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Thursday, 4 December 2008

By signing this petition, you'll be helping to put an end to this horrific "sport" which is now officially illegal in Pakistan.What's the description of this "sport"?A defenseless and frightened cub is pulled out into a ring. He is tied down as dogs are goaded to maul him. He's defenseless because as a cub he suffered the trauma of having his teeth being pulled out. He has only his weight in his favor, but that is no protection against the tearing jaws of up to six fresh pairs of dogs at each event. After each fight, he is left untended under the scorching sun. He overheats in his thick winter coat, adding to his misery and sapping his strength. Between events, his life is spent tethered on the short chain through his nose, so every movement hurts his sensitive nostrils. He could be chronically ill because his poor diet lacks the nutrients his injured body needs to heal. The victims of bear baiting suffer terribly. Bears are always injured, while dogs can be maimed or crushed as the bear fights for his life.In Pakistan, this sport is officially illegal, as is capturing bears and keeping them. Please sign this petition to help save these innocent animals who deserve better than this torture! I speak for the dogs that are put in danger as well. This is just sickening, and it has to stop.



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