Demand justice for horse dragged to death! - The Petition Site

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Demand justice for horse dragged to death! - The Petition Site

A horse was killed because of a callous and negligent driver who failed to realize she was dragging her horse behind her trailer. This poor horse suffered for over 2 miles! Passing motorists, swerving to avoid the horse, tried to alert the girl but she just kept driving. Finally, when she did stop, her emotionless reply was, "my horse fell out of the trailer".....
This happened on a Saturday evening and the girl just left the dead horse on the side of the road until county workers picked it up the following Monday morning!
Justice must be served and some sort of charges brought against the young woman who acted so irresponsibly. I hope you will take the time to read the attached article and sign this petition, as well as forward it along.
Thank you.

Save Wolf Mountain Sanctuary - The Petition Site

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Save Wolf Mountain Sanctuary - The Petition Site

Wolf Mountain Sanctuary rescues wolves and fosters them in a sanctuary in Southern California, as well as educating visitors about the plight of this threatened species. However, local officials recently shut down Wolf Mountain Sanctuary and demanded that the sanctuary repermit, a process this nonprofit organization cannot afford.

Even though Wolf Mountain Sanctuary complied with all regulations and held an Exhibitor License since 1987, the County of San Bernardino will not allow the organization to continue its work until it files paperwork to receive a new Exhibitor License. The sanctuary does not have the resources to repeatedly file paperwork and pay the accompanying exorbitant fees. And it shouldn't have to.

The work of Wolf Mountain Sanctuary is too valuable and unique to be abandoned with so little cause. Urge the County of San Bernardino to allow them to continue protecting wolves from extinction.

UKRAINE!~ END killing strays in your mobile furnaces! - The Petition Site

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UKRAINE!~ END killing strays in your mobile furnaces! - The Petition Site

UKRAINE...OMG....this is your SHAME!
PLEASE me, and sign and share this petition around the world.
UKRAINE...stop this barbaric cruelty immediately.
UKRAINE have mobile furnaces where stray animals are caught and then thrown ALIVE... into them!
WE THE UNDERSIGNED...URGE you the Ukranian Government, and Environmental Protection... to stop this cruelty NOW!

We, the undersigned,
are absolutely horrified to read in the newspaper the following article,about shooting and burning animals as part of preparations of Eurofoot 2012. Ukrainian authorities are now using a MOBILE Crematorium to exterminate stray animals,"
By Lisichansk goes ... mobile crematorium"

The problem of stray animals in the Luhansk region in the town Lysychansk (Eastern Ukraine) was "solved".
The local government bought a mobile crematorium for disposal of stray animals.
Mobile team of drivers and catcher have a special weapon - a gun. Harvested animals are alive cremated in the oven at 900 degrees C. Crematorium on wheels bought a town on its cost of 198,000 UAH (20,500 euros).
According to local residents dogs and cats are burning alive.
Until recently, stray animals in Lysychansk were "disposed by other way", but now the authorities resorted to the method of "more modern and environmentally thrifty". But they forgot the law on cruelty to animals.
Lysychansk is a small city with 106,000 inhabitants.
Concentration of stray animals in it is not critical and can be easily brought under control. Money spent to buy a mobile furnace from the city budget would be quite sufficient to solve the problem of stray animals through sterilization process.
Lysychansk offers a mobile crematorium in other towns and districts of the region.
Please help to stop this barbaric act of protest and send a letter to the address:

Ministry of Environmental Protection of Ukraine
Mister Movchan
35, Urytskogo Str.
03.035 YKPAIHA

Foreign Office:

Ministry of Culture and Tourism:

Ministry of Education:

ministry alive. environment:

Ministers for Family and Youth:

Ministry of Justice:

Interior Ministry Luhansk region:

end Kiev

And please, if you can send copies of your protest letters, or letters of support
Tomi Tomek & Djordjevic Elisabetta di SOS CHATS.CH. 2103 Noiraigue (Svizzera):

Stand Up for Pitbulls!Stop Ban and Condeem! - The Petition Site

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Stand Up for Pitbulls!Stop Ban and Condeem! - The Petition Site

WE the people who have signed are asking for TOUGHER laws and Hefty fines against people who Fight and Abuse Pitbulls.Pitbulls are not bad dogs and banning the breed is Wrong!Be AGAINST the people Abusing and Fighting them,Not the breed!We are asking the lawmakers to stand up and make Tough and Severe penalities against the bad owners who fight them.NO BREED IS BAD!Let's Stand up for this breed we love Before it Too late!They are fought and tortured what happening to this world when States would rather condeem the breed and ban them INSTEAD of going against the people FIGHTING and ABUSING them!!They made money on these poor dogs make them pay large fines!!Look at that man Michael Vick what he made abusing these poor dogs!!Still all States want to do is ban the breed!!That how they think to solve the problem?All they are doing is hurting the breed these horrible people will just find ways to hide the dogs then these dogs will go through even more misery.The solution is If you own a female you have to get a special permit for the dog to have more than one litter of puppies and prove you are a reputable breeder who takes care of the female and it only allowed so many litters. IF your caught fighting them your first offense should already be hefty fines and jail time.As the offenses go it should start out tough and become more SEVERE if caught again.If it is suspected you are training them to fight then that should carry a hefty fine also.There are ways to help this breed and make it where people like us who love them can feel good that we fought for them and they are able to continue to be apart of our lives.The hefty fines could pay Animal officers to set up teams to patrol and check suspicious areas known for dog fighting.We as a people need to call Animal officers if we know or suspect a dog being train to fight,or know people that are fighting them.Michael Vick would NOT of been able to hurt SO MANY of these dogs if someone had spoke up..Bottom line there a way of helping this breed instead of banning and killing them!.Through hefty fines the State could use that money to help the dogs that have been fought to try and rehibilitate them.They could raise awareness to young people on these horrible crimes against these dogs.Try and show what the dog endures.There are ways to crack down on this barbaric act.The money could be put to such great use to help these dogs.What are these States thinking?Ban a breed?What that going to do but push these bad people to hide the dogs and bring more pain to the dog?Until they are faced with prison time and hefty fines they won't stop!We who have signed are asking for Tough jail time,Hefty fines and the money to be put toward Animal Cops to be able to focus on this and have forces to work on this Important Priority.Bring better awareness to people about how these dogs suffer and be able to offer rewards to people who turn in these people or let them know they can report it Anonymously.We as a society of people who love this breed from all over the Country have got to Stand up for these dogs and say We are Tired of seeing these dogs Banned and Condeemed when they are NOTHING but INNOCENT animals who people have preyed on for the sport of money !Go AGAINST the DOG FIGHTERS!!


Make it a Felony to Fight and Abuse Pitbulls! - The Petition Site

Make it a Felony to Fight and Abuse Pitbulls! - The Petition Site

You keep hearing of another state adopting the banning of Pitbulls and we as people who love these dogs have Got to stand up for them! WHY?Because lawmakers think that the Easy way to solve the problem is just to Ban them and Condeem them!!.What happening when lawmakers would rather see a defenseless animal killed then make TOUGHER laws and Hefty fines against the people who fight them?IF ,we don't try now we may find ourselves under one of the states banning them.WE Can't sit back and not try to make lawmakers see we as a people are standing up for these breeds!We are saying ENOUGH make the ones who are abuse and fight them liable,make tough jail time and hefty fines against these people!Make it a FELONY to fight and abuse this breed!Stop condeeming and banning the breed!!!Let's stand up and use our voice to say NOMORE putting the blame on a dog that just doing what the owner has taught it to do!!Put the blame where it belongs on the people who take advantage of these precious dogs.They torture these dogs for money!!Can't you feel for the animal who has no choice but to fight for it life or die?These dogs are loving pets.They are the ones that should be protected from these people not banned or put down!If you start giving hard sentences and fines you may be able to save these dogs.Banning them all you are doing is making them suffer more at the hands of these people who will just seek ways to hide them .Stop making it easy for these people!Come down on these dog fighters and help innocent dogs.We are standing together as their voice to say ENOUGH banning and condeemning the breed go AGAINST the people fighting them!!We as people who love them are standing up for these dogs!Make it a FELONY with Severe Penalities against the bad owners!!

Loznica City Shelter ~SERBIA..STOP using shelter animals as target practise! - The Petition Site

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Loznica City Shelter ~SERBIA..STOP using shelter animals as target practise! - The Petition Site

PLEASE...join with me to voice your outrage at this BARBARIC INHUMANITY! Serbia.
Probably everyone who deals with animal welfare abroad, has heard of the atrocities towards animals in Serbia.
Dogs that are killed, hung, poisoned, buried alive and starved to death, killed by thousands, severely injured by brutal capturing methods, etc.
There are many dogs which live in this shelter.
Each month, many dogs are killed by local hunters who appear to be using them as living targets.
Members of the Serbian parliament who represent Loznica always speak against stray dogs whenever they can.
They never speak out about the irresponsible owners, who care nothing about their animals and dont get them sterilised; thus continuing to add further to the stray animal numbers when they reproduce.
These same members of the parliament ask for all stray dogs to be killed.
WE THE UNDERSIGNED CALL FOR THE SERBIAN GOVERNMENT TO STOP THIS CRUELTY NOW!...and start finding humane ways to treat your stray animals.
TELL them you protest their way of thinking and if the cruelty and handling the animals of Serbia continues.. YOU wont visit Serbia UNTIL AND UNLESS these atrocities stop. And you will tell others of Serbia's crimes against innocent animals and urge them to BOYCOTT SERBIA TOURISM as well..
When Serbian animal activists brought a criminal charge about this issue, hunter training on shelter animals was stopped for around two to three weeks.
Because the police have done nothing further and the city inspectors have not acted as a result of the charge, things appear to be going back to how they were with hunters using shelter animals as targets; a kind of canned hunting.
Public garbage firms who are responsible for the catching of stray animals throughout Serbia are given millions from the public purse. Cats and dogs are continually caught, cats are killed immediately and the dogs are thrown into so called shelters before they are taken away and killed.
Currently, the authorities of Serbia spent money on illegal killings, although this money, according to the present law, should be spend on food, sterilization, vaccination and identification of the animals would:

The "Shinters" (= stray control teams) receive 5000-10000 Dinar for each dog who they catch and kill. In contrast, the costs of the sterilization and chip implantation of an animal amount to about 3000 dinars.

With the money that is spend to catch and kill a dog, could thus sterilize and identify about three female or five male animals... .

After the uttermost brutal capturing efforts, the stray dogs are often crammed into extremely confined spaces, where they are left for days without food and water by themselves.

Because of panic, many start biting, then the hunger comes many dogs already die in this "detention time"; after a few days they will be killed. But they are not killed painless, but here again in a very brutal manner, either through the nerve toxin T 61, gas or direct violence - even the Serbian Animal Protection Law DOES NOT PERMIT THIS.

In Raca, according to Serbian animal rights activists, 1.5 million dogs have been killed to this date, which is representing 90% of the dogs that have been admitted there.

Also, dogs that have been captured are deliberately infected with viruses after their sterilization and chip implantation and set free in order to infect as many of the other dogs that are still roaming the streets.

Information and resources ---!/group.php?gid=263886988180&ref=ts


Thankyou for helping me...sincerely
Jayne 11/6/10

Forrest City Animal Shelter cruelty! ~RIP Laney & Bozo - The Petition Site


**** FORREST CITY ANIMAL SHELTER ARKANSAS ...needs investigating.
Two deaths have occurred recently...Two preventable deaths..!
RIP dear little sweet puppy LANEY (pictured) whose death can be attributed to.. being denied basic Vet care when it was needed most, and Bozo who was mauled to his death on MAY 30th 2010..xoxo

WE the undersigned call Police Chief Dwight Duch to thoroughly and fairly investigate these incidents...with a view to animal felony prosecutions of staff found negligent in their duty of care to these shelter dogs.
This shelter needs new management and reform..otherwise other innocent animals will be dying there too. How many more will you let die at this cruel place sir? the right thing.

1/ An innocent little puppy called LANEY came into the Forrest City Animal Shelter..this pup had a skin problem..but she was denied early Vet care..which obviously she badly needed.
This sweet pup died of issues caused by her skin problem and subsequent secondary causes of starvation and dehydration.
HOW LONG had Laney been without food or water? Was she that sick and weak, that she couldnt tolerate food/ fluids?
Little Laney was so thin at the could count her ribs.
When she finally did get seen by the Emergency Vet was too late..she had already started throwing up blood...and then sadly lost her life..:((
**( see for yourselves..the poor innocent face of Laney..links below)!/video/video.php?v=580931621786&ref=mf
2/ This shelter has a history of cruelty.. this incident is the latest. On MAY 30 2010...a horrific incident occurred at the shelter After Hours. A DOGFIGHT that should never have happened. What were the AC Officers thinking? WHO is accountable? WARNING... video is graphic.

WATCH THE VIDEO filmed May 31st 2010.

WE the undersigned call Police Chief Dwight Duch to thoroughly and fairly investigate this incident.
An innocent Labrador... gentle Bozo was mauled so badly that he died. Other dogs were badly hurt.
The DOGFIGHT that staff caused through their cruelty and negligent behaviour needs punishment.
14 dogs were left together for 10 long hours, in a hot cage, with little water on MAY 30th 2010..5 were males, 9 were females ( 2 of which were in heat)..a DOGFIGHT ensued..a tragically brutal one.
BOZO..the gentle Labrador...fought for his life for 10 long hours. His injuries were very severe...WHY DID THEY DO THIS to these poor animals?

Roy Hamilton ...Chief AC Officer and his staff that were on duty and responsible for causing the DOGFIGHT on MAY 30TH 2010 need to be sacked AND **most importantly face animal felony charges.

Here is my petition for poor BOZO...please sign if you havent already...thankyou...Jayne
Here is Bozo's page on FB.. please visit and support.

Make animal abuse laws more strict & enforce!! - The Petition Site

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Make animal abuse laws more strict & enforce!! - The Petition Site

The Animal Legal Defense Fund released its fourth annual reportabout animal abuse. The report ranks the strength of animal protection laws in every state and U.S. territory.

This year the five states with the least amount of protection for animals are: Hawaii, Idaho, Kentucky, Mississippi, and North Dakota. Kentucky ranked as the number one worst state in the nation - where animal abusers received the lightest convictions.

The top five states with the most stringent sentencing for abusers and the toughest laws to protect animals were: Illinois, Maine, Michigan, Oregon and California.

Stephen Otto, Animal Legal Defense Funddirector of legislative affairs, was pleased with the progress that a number of states have made in 2009. %u201CMany states and territories are continuing to make substantial progress with their animal protection laws. Arkansas, for example, was one of the worst five states last year, but jumped up to 25th overall in the country this year, due to a host of statutory improvements,%u201D Otto said.
Let's make them step up 2 the plate & make these changes & enforce them strictly!! We are their voice!!


Young puppy brutally murdered on golf course - The Petition Site

Young puppy brutally murdered on golf course - The Petition Site

A puppy is dead after being beaten to death at a Baltimore golf course on Saturday.
Officials say golfers at Carroll Park Golf Course saw a group of kids beating a pit bull puppy and chased them away.
They tried rushing the animal to a vet, but the puppy died when they were en route.
The golfers returned back to the golf course where Animal Control was called to pick up the puppy.
Officials say they believe the animal, which was not even eight weeks old, was beaten with a stick.
The incident is under investigation.
The puppy is being sent out for an autopsy Monday. Anyone with any information is asked to call Animal Control at 410-0396-4688.

If you have information on this case, please contact:
Animal Control

Please help find the killers of this innocent puppy.

Oreo’s Law WILL “die” without your calls and letters! – we NEED YOUR HELP!


On Tuesday, Oreo’s Law will be voted on by the New York State (NYS) Assembly Agriculture Committee. But it is not likely to pass without a large showing of community support between now and then. That is because the Committee Chairman is recommending a “hold,” the equivalent of being tabled, which would mean Oreo’s Law would die in committee, despite the fact that it has legislative cosponsors across the state and supporters outnumber the opposition.
If Oreo’s Law is defeated, thousands upon thousands of cats, kittens, dogs, puppies, rabbits, and other animals will continue to be needlessly killed in NYS shelters every year—animals Oreo’s Law has the power to save.
A statewide survey of NYS rescue groups found that over 70% were being turned away because the shelters were hostile to rescue groups, and then those shelters turned around and killed the very animals the rescuers were willing to save. Shelter directors across New York State are arbitrarily turning away qualified rescue groups because they are hostile to rescue and arbitrarily refuse to work with them. We have experienced this time and time again, right here in Orange County, in our own backyard. Time and again we offer to take in animals that other local shelters are about to kill and they turn us away and laugh about it. THIS HAS TO STOP!
Why should animals across New York State be killed even though rescue groups have offered to save these animals? Today, those animals are ending up in landfills, when they should be going to rescue groups where they will be cared for at no cost to taxpayers until a permanent and loving home can be found. Oreo’s Law would give NYS shelter animals that future. The law would make it illegal for a shelter to kill an animal if a qualified rescue group is willing to save that animal’s life. Oreo’s Law was written with the assistance of the nation’s top animal lawyers, the nation’s most successful former and current shelter directors, and those who have actually created successful No Kill communities (which neither the ASPCA nor Mayor’s Alliance, Oreo’s Law chief opponents, have been able to do despite hundreds of millions of dollars in combined annual revenues).
It saves lives and it saves money.
And it protects against hoarders, abusers, and dog fighters.
So the animals need you. They need the voice of the people, every day animal lovers, and rescuers to speak for them. They need you to call committee members and urge them to vote “Yes.” Because they don’t have anyone else and only an overwhelming show of support can save Oreo’s Law from defeat and the animals from certain death.

WITHOUT YOU MAKING THESE CALLS AND SENDING THESE EMAILS – OREO’S LAW is dead – just like Oreo is today, even though Pets Alive offered to give her sanctuary.

Tragically, right doesn’t always defeat might. Sometimes the animals don’t win. Sometimes they continue to get killed despite a readily available lifesaving and rescue alternative. Sometimes a feral kitten who a rescue group is willing to socialize and place in a loving home will instead get injected with poison from a bottle marked “fatal plus” and then dumped in a landfill. Sometimes a puppy who can go to rescue and be guaranteed a home will be killed instead. Sometimes a person who kills an abused dog a rescue group was willing to save gets away with murder. For their sake, please do not let this be one of those times. This may be the best chance we have as a generation to make a PURPOSEFUL POSITIVE impact for animals! We can change the world here folks – please. Help. This is critical. Time is of the essence. Don’t think about it – take a few moments to send an email or make a call.
Please call (all the assembly phone numbers can be found here: and e-mail the NYS Assembly Agriculture Committee members today.
Because without you, the animals don’t stand a chance.
Step up.
Let Oreo know she didn’t die in vain – that SOMETHING good will come of her death. SOMETHING positive, something that will save the lives of thousands of other animals.

(Thank you to Nathan Winograd for putting much of this together!)
Email addresses (cut and paste this into your “TO” window):,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


Convert Fairfax VA into a NO-KILL County - The Petition Site

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Convert Fairfax VA into a NO-KILL County - The Petition Site

In just 22 Shelter days, an innocent dog was senselessly destroyed. He is one of over 20,000 that will be heartlessly euthanized this year in Fairfax County.

On the sunny evening of May 2nd, a dog jumped out of the bushes on
Americana Drive and started chasing my car. I swerved to avoid him. I
turned my car around. He chased other cars as if looking for his ride.
I distracted him so I could get him out of traffic. He came up to my
door and whined as if he knew me. He drank water out of my water
bottle and rested in the air-conditioned back seat of my car.

I turned him over to the Fairfax County Animal Shelter with the trust
he would be reunited with his owner. Instead, they killed him, just 22
days later.

I posted his picture on FaceBook and Craig's List, trying to find a
foster home for him. I named him Rin Tin Tin, after a famous TV canine hero.

I am writing to ask you to
save the lives of animals in Fairfax County. I was betrayed when I acted as a responsible citizen by the
Fairfax County Animal Shelter who destroyed this dog I turned over to
them for safekeeping. Instead, they destroyed him and found him to be
unfit as a pet. This dog never harmed anyone. He was lost in my
neighborhood, chasing cars. He drank water out of my hand and
willingly jumped into the back seat of my air-conditioned car where we
shared close quarters without any aggression on his part. I asked the
Shelter to give me first chance at adoption or another shelter, but
instead, Karen Diverney, Shelter Director, informed me that he failed
a so called "temperament test" and therefore she decided he was unfit.
She refused to adopt him to me or anyone else.

In fact, a common test advocated by the test inventor, Sternberg is to
give a dog a highly regarded treat such as cat food or hot dogs, and
then use a fake rubber hand to take the food away. If a dog growls at
the hand, he is deemed aggressive and killed. In reality, many dogs
who are not aggressive fear the fake rubber hands. Moreover, stray
dogs may enter shelters underweight because they have not been eating
regularly. Giving these dogs food and then taking it immediately away
is setting such dogs up for failure. Hunger is not aggression, but
shelters use it as an excuse to kill otherwise friendly dogs. In any
case, Rin Tin Tin passed my temperament test and I was willing to find
him a suitable home. 80% of dogs fail this test.

I protested and she told me that the dog was the county property and
that they are part of the police department. I said I wanted to adopt
the dog or find a worthy shelter. She refused. When I submitted Rin Tin Tin, I said I wanted first rights of decision and to find an alternate home, even my own, should his owners not reveal themselves. I had written to her
and had called repeatedly to voice my concern for the dog and desire
to provide an alternative shelter or foster care, or to foster him
myself. How is it that my tax dollars support this shelter and yet
they refused my help at my own expense?

Now hearts are breaking everywhere. Mine, as I will be forever haunted
by this dear dog's uncalled-for demise. His owners too, wherever they
are, will never know his fate and are mourning as any of us who love
dogs would mourn. Perhaps a soldier was suddenly deployed to
Afghanistan. An immigrant family traveled through and didn't know the
language or American customs like shelters or the websites they use.
Perhaps he jumped out of a car and ran a long way, far from his home.
His owner could be a senior citizen, or someone who died suddenly.

Please help. The Fairfax County Animals Shelter is run by the police
department and using temperament testing, which was once banned from
the shelter but has now been reintroduced. This assures that 80% of
all animals will fail. The shelter should not be run like death row.
It should be a place of refuge, not annihilation. Citizens and dog
lovers must raise their voices as I am in protest of Temperament
Testing. The Shelter should not be run by police. Please help the lost
and stray animals of Fairfax county live long and happy lives. Make Fairfax County a No-Kill County. With the multiple shelters and rescuers using their private funds to assure good lives for animals who would be pets, there is no reason to squander our tax dollars on killing drugs and death.

We are all the creation of Great Spirit, God, or whomever you call the higher power. As a created beings we are all equal. It is our charter as humankind to be stewards just as Adam and Eve were in the original garden. Let the legacy of this decade in Fairfax County be one of life-sustaining, not life taking.

Help Get Sows Out of Stalls | Take Action | Animals Australia

Help Get Sows Out of Stalls | Take Action | Animals Australia

Help Get Sows Out of Stalls

Australia's Largest Piggery Set to Ban Sow Stalls ... in 2017

Pregnant sows in Australia can legally be confined for their entire 4 month pregnancy in a sow stall -- a tiny concrete and metal crate inside which they are so restricted that they cannot even turn around. For the first time hope is on the horizon with Australia's largest piggery committing to get rid of sow stalls by 2017.

In a significant and positive development, Rivalea, Australia's largest piggery operator has announced on its website that it will phase out sow stalls by 2017. The pig industry has been closely monitoring Animals Australia's public awareness campaigns, knowing that more and more consumers are becoming aware, and appalled by the tragic lives endured by mother pigs in factory farms.
This decision by Rivalea as the largest piggery in Australia sets a strong precedent and will improve the lives of some 50,000 breeding pigs. However, 2017 is much too far away for those pigs who are suffering in sow stalls right now! With further encouragement, Rivalea may bring forward this phase-out date, especially since they state that 2/3rds of their pigs already spend all or most of their pregnancy in group housing.
Rivalea states in its animal welfare policy: 'Care for every pig, every day'. To make this a reality, Rivalea also needs to commit to the use of pain relief if performing surgical procedures on piglets, such a tail docking and teeth cutting, and to ensure that all pigs in their care have quality of life and the ability to perform natural behaviours.
Rivalea is beginning to respond to the growing community concern about factory farming. Please spare a moment to urge them to act quickly to eliminate the worst abuses inflicted on pigs in factory farms

END the MASS Joplin Shelter Missouri - The Petition Site

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END the MASS Joplin Shelter Missouri - The Petition Site

OMG......MISSOURI USA...what a shameful state!.
What a name you have yourselves worldwide "PUPPY MILL CAPITAL OF THE US". No wonder the pet overpopulation crisis is what it is.
SHAME ON YOU...these puppy mills..places of cruelty and misery need to close..NOW!
The US State of Missouri has many animal shelters.
Many rural areas of Missouri have little to no foot traffic, and no websites to advertise animals in dire need of homes.
Especially GRANBY SHELTER...where they have only a few kennels, and when they are full..if 1 dog comes in..a pup is PTS.
Chalice works hard

This petition is to highlight the incredible number..OMG...MASSES !!! of innocent loving animals that are ending up at the JOPLIN ANIMAL ADOPTION SHELTER.
Many, many people are upset by this CRUEL method of euthanasia, which is completely understandable, but please be respectful when dealing with the shelter as the employees are very nice/ and rescue friendly and want to help get as many animals out as is possible.
PLEASE PLEASE...look at the faces of these animals..HOW SAD..:((
THIS PETITION is to urge the instigate a MORE HUMANE practise of euthanasia at this shelter. GASSING is CRUEL and is NOT the humane and kind way to "deal"with these masses of poor dumped / abandoned and unwanted animals that end up here.
IF ADOPTIONS AND RESCUES arent viable for all these animals at the shelter...
WE WANT the EBI ( euthanasia by injection) method used -until a better solution is found to end the Missouri animal overpopulation issue ..stemming mainly from the puppy mills.
SAY NO...NO MORE heartless and cruel GASSING at Joplin.
**All these dogs at the Joplin, MO shelter...are in VERY grave danger.
In the month of MAY, the shelter received 1,020 animals.
Currently at time of writing JUNE 9TH 2010, there have already been over 300 animals brought in. This is an awful tragedy..something needs to be done asap.

Important CONTACT info you need to know:
►501c3 RESCUES can contact Lysa Buehler at (ONLY RESCUES may use this email address)
►PRIVATE ADOPTERS please contact the shelter at (417-623-3642)

**Note from the shelter manager:
We need these dogs pulled ASAP. The local boarding kennel is full and we just cant hold pending dogs at the shelter for days. If you e-mail and confirm a dog or puppies, please have a plan in motion to get the dogs. We do not have people who transport. We ask $10 to cover the cost of the distemper combo, bordatella and deworming. Health certs with Rabies vaccine are $20, but we prefer that you get the health cert as we will have to drive the dogs to a vet; we have no vet on staff. After the Holiday, boarding MAY be available at Golden Paws for $8 day. You will ned to contact them to pay the boarding fee...they are a HUGE help to us and we want to keep this happy arrangement going!

Here is the complete photo album:

Let the Mayor and council members know how you feel about this MASS GASSING of innocent animals.

End Fox/Coyote Penning in Florida - The Petition Site

End Fox/Coyote Penning in Florida - The Petition Site

This is currently legal in Florida and other Southeastern states...It's called "training". Coyotes and foxes are caught by the heavy steel jaws of a leghold trap and suffer excruciating pain and terror, then the animal is removed from the trap and packed into a cramped cage with other injured animals. The animals are routinely sold and transported across state lines to operators of pens. Untreated for their injuries, the coyotes and foxes are released into an enclosure.

In the pens, packs of hound dogs are released to pursue the animals. Exposure to repeated, prolonged and unavoidable pursuit result in stress for the coyotes and foxes. Death is another possibility, even with the presence of escape shelters. The penned coyotes and foxes often meet a cruel end when torn apart by packs of dogs.
This is Not's a disguise for Dog Fighting...for the entertainment of sicko rednecks who enjoy this bloodletting. Please sign this petition and it will be given to the FFWC at the June 23rd meeting in Lake Mary.
Check out this website for more info:

PUBLIC ADOPTIONS for:Springfield Missouri Animal Shelter - The Petition Site

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PUBLIC ADOPTIONS for:Springfield Missouri Animal Shelter - The Petition Site


This shelter has a very HIGH KILL rate ..up to rate of 50-80 animals are euthanised...KILLED there...EVERY WEEK.
This shelter uses the HEARTSTICK method to KILL the animals.
This Euthanasia practise is cruel and inhumane, and many other shelters have ceased this practise..WHY CANT SPRINGFIELD do the same?
This HIGH KILL shelter shows only 40 dogs on their database, but this is only half of what is there.

Here is a link to the database of current dogs/cats in need:

Information on this shelter:
Owner surrenders can be killed within 24 hours after they are brought in. They have NO TIME. Strays are held for five days and then are killed (however sometimes they may get a little more time).

Springfield MO AC - No PUBLIC adoptions- either reclaims or rescue else they are killed.
We do not facilitate individual adoptions at this shelter. Animals that are not claimed from the animal shelter by their owner within five days may be eligible for adoption by qualified animal rescue groups.
Individuals who are interested in adopting an animal from the Animal Shelter should contact these such groups: ( as listed on the bottom of this page).

WE URGE Governor J Nixon to investigate the HIGH KILL rate at this shelter, and establish changes so that the general public may go to this shelter with the view to PUBLICALLY ADOPT a shelter animal.
WE REQUEST THAT SPRINGFIELD ANIMAL CONTROL SHELTER Missouri.. becomes a more humane shelter..with a view to becoming NO KILL in the near future.

**some of the rescues approved by the shelter.
Half-Way Home,
Latichia Duffy

Southwest Missouri Humane Society, Lesly Thurman, 417-833-2526

Boxer/Schnauzer Rescue of The Ozarks, Jennifer Kimberlin, 417-988-4441

Western Missouri Basset, Christine Bly

All Creatures, Angela Walker, 417-345-5002

Mostly Mutts, Kelly Pavlock

American Brittany Rescue, 1-866-brit911
THE FEATURED PICTURE for my petition is of a little shelter dog who didnt have a name ( just a number)..until one of my sweet friends Miriam gave him the name BROWNIE...

when she spotted this poor little dog in his lonely pen...on a visit to the shelter he was at.
BROWNIE ..died in pain, all alone one night a few months ago..
BROWNIE an innocent face of the Shelter system in the USA.
BROWNIE..didnt get the care he needed..can you see his red eye..he also had lumps and bruising on his head. He suffered for a week like this.
Shelter dogs..dont always get the Vet treatment that they should..due to costing, and actual shelter staff neglectful cruel attitudes.
RIP BROWNIE...running pain free and happy now in the RAINBOW BRIDGE...we love you Jayne and Miriam xoxo

Call for: NATIONAL AGENCY to oversee Animal Shelters in the USA - The Petition Site

Call for: NATIONAL AGENCY to oversee Animal Shelters in the USA - The Petition Site

Millions of animals each year make their way through the doors of America's animal shelters.
Approximately 5,000 animal shelters operate in the United States. They are nonprofit agencies. Some of them are run by local governments' animal contro­l services and others act as completely independent entities.

HOWEVER...There isn't a NATIONAL AGENCY that oversees animal shelters; the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and other nonprofit organizations that are devoted to animal welfare provide the funding and guidelines to help animal shelters operate effectively.

WE CALL for a NATIONAL AGENCY to be established to oversee all Animal Shelters , and make sure that they all comply with regulations and Humane guidelines.

ANIMAL SHELTERS.. its important to define the difference between these two types of shelters. A municipal shelter is run by a city, county, or other public entity and is funded by taxpayer dollars. Such shelters are staffed by civil servants who may or may not have any experience working with animals. The shelters fall under the auspices of governmental departments such as streets and sanitation, road maintenance, and the like. Their primary job, as defined in municipal codes, is to pick up stray and nuisance animals and reunite lost animals with their owners. Often, a municipal shelter must take in any unwanted animal that is brought in.
A private shelter is funded by private donations and is there to provide a safe haven for lost or displaced animals. Its primary job is to find homes for these animals. This type of facility is staffed by employees and volunteers who, at least theoretically, are knowledgeable about caring for these animals.
PLEASE SUPPORT the making of a NATIONAL AGENCY a regulatory body..that all the shelters must answer to.
This all comes about due to recent horrific staff abuse and cruelty at Forrest City Animal Control Shelter in Arkansas USA...the dogfight which was allowed to occur ..SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN.
These shelters need to be accountable for their actions.
**WATCH THE HORRIFIC CRUELTY VIDEO on my petitions link.

PLEASE FIND MY 2 PETITIONS that ive created.
PLEASE sign and share to all animal lovers.


2/ New Management and REFORM for: Forrest City Animal Shelter...
PETITIONS created by Jayne Cvetanoski!/pages/JUSTICE-for-BOZO-and-all-animals-dying-through-SHELTER-negligence/127428563948780?ref=ts

New Management and REFORM for: Forrest City Animal Shelter - The Petition Site

New Management and REFORM for: Forrest City Animal Shelter - The Petition Site

** WE ASK THE GOVERNOR Mike Beebe to call for an enquiry into this animal shelters practises..and bring to justice anyone found guilty of negligence...surrounding the DOGFIGHT on MAY 30TH this shelter.
Governor Beebe please insist and oversee the reform and new Management of this Shelter ASAP.
Roy Hamilton...Chief AC Officer needs to resign asap.

BOZO the Labrador died in this cruel DOGFIGHT.
A dogfight that NEVER would have happened if AC Officers were not negligent in their duty of care towards these poor dogs.
This Animal Shelter has a sad history of animal cruelty and abuse.
The most recent being the happenings that occurred over the weekend..MAY 30/ 31ST 2010.
FORREST CITY ANIMAL SHELTER...needs investigating.
This shelter has a history of cruelty..this incident is the latest.
On MAY 30 ..a horrific incident occurred at the shelter After Hours.
A DOGFIGHT that should never have happened.
A gentle Labrador called Bozo was mauled so badly it led to his death, and several other dogs were badly bitten and are in Vet care. and info is graphic.
WATCH THE VIDEO filmed May 31st 2010.

The AC Officers on duty this day MAY 30TH 2010...need to be very ashamed of what they did.
SO...what did they do?
14 dogs were caged together on a very hot afternoon.
Little to no water was provided.
The 14 dogs included ..5 males and 9 females ( 2 of which were in heat).
WHY did these shelter staff put these animals all in together?
ANYONE with half a brain would know that the males would fight for the females in heat.
The DOGFIGHT that ensued all afternoon..was heard far and wide in the surrounding area.
One person..even fired off his try and stem the fight.
The absolute horror that was found in the shelter..when volunteers got there to see what was going one they'll NEVER forget.
To her horror, the volunteer discovered several of the dogs were brutally fighting each other outside. The scene was a blood bath, with several dogs lying on the ground injured, unable to move, and worse, one poor, gentle dog BOZO a Labrador ..was being dragged around by several other dogs. Blood was everywhere: walls, fence and gate, even dog houses were smeared in blood where some of dogs had tried to escape the fighting.

While the Humane Society members worked throughout the night trying to save the lives of the dogs whose bodies had been ripped apart, the Animal Control employees allegedly stood outside laughing and smoking.

Here is my petition for poor BOZO...please sign if you havent already.
Here is Bozo's page on FB.. please visit and support.

Thankyou all Jayne
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