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Sunday, 11 January 2009
Help End Horse Slaughter in Canada - The Petition Site: "Over 65 000 horses get killed a year in Canada alone! At this rate Canada has the highest horse slaughter rate in the entire WORLD! There are 6 slaughter houses in Canada, 2 in Quebec, 2 in Alberta, 1 in Sask., and 1 in B.C. Some of these slaughter horses are being treated in the most inhumane way!"


Airspace1 said...

As a Team and working in Unity we will abolish the exports of horses going to Canada and Mexico. This should make many horse plant in Canada shut down. We also are exposing the inhumane treatment of horses on our site including a program soon to start called the Top Ten Rescues for Donations which last year awarded more than $15.000 to horse rescues in the US & Canada. The mission can be viewed at please spread the word as donations start at $10.59 to reward 10 Rescues every month..

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