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Wednesday, 13 January 2010
Stop Wolf Hunting in Bosnia & Herzegovina - The Petition Site

1780 wolves were hunted and killed in the period of ten years.

There is no law that protects these species

There is uncontrolable hunting

People from neighboring countries (e.g. Slovenia) come to Bosnia to hunt.

Poachers use snipers, automatic rifles and mines.

Bosnia and Herzegovina continues to keep the old, bad habit, which is organized mass hunt that are announced as the cultural happenings in the local media. These shameful murderous actions on all the big animals that are under protection in neighboring countries, in Bosnia and Herzegovina has become a weekend fun where perpetrators from all structures of society participate and invite guests from abroad to hunt.

During past winters, in Banja Luka, it was possible to see the horrific scene as if from some other ancient, time, wild west. This poignant scene was observed in public, because it caused horror, indignation and condemnation of many inhabitants of the city. Driving through town with a crucified wolf in the front of the off-road vehicle a "brave" hunter was showing off the latest "trophy".

Latest statistical data available show that in the period 1998-2008, 1780 wolves were hunted down in Bosnia&Herzegovina. The wolf population has decreased by 30%.

Given that the wolf is strictly protected species in EU countries and that is protected in the countries around Bosnia, we hope that B&H will soon approach a serious analysis to the state. Such an analysis would have shown that the endangered species even from afar does not threaten the man and his property in so far as to show the institutions in charge to take care of wild animal species in B&H. The wolf is one of the victims of flat and bad estimate and we hope that the responsible institutions will decide on the protection of the wolf before it is too late for this fascinating animal species.


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