Diner Owner Starves German Shepherds - The Petition Site

Friday, 4 March 2011
Diner Owner Starves German Shepherds - The Petition Site

Peter Zervas, owner of the Blue Comet diner in Hazelton, PA will appear before Judge John D. Whitesell on MARCH 30TH @ 9:30 AM on charges of animal cruelty stemming from the starvation deaths of 3 German Shepherds and the emaciated condition of the remaining 7 German Shepherds.
Police near Hazleton, responding to a call about abandoned dogs, found a horrific scene in a dark garage with dead and dying German Shepherds, including puppies, lying in filth.
A neighbor in the town of Swiftwater discovered the abandoned dogs and reported it to police.
When police arrived, they found three dead puppies and seven starving adult dogs. They were transported to veterinary hospitals in very poor condition, rescuers said.

A vet estimated the dogs went for a month without food.

It is now time that Peter Zervas answers to 10 counts of animal cruelty. Please join us in asking Judge Whitesell to bestow the maximum sentence for this horrific crime.



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