Instructions for the Electroejaculator

- The electrodes should face ventral
- Some bulls do not respond well and some bulls go down (Brahman) with the stimulation. [cowboss has been around many bulls in his life, it take a lot of force or pain for a bull to go "down"]

- The technique is one of a gradual build-up of electrical stimulation until the bull has an erection, protrusion of the penis and ejaculation.

- Some machines are manually operated and some are preprogrammed to deliver the correct stimuli.

- You start with a low 'power' setting and then work the 'power' up until erection, protrusion and ejaculation. [Wow - just how far do you go with this? Maybe when it starts to smell like a BBQ, would that be a good time to stop?]

If electroejaculation were not painful, general anesthesia would not be required for the "procedure" to be carried out on humans! Electroejaculation must be performed under general anesthesia in all "human" patients who have abdominal and perirectal sensation. Electroejaculation of bulls is banned in Sweden and Denmark.

Ask your Regulators to ban this barbaric practise now!

cowboss .........

A Dog's Life and his dead in the European Union - The Petition Site

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A Dog's Life and his dead in the European Union - The Petition Site

When we reach our goal this petition will personal hand it over to Jose Baroso (President of the European Commission) and the Hungarian Ambassador in Austria.
Thousand of Dogs have been killed in eastern european Animalkilling stations by sadistic People, like this poor Puppie-boy badly tortured and slowly killed to satisfy the punisher. This dog was found in a Trashcan at Toeroekbalint (Hungary). There is a former Judochampion (Josef Tuncsik) who is very sucessfull in hunting, torturing and killing Dogs. (employed by the local Gov.) And to top all that, Mr. Tuncsik doesn't have to worry that he will be prosecuted by the law. Because nobody takes care of his cruel doing, neither the Goverment nor the Police.
Please sign this Petition and we will hand it over to the Hungarian Government. Please don't say there's nothing we can do. WE CAN DO AND WE WILL.
PS: Please excuse my english, but anger is the only thing I feel at the moment.

Protect the Great Bear Rainforest | Humane Society International

Protect the Great Bear Rainforest Humane Society International

Appalling Cruelties at Nation’s Top Egg Producers

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HSUS undercover investigation exposes suffering

In February and March 2010, an HSUS investigator worked inside four different factory farms, owned by two of the nation's largest egg producers. The scope of suffering that the investigator revealed was staggering.

This is not a matter of a couple of rotten eggs, but rather standard industry practices that are simply rotten. As investigation after investigation has shown, this cruelty is pervasive throughout the entire battery-cage egg industry. It's time for an end to cage confinement of laying hens.

Here's a look inside their operations.

Rose Acre Farms
The HSUS investigator worked at Rose Acre Farms, the country's second-largest egg producer, for 15 days during February, working at three facilities in Winterset, Stuart, and Guthrie Center, Iowa.

These factory farms confine nearly four million laying hens and about one million young hens (pullets). At the Guthrie Center location, battery cages are stacked eight high and hold more than two million birds. At the Stuart and Winterset locations, battery cages are stacked four high.

Our Rose Acre findings:

Broken bones: Workers roughly yank young hens (pullets) from their cages in the growing sheds and load them into mobile cages for transport to battery cages, resulting in a mass of twisted bodies.
Extremely rough handling: The HSUS investigator videotaped workers pulling young hens from the mobile cages and stuffing them into battery cages.
Cruel depopulation methods: The HSUS investigator documented workers grabbing hens by their legs, then cramming them into gassing carts where they're killed with carbon dioxide.
Prolapsed uteruses: Hens suffer from "blow-outs" that go unnoticed and untreated due to the cage crowding.
Trapped birds unable to reach food and water: Battery cages can trap hens by their wings, necks, legs, and feet in the wire, causing other birds to trample the weakened animals, usually resulting in a slow, painful death.
High mortality in layer and pullet sheds: The HSUS investigator pulled dead young hens, some of them mummified (meaning they'd been rotting in the cages for weeks), from cages every day.
Failure to maintain manure pits: According to one worker, the manure pit under a pullet shed had not been cleaned in two years. Rose Acre workers claimed that some hens are blinded because of excessive ammonia levels.
Abandoned hens: Some hens manage to escape from their cages and fall into the manure pits below.
Rembrandt Enterprises
An HSUS investigator also worked for 10 days during March at a Rembrandt Enterprises, Inc., factory farm in Thompson, Iowa. Rembrandt is the country's third-largest egg producer, and this particular location includes 18 battery cage sheds. With about 300,000 birds per shed, this is a total of nearly 5.5 million laying hens.

Our Rembrandt findings:

Injuries from overcrowding: Rembrandt confines six to seven hens in each battery cage. Smaller or weaker hens are often trampled by others.
Trapped hens: Hens' wings, necks, legs and feet become entangled in cage wires, often resulting in trampling, as well as death by starvation and dehydration.
Broken bones: Workers sometimes slam battery cage doors shut on birds' wings, legs, and necks, causing broken bones.
High mortality: During his first two days on the job, the HSUS investigator pulled scores of decomposed and mummified hen carcasses that were obviously weeks old.
Eye and beak infections: The HSUS investigator videotaped hens with abscesses that caused their eyes to close and beaks and mouths to swell.
Prolapses: The HSUS investigator pulled many dead hens from cages who had obviously suffered uterine prolapses. One live hen's prolapse became caught in the cage floor.
Failure to euthanize: Sick and injured hens were often put back into their cages instead of being euthanized.
Abandoned hens: The HSUS investigator found starving hens in manure pits.
Lengthy transport: Rembrandt does not kill "spent" hens on site but rather trucks them to a Minnesota slaughter plant. As a result, the birds are violently yanked from their battery cages, confined in mobile cages, and trucked to the plant.

World Week for Animals in Laboratories

World Week for Animals in Laboratories

Please join In Defense of Animals during World Week for Animals in Laboratories (WWAIL) to speak out against the abhorrent use of animals in testing and research.

This year, there is more hope than ever, as technology moves us beyond antiquated animal experiments and government reports, agencies and scientists have begun to acknowledge the need to move away from animal research.

Recent published studies also document that an old boys network in the federal research funding system concentrates grant awards in the hands of a select number of older researchers ("aging cash cows" like Stephen Lisberger at the University of California San Francisco), perpetuating old-style, outdated research methods at the expense of modern and innovative studies.

With a new administration and a serious financial crisis at hand, it is more important than ever that we use this week to call attention to the outdated and unnecessary biomedical experiments that continue to claim the lives of millions of animals each year.

The new presidential administration has vowed to scrutinize the federal budget "line by line" to locate and eliminate wasteful spending. Now is the time to bring the massive waste of federal funds on cruel and unnecessary animal research to the new Administration's attention. IDA has begun this effort with a letter to Senate leaders

Among them are studies that looked at:

Nipple preference in nursing infant monkeys.
Effect of high-fat diets on mice sleep. (Made mice fat and sleepy.)
Effect of stress and isolation on voles. (Prairie voles had less anxiety than meadow voles.)
Effect of mouse social separation on wound healing. (Affected monogamous mice, not polygamous mice.)
Effect of exercise on rat health. (Rats who exercised were healthier.)

Your participation is urgently needed to join forces with IDA to push forward and bring about an end to cruel and wasteful animal research. Please, make a commitment today to take one action for animals in laboratories during the week of WWAIL. Here are just a few ways to participate during WWAIL:

Organize an event in your area, such as a demonstration or educational table. Click here to read about the many different ways that you can get involved in 2010. Email us at to let us know if you will be planning an event, or if you just need more information.
Send a letter to the editor or your local newspaper. Click here for sample letters and guidelines.
Write to President Obama and urge him to stand by his promise to end wasteful government programs. Contact the Office of Public Liaison ("the front door to the White House through which everyone can participate and inform the work of the President").

This year more than ever, we are closer to exposing and ending cruel, unnecessary and outdated animal research

A prayer for the dead seals and hope to those who survive

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Une prière pour les phoques morts et espoir à ceux qui survivrons...

PS: ce vidéo contient des images pas agréables juste au début, ensuite ce sont de belles images...

En ce 8 avril 2010, début de la chasse aux phoques à Terre Neuve, ces phoques qui seront tués malgré un hiver doux à en arracher et à stresser pour survivre vu le manque de glaçes....

La semaine passé aux îles de la madeleine ils ont tué 1700 phoques pour alimenter le parlement d'OTTAWA et quelques restaurateurs pour la viande de phoques.

Posez vous cette question: est-ce que tout ce massacre en valait la peine rien que pour de la viande?

Ces hommes qui tuent n'ont aucune MORALE, aucune COMPASSION, aucune CONSCIENCE, aucun RESPECT. SI VOUS MANGEZ du phoque ou PORTEZ sa fourrure, vous êtes COMPLICE....C'est tout simplement ça, y'a aucune autre façon de l'expliqué ou de le dire, c'est juste ça.

Être capable de tuer un être sans défense on appel ça un meurtre, arrêtez de dire n'importe quoi, c'est le vrai mot...un meurtre...Pourquoi cacher ce mot? pourquoi jouer à l'autruche? Pourquoi faire comme si c'était "normale" de TUER...TUER est-il normale selon vous? Pourquoi certains humains sont capable de TUER? et d'autres non? Parce que ceux qui sont capable n'ont pas apprit dès leur naissance à respecter la vie, on leur a enseigné à tuer...en leur disant que c'était bien.

Visitez: et DITES NON AUX MEURTRE DES BÉBÉS PHOQUES ÀGÉS DE SEULEMENT 14 JOURS....où ils viennent à peine de savoir manger et nager par eux même.

PHOTOS et VIDÉO de la IFAW, les meilleur concernant la chasse aux phoques. MERCI à EUX!

Quelques séquences vidéos de manif Calgary, Belgique, Canada, New York.



Urge Congress to Support the Great Ape Protection Act

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1,286 whales destined to die from harpoon and rifle wounds. ACT NOW - tell Norway to stop whaling

Speak out against slaughter: whales need you!

April is a dangerous time for whales in Norwegian waters: it marks the start of whaling season. This year, up to 1,286 minke whales will die from exploding harpoon and rifle wounds. Norway needs to know that this is unacceptable, NOW.
Norway is one of just three countries defying the international ban on commercial whaling, undermining its reputation as a progressive nation concerned with animal welfare.

The sheer size of whales, coupled with the challenging hunting environment, means that there is simply no humane way to kill these animals at sea.

Norway’s own data shows that at least one in five hunted whales suffers a long, agonising death. Some take over an hour to succumb to their injuries. Imagine the pain.

This cruelty isn’t wanted or needed.
A 2009 opinion poll found that the majority of Norwegians agree the suffering inflicted by whaling is unacceptable, and that only 1% of the population eats whale meat regularly.

Despite this, Norway continues to defy the whaling ban: 2010’s kill quota is the highest in 25 years. The government claims to receive little criticism over whaling. It’s time that changed.

Don’t stand by. Speak out against slaughter!
April 2010 sees Whalewatch members Dyrebeskyttelsen Norge, NOAH - for dyrs rettigheter and the World Society for the Protection of Animals deliver a petition to Norway’s Prime Minister. Calling for an end to whaling, it has been signed by thousands of Norwegians.



Speak out against the Slaughter-Whales need you

Stop further killing of the Swedish wolf ! - The Petition Site

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Stop further killing of the Swedish wolf ! - The Petition Site

The Swedish government decided to let 1200 hunters get
licenses to kill 27 wolfes in January 2010 !

Sweden have less than 250 wolfes and they are on the
list of endangered animals.

They have tried before to kill the Swedish wolf to
extinction, but did not succed completly that time,
3 wolfs did survive !

So the population of wolfes in Sweden today is not only
endangered by hunters and unlegal killings, they are
also inbred, so that can cause problems for some of
them and this makes the hole population very sensitive !

Scientists says they are critically endangered and so do
The Society for Nature Conservation in Sweden.

The Swedish goverment do not care and do not listen to
scientists and people protecting wildlife for future
generations to come.

They have killed some alfapairs and one animal with
transmittor for datacollection and there was no
special wolf to kill, so they killed what happened to come
their way.

The dead wolfs was to be transported to lab for
collection of information about their condition and so
on, but some of the males did not have their testicles
any more.

We need aid to protect our wolfs now and Sweden is a
part of EU, so our hope to stop futher madness is to
have this cry for help go to Mr Stavros Dimas that handels
enviromental issues in the Europan Commission.

In EU the Swedish wolf is also protected and this is also directed
to the court of justice in handling endangered
animals in our environment.

This must never happen again.

Free Tilly: a pledge - The Petition Site

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Free Tilly: a pledge - The Petition Site

Save The Loggerhead Sea Turtle - The Petition Site

Save The Loggerhead Sea Turtle - The Petition Site

Don't Let Congress Gut the Clean Air Act - The Petition Site

Don't Let Congress Gut the Clean Air Act - The Petition Site

Zoonosis (doghouses) Help me! - The Petition Site

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Zoonosis (doghouses) Help me! - The Petition Site

the Anti-rabies Centers or Zoonosis (doghouses) in which, the supposedly biting animals, they are enjaulados for 10 days to know if they contracted anger.

The decree 4669/73 was authorizing his I sacrifice if conquered the term of 48 hours the animal was not withdrawn (often the proprietor did not know where his dog was) and from November, 2008, with the law 13879 prohibited himself in the Province the sacrifico of the dogs and cats conquered the term.
The true thing is that now one kills them in slow camera.

Some of the worst zoonosis: The Slaughter (Villegas), San Fernando Departed from the Coast (Mar del Plata), Merlo.
To copy up to the infinite: Admiral Brown.
The volunteers of the centers of Zoonosis we try to achieve the freedom of these animals, by means of adoptions, systems of hearths in transit or securing of godmothers / godparents who pay his given a pension one, but this regrettably is not sufficient.

Different methods of torture carried out in these centers: a. the animals are connected and enjaulados in real mini centers of torture, where they do not have capacity of movements, in the dark and without ventilation causing incompatible disorders of conduct with the world tendency of the " animal well-being " and I contradict to our legislation.

b. the animals remain hanged persons with the cords with those who are connected until the day of his retirement or of his death c. the animals defecate and miccionan penetrate of the cage on his own body (to see in the photo the diarrhea along with the animal and how it pours the pee for the cage) d. the animals are manguereados since it is the only system that the jauleros know supposedly to clean the cages.

e. the animals stay with the wet bodies lacerated by the urine, the diarrhea and the grains of balanced food that infest in the cages f. the animals the whole day g. There are cages that have dogs along with cages that has cats. This causes severe problems of stress.

h. The animals do not receive sufficient feeding it nor waters down.

i. The animals contract all kinds of illnesses and simply, hope for his death.

This is what the State does with the animals violating systematically the Law 13879 and the Penal Law of animal Protection.

En la Prov. de Bs.As. funcionan los Centros Antirrabicos o Zoonosis (perreras) en los cuales, los animales supuestamente mordedores, son enjaulados durante 10 dias para saber si contrajeron rabia.

El decreto 4669/73 autorizaba su sacrifico si vencido el plazo de 48 horas el animal no era retirado (muchas veces el due�o no sabia dende estaba su perro) y desde noviembre de 2008, con la ley 13879 se prohibio en la Provincia el sacrifico de los perros y gatos vencido el plazo.
Lo cierto es que ahora se los mata en camara lenta.

Algunos de los peores zoonosis: La Matanza (Villegas), San Fernando, Partido de la Costa (Mar del Plata), Merlo.
Para copiar hasta el infinito: Almirante Brown.
Las voluntarias de los centros de Zoonosis intentamos lograr la libertad de estos animales, mediante adopciones, sistemas de hogares en transito u obtencion de madrinas/padrinos que abonen su pensionado, pero esto lamentablemente no es suficiente.

Distintos metodos de tortura llevados a cabo en estos centros:

a. los animales son enlazados y enjaulados en verdaderos mini centros de tortura, donde no tienen capacidad de movimientos, a oscuras y sin ventilacion ocasiones dandoles trastornos de conducta incompatibles con la tendencia mundial del bienestar animaly contrario a nuestra legislacion.

b. los animales quedan ahorcados con las sogas con las que son enlazados hasta el dia de su retiro o de su muerte

c. los animales defecan y miccionan adentro de la jaula sobre su propio cuerpo (ver en la foto la diarrea junto al animal y como chorrea el pis por la jaula)

d. los animales son manguereados ya que es el unico sistema que los jauleros conocen para supuestamente limpiar las jaulas.

e. los animales quedan con los cuerpos mojados, lacerados por la orina, la diarrea y los granos de alimento balanceado que pululan en las jaulas

f. los animales aullan todo el d�a

g. Hay jaulas que tienen perros junto a jaulas que tiene gatos. Esto les ocasiona severos problemas de estres.

h. Los animales no reciben alimentacion suficiente ni agua.

i. Los animales contraen todo tipo de enfermedades y simplemente, esperan su muerte.

Esto es lo que hace el Estado con los animales violando sistematicamente la Ley 13879 y la Ley Penal de Proteccion animal.

Fuente: La Nacion
Martes 12 de Mayo, 2009!/pages/REPUDIO-AL-ZOONOSIS-DE-LA-MATANZA-POR-MALTRATAR-ANIMALES/296228651529?v=wall

Please speak out for Keiko! - The Petition Site

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Please speak out for Keiko! - The Petition Site

Kieko, a young dog, was brought to BARC (Bureau of Animal Regulation and Care i.e. Houston's animal control) on Monday, 3/15/10. You can see a photo of her the day she was brought in. It was obvious to everyone that she had suffered severe head and eye injuries.

Despite Keikos obviously severe injuries, BARC management decided that she should wait at BARC until Friday when her stray hold period would expire. At that point she would officially belong to BARC and BARC decided that they would remove her eyes. On Friday morning, BARC vet staff operated on Keiko. This was done despite that BARC has no diagnostic tools to properly evaluate the extent of Keikos injuries, nor do they have the proper surgical equipment for this type of surgery. If BARCs services had been the only option available for Keiko, BARC might have been considered a hero for attempting to save this animal. However, this is far from the truth.

Early in the week, the rescue community offered to take Keiko from BARC to a specialist where she could get the immediate specialized care that she so obviously needed. This would have been at no cost to BARC i.e. taxpayers. BARC director, David Atencio, repeatedly refused these offers.

After hearing of BARCs refusal, the community bombarded BARC and the city of Houston with requests that Keiko be released to see a specialist. BARC did not release Keiko to rescue, but on Thursday, BARC allegedly took Keiko to a specialist who allegedly recommended that her eyes should be removed. That day, a BARC representative told a TV reporter that the specialist had offered to perform Keikos surgery free of charge. This offer was refused and Keiko was taken back to BARC where BARC staff proceeded to operate on Keiko.

BARC is a clinic of last resort i.e. when there are no other options available. BARC staff has only the most basic diagnostic tools at their disposal; they have no x-ray machines and certainly nothing more sophisticated such as an MRI or CT scanner; their microscopes are in need of repair; their surgical equipment is geared towards spays/neuters only; they do not have the ability to run complete blood panels; many of the spays / neuters are done in a former closet. In addition, after delicate surgery such as this, Keiko would have required overnight medically monitored care. BARC cannot not provide this. Yet, BARC still proceeded with the surgery to remove Keikos eyes and not surprisingly she died.

There are a lot of troubling questions surrounding BARC's care of Keiko that have never been answered. Read more here:

Had Keiko been released to rescue who could take her to a specialist the minute she entered BARC, she might have lived. A specialist might have been able to save her sight had she been evaluated at that time. However, BARCs director and veterinarians utterly and stubbornly failed this dog and we believe it cost Keiko her life. The animals welfare should be the number one concern for the staff at BARC.

It is time for leadership change. Clearly, BARC leadership is not truly interested in saving lives and humane treatment of animals. We deserve better than this. The animals that enter BARC deserve better than this.

Please demand leadership who will work hard to save all the animals at BARC.



To kill healthy pets due to lack of space is NOT acceptable but to kill healthy pets having space is CRIMINAL. It is not moral or ethical and it should be illegal.
It is outrageous that tax funded animal services / shelters make their own decisions to kill healthy and adoptable cats & dogs, some wait 3 days while others 5 and a few none; this passion to kill has compelled them to kill animals that have owners, that wear tags and that have microchips.
Do tax funded services/shelters receive more tax money when they claim to intake more animals?

We hear about atrocities being committed at animal services/shelters, such as killings in gas chambers and heart stick procedures. But also we hear about abuse of power, neglect and cruelty inflicted to the animals at the pounds/services/shelters.

The excuses in already closed court cases are: 'sorry we made a mistake and we fix the error when the technician in question was fired' or 'sorry we had mistaken your dog with the one in another cage' or 'sorry we did not realize that the pet had a chip'
Where are the laws that regulate animal pounds /services /shelters? Why are there no laws for pounds, services or shelters when their practices entail animal cruelty, abuse and neglect?
The Animal Welfare Act (Laboratory Animal Welfare Act of 1966, P.L. 89-544) is the only Federal Law for animal treatment in the United States of America. This law is meant for each State, it defines procedures with animal dealers, transportation, sales, exhibitors, as well as holding periods not to be less than 5 days to possible reunite lost pets with owners or adopters before selling pets to dealers.

THESE ARE JUST A FEW OF MANY CASES¬e_id=378276339700#!/notes/gloria-ulmer/another-case-of-borderline-animal-neglect-at-a-government-run-animal-center/378267694700¬e_id=378276339700#!/notes/gloria-ulmer/because-of-this-we-need-laws-for-animal-poundsservices-shelters/378276339700



Stop and abolish the use of gas chambers and heart stick procedures to kill animals at animal pounds/services and shelters all over the United States of America.
The states that use gas chambers to annihilate dogs and cats at pounds and shelters are: Alabama, New York (soon to be banned), Georgia (soon to be banned), Connecticut, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Massachusetts, South Carolina, Louisiana, Michigan, Utah, Texas, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Wyoming, West Virginia (banned but still being used at locations due to grandfathered laws).
The states that allow the use of heart stick procedures to kill animals are: New York (banned bill will go into effect Oct.2010), North Carolina, South Carolina, California and Maine.

On March 16th, 2010 House Representative Knox stood up for this cause and presented the Georgia House Bill 788, which passed with an overwhelming majority of 115 to 46 opposed, now it is on the Georgias Senate table. Legislators across the state of Georgia reported receiving enormous amounts of calls to ban the gas chambers.!/video/video.php?comments&v=101712093198478

At tax funded pounds/services/shelters animals are being tortured, stabbed in the heart or asphyxiated in gas chambers for them to die a gruesome death. The animals have already suffered enough by being neglected, abused, locked up and left out sick or injured to have to die in such a terrible way at tax funded animal centers.

America we need an immediate reform to stop this insanity.
We can not and should not wait until next year's legislation to request a ban to this torture. Animals are being killed everyday, over 5million in a year, under these terrible conditions!

We need to push for a compassionate and humane way to kill the unwanted sick animals, instead of the gas chambers or heart stick methods; if there is no other alternative than to kill them.

It is schocking, cruel and atrocious that these practices still exist in our country. Animals young and old are being placed in gas chambers by the hundreds to endure the most horrific and agonizing death, enduring pain and suffering while being asphyxiated. Some do not die and are placed back for a second gassing session; some suffocate in the plastic bags while being dumped at the landfills and others survive the whole ordeal and are found alive in the landfills among hundreds of the other dead cats and dogs.

The use of Heartstick euthanasia, opposed by the United States Humane Society is said to be applied when the animal is unconscious. The American Veterinary Medical Association says: "Intracardiac injection is acceptable only when performed on heavily sedated, anesthetized, dying or comatose animals, owing to the difficulty and unpredictability of performing the injection accurately." Although it is known that in practice animals have died horrific deaths, while being stabbed with a needle more than once before the syringe finds their hearts without being sedated.
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