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Sunday, 28 November 2010
Tell the Serbian government to stop ignoring animal cruelty! - The Petition Site

Killed a dog who nursed puppies!
Unknown persons, or more of them, killed in Zaje%u010Dar female dog while she was nursing puppies. Disturbing photo of puppies who still sucking dead mother was sent by reader of magazine "Alo!", angry because government authorities doesn%u2019t deal with the problem of animal abuse in this town in eastern Serbia.
After magazine "Alo!" published the story and wrote few articles about cruel capture and abuse of stray dogs in Zaje%u010Dar, there editorial office start to get e-mails from animal lovers who sent photos of abused animals. They claimed all photos they send are authentic and from this city, also demanding that public be alert to this brutality on animals through medias, in order to finally ends with it.
Among last photos are images of dead female dog and capture dogs in filthy cages in the public pound.
"From my window I was watching how fleecers were catching dogs in Kraljevica, suburb of Zaje%u010Dar. Sometimes they have to run after dogs, in other causes they simply put wire loop on a neck of incessant animal. Above that, dogs are desperate trying to free themselves while wire loop is cutting there neck, nose, ear and other part of body. Then they take dogs, which are all cover with blood, and put them in a truck" - witnessed Kaja K, women who lives there.Animal lovers, with there cameras in mobile phones, makes photos of fleecers who are patrolling in the city and holding wires loops. Photos of dogs cover with blood and injured are overflow internet, but alerts of animal lovers who made those photos remains without response. Many residents of this area told to the journalists that they kept dogs without water and food for two or three days, before they have been euthanized. Unfortunately, there are no concrete evidences. Actor Milo%u0161 %u0110uri%u010Di%u0107, who is the founder of the private association of dog lovers "Beta", said that is forbidden to approach to the pound of Zaje%u010Dar."No one can approach and report what is happening there. In some cases they even press criminal charges against people who come near place where they are keeping dogs. In this pound they have only three cages for dogs and in normal condition there are for about 10 animals. But in cages they put in up to 70 dogs. We are going to try to find some solution with local authorities, but that is not going to happen before 20 January next year because by then they proclaim epidemic of rabies %u2013 %u0110uri%u010Di%u0107 say.
Just week ago on Facebook everybody could watch shocking video "Abuse of Zaje%u010Dar%u2019 dogs". It was very visible how fleecers by force push one dog into a truck and another strangle with wire loop. The person who saw this event, claimed that he was terrified with the sight of a dog choking, with wide open frightened eyes, and blood flowing from his mouth. "While dog was trying to breath, one fleecer grabbed him from the back, other start to poll wire loop, strangling him and in that way pushing into a truck. Dogs head and neck were completely twisted and I don%u2019t believe in that moment he was still alive" - reported horrify eyewitness.

Dog drag by car

Against Vesna S. (32 age) from Po%u017Earevac police pressed criminal charge on suspicion that she committed the crime of torturing and killing animal. Police accused her because she tie the dog with car cable for vehicle and drag him on streets in center of town Po%u017Earevac. Some citizens saw what happened and reported to the police, who found dog tied to a fence. Veterinarians have found that the dog%u2019s front legs were injured and his skin on some places was completely stripped. After medical treatment, the animal is brought to the shelter for dogs and cats in Po%u017Earevac. When police ask Vesna (who is health worker) why she abused the dog, she did not answer and defended herself with silence.

Dog Mila

Everybody knows about the case of monstrous mutilation dog Mila in the Belgrade suburb Medakovi%u0107. People who are living in a building nearest to the parking lot - where, according to the vet, crippled dog Mila lay more than a week - suspected that his neighbor did it. He is, in their opinion, "capable of doing something like that."
"We saw him chasing dogs. Those he caught he was carrying on a shoulder, then throw into air, and after he was taking them for legs and dragging along the street.


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