Save the Arctic Fox from Extinction - The Petition Site

Friday, 11 February 2011
Save the Arctic Fox from Extinction - The Petition Site

    • Target: Janez Potocnik, European Commissioner for the Environment
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    Just 150 arctic foxes remain on the European Union's mainland. It was assumed that the arctic fox would move further north as global warming took hold of its habitat, but instead, arctic fox populations are disappearing.

    Scientists think that the arctic fox may be unable to track its shifting habitat. Furthermore, the warmer weather is causing the red fox to invade its territory. The red fox is twice the size of the arctic fox, and can easily overtake its den.

    Global warming is creating a wide variety of stressful situations for all animals, not just the arctic fox. Polar bears, walruses and whales are just a few species endangered by the rapid increase in the global temperature.

    Without stricter greenhouse gas emissions standards for the European Union, the Arctic Fox and others remain at risk for extinction because of climate change. Urge the EU to enforce a greenhouse gas emissions standard and help stop the effects of global warming.



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