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Tuesday, 11 May 2010
Claim revenge for the poor burnt Aura! - The Petition Site ( 1st petition)

Aura was a six-months old little dog. She has been burnt alive in Trepuzzi, an italian little town, by a group of bored boys... just to have fun! After many sufferings and an horrible agony, Audra has died. All the Italian animalists have been shocked by this dreadful report and they are asking both to the mayor and to the secretary-general of Road police station to hardly punish the liables. Fearing that this cruel action could be mistaken for a simple stunt, italians are really afraid that authorities may forget what this action really is: a crime. Please, tell immediately Trepuzzi's mayor and Trepuzzi Road Police Secretary-General that this crime must be punished by imprisonment.

For the entertainment of children there were burned alive the female dog Aura, we urge to punishment ( 2nd petition)



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