Dog raped behind Mayor's office (Turkey)

Tuesday, 22 March 2011
Message from Let's Adopt! Global

Tell the Mayor of Sincan (Ankara) that dogs are being raped behind his office. Please SHARE

There is nothing strange about finding a raped dog in Turkey.
It happens everywhere and you only have to spend some time on Facebook to discover many many cases, sometimes on a daily basis.
But this case is a little different. The end result is the same, a dog is raped by a human and is killed afterwards... what is different is the LOCATION of the crime.
The rape took place right behind the building of the Sincan Municipality in Ankara.
A few meters away from a building constantly surveiled by security a dog is being raped, his screams are loud, can be heard from the distance...
But nobody did anything...
Please call the office of the mayor Mustafa Tuna on:

Mustafa Tuna (DIRECT LINE) : +90 3122693830
email (he checks them himself):

Tell him dogs are being raped behind his office. Tell him to today was a dog, tomorrow could be a little girl or a boy...

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