Stop Animal Testing for Cosmetics - The Petition Site

Friday, 21 January 2011
Stop Animal Testing for Cosmetics - The Petition Site

A ban on all animal testing for cosmetics is due to come into effect in March 2013 within the European Union. The European Commission now wants to delay the ban, which means that animals will continue to be blinded, scalded, poisoned, choked and killed in order to test cosmetic products.

This unnecessary cruelty cannot be allowed to continue. In addition, animal experiments are not predictive for the human species, while substitutive tests are scientifically reliable, faster and relevant with respect to human health.

Please sign this petition asking the European Commission to abide by the 2013 deadline and to support substitutive methods by all means. Animal tests must be replaced with in vitro, in silico and -omics technologies using human material.

* Anti-Vivisection Coalition (France-Italy): Animalisti Italiani, Antidote Europe, ACL Onlus, CAV France, Chiliamacisegua, Ceda Onlus, Com. Scientifico Equivita, Fond. Hans Ruesch, Gaia Italia, GeaPress, Gruppo Bailador, LEAL, Sosanimali, U.N.A.



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