In Memory of Zorra Why some rules are so wrong

Friday, 3 September 2010

On 9-17-08 the Colorado Division of Wildlife used a search warrant to seize Zorra, a very special raccoon, due to en evil, spiteful phonecall from a Jon Jolicoeur. The CDOW forbid me to see Zorra for the 13 days they kept her in conditions she was not accustomed to and despite admitting that she was depressed and not eating. Their demands upon releasing Zorra forced her out of state and into further stress, killing her within weeks and only a day before I got to see her again and keep her forever. The prohibition against raccoons is unjust, they are not even allowed sanctuary in CO. Why? No justifiable reason. A petition has been filed to allow restrictive, responsible possession, only by qualified, licensed people and for unreleasable raccoons.


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