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Tuesday, 31 August 2010
Madam Mayor of CERNAVODA-Romania - STOP KILLING INNOCENT ANIMALS> - The Petition Site

We, citizens of the world, are appalled by the latest decision of the municipality of Cernavoda to kill the stray dogs ...we know this is NOT the first time such horrors take place in your city and we are horrified to to find out that the Mayor of the City of Cernavoda, her self took again this barbaric decision.
We are very much aware of the fact that there is a Law for the protection of animals in Romania, which clearly stipulated that NO HEALTHY ANIMALS should be killed.
We also are very much aware of the fact that many authorities in Romania refuses to cooperate with international organizations for the protection of animals, in order to solve the problem of the overpopulation of strays.
The European Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals,was signed in 1987 and became effective on May 1, 1992, after at least four countries had ratified it. Adherence to the treaty is open and not limited to member countries of the Council of Europe.Romania has signed in June 23, 2003 , has ratified it August 6, 2004 and was implemented : March 1, 2005
The Romanian Law for the protection of animals is very clear and and it has entered in force since 2008, yet many authorities, the Mayor of Cernavoda being one of them, REFUSES to implement it and CONTINUES to kill animals with impunity.
We ask all Romanian officials to apply the LAW and to stop the slaughter of animals.
In the attached letter we will provide evidence about the crimes against animals committed in the city of Cernavoda, with the intention to ask the Mayor of the city, Mrs. Mariana Mircea to change her decision to kill innocent animals.

This is the Law which should be applied at national level = Cernavoda included.[ Legea 205/2004 (iunie 2004), privind protectia animalelor, cu modificarile si completarile ulterioare (legea nr 9din 25.01.2008),Normele Metodologice :ORDIN nr. 31 din 31 martie 2008 (ANSVSA),523 din 30 iunie 2008 (MIRA),pentru aprobarea Normelor metodologice de aplicare a Legii nr. 205/2004, (EMITENT: AUTORITATEA NA%u0162IONAL%u0102 SANITAR%u0102 VETERINAR%u0102 %u015EI PENTRU SIGURAN%u0162A ALIMENTELOR ,Nr. 31 din 31 martie 2008 ; MINISTERUL INTERNELOR %u015EI REFORMEI ADMINISTRATIVE,Nr. 523 din 30 iunie 2008 ; PUBLICAT ÎN: MONITORUL OFICIAL nr. 511 din 8 iulie 2008]
Thank you.


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