We do NOT want bullfights in Brazil - "Touradas aqui NÃO" - The Petition Site

Saturday, 12 February 2011
We do NOT want bullfights in Brazil - "Touradas aqui NÃO" - The Petition Site

I was astonished to find out about the intentions of the Major of Passo Fundo, Rio Grande do Sul, in the extreme south of Brazil.
He is promoting the first bullfight ever in Brazil in his city on February 2011.We have too much animal cruelty in Brazil already.We brazilians simply do NOT want to import other countries' cruelty traditions to this country.
At this very moment the world is acting against bullfights and asking for the end of this barbaric tradition.This man's plans must not go ahead. And it cannot become the first of many other similar events. We have already too much work going on against rodeos and other barbaric events that take place in the country.
We have already writen to the local authorities asking for the cancellation of this stupid event. The brazilian laws & Consttitution are on our side.
Please help us by urging the brazilian authorities not to consent to this "innovation", born of a sick mind, whose only concern is Money, with no consideration with animal life.
We do NOT want bullfights anywhere in Brazil.



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