Get Justice for Emily!!! - The Petition Site

Saturday, 1 May 2010
Get Justice for Emily!!! - The Petition Site

A friend of mine had given me his pit bull around 6 years ago, her name is Emily! She was the best friend and family dog anyone could have asked for! My youngest son was born soon after I recieved her. I left my ex when Daren was almost 3 years old and took my dog with me, however the living situation didn't work out and I had asked my ex to take her til I found my own place! Well I found my own place and he refused to give her back...fought him for 2 and half years to get her back!

Monday April 12th he had called and we had a argument about visitation with our son. I wouldn't agree to let his girlfriend take him for the summer, that I wanted dog was shot and killed around that same time. I immediately called the cops when his girlfriend and her kids told me what had happened. He beat Emily constantly and currently beats his girlfriends dog...she wants to get out but he is very good at mentally abusing and scaring her. All who knew Emily loved her very much, she was such a good natured dog! Protective and playful of the kids..He told our 5 year old son that someone else had shot Emily, I want to see him pay the full price for killing a lovable, innocent dog! I wanted her back!!! He refused and shot her instead! That is inhumane and cruel in my book! I will not rest until Emily has gotten the justice she deserves!!

*UPDATE finally, something being done, it's under investigation and the g/f finally told the sheriff that he did say he got "rid" of her and "had to" As far as people thinking I just left her, I didn't...I wanted her back and he refused and the cops refused to help me get her back! You need to understand where I live and KNOW that I am not only doing this for justice but also to raise awareness to the people in my area that this is a law and needs to be followed like the rest! It is my fault for leaving her there and I take the blame every day since I found out, she was my baby!


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