Stop the use of live animals in the University of Guadalajara - The Petition Site

Thursday, 18 November 2010
Stop the use of live animals in the University of Guadalajara - The Petition Site

Two University of Guadalajara academic centers (Health Sciences along with Biological and Agricultural Sciences) have been criticized for still receiving live animals from the animal control centers and for sweeping up animals off the street to use them as part of its medical and scientific practices in the areas of Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Nursing, Odontology and Psychology. Apart from being a clear violation of the Mexican Official Standard (NOM 042 SSA) the practice is ethically wrong. Furthermore, the University of Guadalajara has a Center for Alternative Use of Animal in Education (CAAE) that has not been exploit to the fullest.
Dogs to be used for dissection and for practicing surgical procedures are either being captured in the street by trucks owned by the University or are being provided by third parties hired for the same purpose. In some cases, dogs are wearing tagged collars, showing they have owners. Other dogs are taken from the Animal Control Center in the nearby municipality of Tonala, Jalisco. The captured animals suffer from tremendous stress due to the conditions they are put through, even prior the %u201Ceducational%u201D practice. All the animals, including sometimes puppies and pregnant dogs are forced to live in cages, often going for days without any food, shade or water.
It has been through the evidence of photos, videos and the complaints of neighbors and some of the students deeply worried about the situation, the methods or torture and extreme cruelty these animals have to go through, as well as the poor health conditions the practices take place putting at risk the health itself of the students. Their testimonies describe the use of expired anesthetics and drugs that are employed in lower doses than required, before cutting open the animals. The result is that animals aren%u2019t properly sedated and frequently gain consciousness in the middle of the surgery when they have been already cut wide open, suffering from indescribable pain. In many cases their screams and moans are silent by beating them, and those in charge of the practices do not take into consideration the provisions applicable by law. Crying means the same in every language. Let`s s help to stop this disgraceful treatment towards animals. Sign the petition to stop these archaic methods of using live animals in educational practices and make a difference. They need our help.



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