Free Kral- Beautiful Dog Caged in Istanbul

Wednesday, 13 April 2011
Free Kral- Beautiful Dog Caged in Istanbul

  • Target: MURAT ARSLAN: head of the Istanbul Veterinary Association
  • Sponsored by: Let's Adopt!
This is Kral, a wonderful turkish dog that has been living trapped in a cage at a vet clinic in Istanbul. Kral, a stray dog living in the city of Yalova found himself lying on the floor, bleeding. He had been shot in the back by a policeman.

The dog was rescued by a man, Ismail, who rushed him to the clinic. Unfortunately, Kral would remain paralyzed for life. Ismail didnt know what to do with the dog so he entrusted him to Dr. Cemaliye Yegane, owner of PETERINER a small veterinary clinic in Nisantasi, Istanbul and asked them to take care of the dog whilst a home was found but a home was never found.

For over a year Kral has been living in conditions you can see here. About a couple of months ago Let's Adopt members heard of this case and they stepped in. First they offer their help in rehoming the dog, their help was initially accepted, then they purchased a wheelchair for the dog so that he would regain mobility. Our members then offered to get Kral out of the cage and take him as a foster whilst a final home was found.

The veterinarian, Dr. Cemaliye Yegane clearly annoyed at the possibility of loosing his longest staying paying client turned completely uncooperative. She said Kral was under the supervision of one of her clients, a mentally deranged individual who didn't wish for him to ever leave the clinic.

For over two weeks we have been negotiating the release of Kral, to no avail.Today we found out that the veterinarian, Dr. Cemaliye Yegane and her clients have taken a decision. Kral will never leave the clinic. He is good where he is, living in that cage. At this point we are going to request the help of our entire community to solve this case.

Kral's health is deteriorating quickly
and he is developing horrible contact sores due to lack of exercise. If his condition continues deteriorating we believe he will die in a matter of months if not weeks.

We need your help, here is what to do:
1. Please share this post in your profiles. It doesnt matter where you are. Just share it. Exposure is the only thing that is going to get Kral out of the cage where he is in. Be his voice. Share this story worldwide.

2. Call Dr. Cemaliye Yegane on 90 212- 246-3171 or if you are abroad send her an SMS on her mobile: 90 532- 440- 3940 and demand the immediate release of Kral into Lets Adopt! custody. Tell Dr. Cemaliye Yegane that as long as Kral is confined in that cage the world will know what goes on in that clinic.

3. Email the head of the Istanbul Veterinary Association, Murat ARSLAN at

If any of you wishes to adopt Kral, please get in touch with Viktor Larkhill at less



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