Free Charlie Campaign - The Petition Site

Saturday, 18 June 2011
Free Charlie Campaign - The Petition Site

Target: Royal Thai Embassy in London
Sponsored by: Animal Defence Society

We the undersigned are asking the Thai Government to release Charlie into a rescue or sanctuary.

Charlie has no shelter, is chained up by the neck that is connected to a pole stuck in the ground. It is clear that the monkey lives chained to the ground with out shelter all the time. Guests are encouraged to trow beer bottles and objects at Charlie for entertainment, and many people did trow things at Charlie. And the staff were trying to make guests stay for dinner by telling us they were going to feed Charlie beer at 7pm for entertainment. Charlie had a rope around him, that people could not cross, other wise Charlie would attack and bite you. He looked very sad and angry and tried to attack many people near it, during the short time that I was with the monkey. A person told the staff they shouldn't treat a monkey like that. They replied and said "who cares its just a monkey".


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