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Saturday, 15 August 2009

South African newspaper 'Beeld', unfolded the abuse of day old hatchlings at a renowned chicken farm, Boskop Layer Chicks (near Potchefstroom RSA), early this week. One of the owners of the farm, Mr. Jan Serfontein, is a previous MEC for agriculture, conservation and environment in the North West Province.

According to 'Beeld', the farm was allegedly found to be disposing of approximately 70 000 day old chicks, on a weekly basis, in the most inhumane and cruel fashion possible. These hatchlings are 'dumped' in a dry cement dam, where they die of hunger, exposure and thirst, normally over a period of about five days. According to a former employee, this practice allegedly commenced 70 years ago; the date at which this family organisation started its trade.

According to Serfontein's lawyer, Mr. George Gibbons, the organisation is specialising in the breeding of chickens for the egg industry, hence the reason why male chicks have to be discarded as they are 'not economically viable'.

Upon receipt of the news, Woolworths and Pick 'n Pay (two renowned RSA retailers), although not trading directly with Serfontein, indicated that they would cease their business relationship with any organisation which is guilty of animal abuse.

It's been confirmed that the NSPCA had laid a charge of animal abuse with the South African Police.

Please sign this petition in order to gain as much support possible with the aim of convincing the public prosecutor and the court of the seriousness of the said case and to ensure that the maximum penalty is being imposed upon the perpetrators.


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