A 5 minute video to comemorate the life of Pit Pony "Bob"

Meet Susie

Help her to end animal abuse in N.C. by supporting “Susie’s Law”.

In August 2009, a puppy was set on fire and left to die. Luckily, this small puppy was found in a local Greensboro park nearly 2 weeks after the incident. Although near death with second and third-degree burns on over 60 percent of her body, a broken jaw and teeth, and covered in over 300 maggots, this small puppy had a will to survive. “Susie” recovered thanks to the the Guilford County Animal Shelter and soon captured the hearts of people all over the country. Susie is now living a happy, full life with her adopted mommy, Donna Lawrence. Together, Donna and Susie are spreading a message of hope, faith and forgiveness

What is Susie`s law?
Sentencing guidelines in North Carolina for felony cruelty to animals currently mandate probation for first-time offenders. Susie’s Law would reclassify the crime as a Class F felony and give judges the option to send convicted offenders to jail.
If the bill passes, Susie’s Law could take effect across North Carolina as early as January 2011.

An act that human should get a lesson from...

The following accident happened in the city of Antalya in Turkey..

The male cat did not leave his wife for 2 hours and kept on doing an act similar to heart massage.. And he was also checking her breath.. The vet arrived after a while and he did not also believed that cat would do that. The male did not let anyone approach to her...


Shocking case of neglect to 3 yr-old German Shepherd named Courage, who is now fighting for his life

Shock, horror, disbelief, and resounding dismay over the condition of a 3 yr-old German shepherd recently named Courage.

On April 7, the German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County received an urgent call from a good samaritan who had secured a 3 yr-old German shepherd from a neglectful situation. Neglectful does not even begin to describe the horrifying condition of this dog.

Courage was chained in a back yard - completely and utterly forgotten by his owners. Judging by his horrific condition, the vet staff that is treating Courage estimates that the 37 lb dog had been without food OR water for 5 to 6 long, torturous weeks.

Mind you, 37 lbs on a 3 yr-old male German shepherd who should weigh in between 75-80 lbs. He is literally skin and bones. His fat depleted, his muscles wasted, his body nearly dysfunctional as a result of the starvation.

When the good samaritan first saw Courage, he was lying flat on the ground, eyes open, barely breathing, and looking lifeless. The only sound from Courage? An eerie whine signifying his pain and misery. So weak was Courage that the woman who rescued him did not think that the dog would live long enough to make it to the emergency vet clinic.

Defying odds and a testament to this dogs amazing courage and will to live, Courage did make it to the clinic. The team of doctors immediately gave Courage fluids and plasma and took x-rays that revealed a GI tract impacted with fecal matter that had failed to leave his body when his system had shut down.

With the aid of morphine for the pain, the doctors were able to flush the waste from Courage's body - it was at this time that they discovered that the impacted material was soil - Courage had literally been sustaining himself on dirt.

Courage is currently on a special intestinal diet and thus far, has managed to keep his foods down. According to a rescue volunteer that I spoke with today, his prognosis is guarded. Though responding well to his treatment so far, he has a long, precarious road ahead.

Courage has lost so much muscle that he is unable to hold his head up without assistance. He is unable to stand, so he receives massages to help stimulate his circulation. It is too soon to know if the weeks without food and water took a toll on his kidneys or heart.

But in the meantime, this amazing dog is doing his best to beat the odds with the help of some supportive, caring individuals who are cheering him on. Courage is in a public area of the vet clinic that he is being treated at. Volunteers are able to sit with him, pet him, and let him know that for the first time in his life, he is loved and cared for.

The German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County is willing to do what it takes to get Courage the care that he needs. After the misery that this dog has endured, how could they possibly do anything less?

However, his medical expenses are going to be high - expenses hitting a rescue that was just slammed by high veterinary expenses incurred from treating 2 puppies who had Parvo.

Individuals who have been touched by Courage's story are encouraged to make a donation to the German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County. Donations can be directly at the rescue's website via PayPal and are tax deductible (the rescue is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization).

Courage has lived through unimaginable circumstances and his will to survive is inspiring. Please circulate this article and help the rescue who has stepped up to assist Courage on his road to recovery.

If you have one dollar to donate, or if you have $100.00 to donate, please do so. It is time that this dog was touched by the kindness of others.

Of special note on this story - so many people have expressed utter dismay that a dog could be chained and forgotten; especially to the extent that Courage was. Almost any other situation would have been preferable to what his owners put him through - he was a prisoner with no chance for survival.

If you are ever in a situation where you can not care for your pet, take him or her to a shelter. Even if you are concerned that he/she might be euthanized, it is a better alternative than dying a slow, miserable death on the end of a chain.

If you are a friend, neighbor or co-worker to anyone that you suspect (or know) to be neglecting or abusing their dog (or other pet), please report them as soon as possible. It is shocking that no one stepped up to help Courage before he reached the dismal physical condition that he was found in.

Please take a moment and share this article with others. Courage's story is mind-boggling, to say the least. Everyone who loves dogs should see it. If you are able to contribute to Courage's recovery, please do. He has faced one of the worst forms of cruelty.

To the good samaritan that secured Courage and brought him to the emergency vet clinic, thank you. To the rescue that is currently sponsoring his care and offering him emotional support and love - you are amazing.

Examiner Note: I was told that the people who did this to Courage released him to the good samaritan on the condition that their identity would not be revealed. At the time, the individual agreed to the stipulation because it was in the best interest of the dog. The rescue does not know who did this to Courage. May they never own another living being.

Update on Courage 3 yr old German Shepherd rescued from starvation

When the good samaritan first saw Courage, he was lying flat on the ground, eyes open, barely breathing, and looking lifeless. The only sound from Courage? An eerie whine signifying his pain and misery. So weak was Courage that the woman who rescued him did not think that the dog would live long enough to make it to the emergency vet clinic.

Garden Grove, CA - KTLA has just posted a video clip of Courage, recovering from starvation, at the Community Veterinary Hospital in Garden Grove, CA.

Courage has gained an enormous following of dedicated animal lovers who want to see him back up on his feet. Miraculously, he is getting closer with each passing day.

Courage was able to stand with assistance today. He still has round-the-clock care, frequent feedings and constant companionship by supporters who do not want Courage to feel a moment of abandonment.

Take a moment to watch the video clip. You will be shocked by the severity of Courage's condition, but warmed by his bright, warm eyes, and his vocal communication. His heart and will are readily apparent; his sweet disposition easy to see.

Courage update: Officials have suspect in sight


A boy of 20 years was killed in an Internet café here in Curitiba. Shortly after, his dog came and lay beside her until the body was taken to the morgue. He was your friend for life and was not at the time of his death that the dog would leave helpless, as they followed him throughout life.

Meanwhile, dozens of dogs that have dog companions to their owners are abandoned in the street and petshops that owners can enjoy a week at the beach.

Never leave the one that will not ever leave.

C√£opanheiro from Joao Frigerio on Vimeo.


On March 26th Dobromir Donchev from Drianovo,Bulgaria found Mima lying crippled near his home. All four paws of the 5-years -old female dog were axed. Donchev took Mima to the vet immediately where she was stabilised. Nevertheless Mima will be most probably put to sleep. Her paws were cut in such a barberic way that it is almost impossible to be replaced.
Mima's owner is sure the crime was done by a neighbour because of an old fight.

Bomb Sniffing Dog Awarded Dickin Medal,

The highest award for animal bravery in military or civil defense service, the Dickin Medal, was recently bestowed upon Treo, an eight-year-old Labrador Retriever by The Queen's cousin, Princess Alexandra.

Israeli Student Helps Disabled Dog

Two-limbed Israeli dog Hoppa has a very good reason to be happy. An advanced prosthesis provides a useful substitute to his missing front limbs, allowing him to lead a more normal life.

From Service Dog to SURFice Dog - Inspirational Video
This is Surf dog Ricochet's journey from birth, to service dog training, to dog surfing, to surfing tandem with quadriplegic surfer, Patrick Ivison, to fundraising for charitable causes

Gucci, dog that survived torture and inspired tougher animal cruelty laws in Alabama, dies at 16

MOBILE, Ala. — A dog who was severely burned as a puppy in a case that drew worldwide attention and led to tougher animal cruelty laws in Alabama has died.

Doug James rescued the dog named Gucci after it was hung by the neck, tortured and set on fire by a group of youths in 1994. James said the 16-year-old chow-husky mix had been in declining health in the past few months and was euthanized on Wednesday.

Crowd gathers to bid farewell to Gucci
Victim of animal cruelty remembered, celebrated
Joseph - Beautiful Dog, Cruelly Neglected And Abandonded
Neglected Chinese Sharpei Dog with Mange saved from Death
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