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Thursday, 26 July 2012
Stop Kitten Experiements In Cardiff University! - The Petition Site

  • Target: Cardiff University researchers
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Cardiff University have sewn up the eyes of 30 kittens from birth as an experiment. In the name of science researchers from Cardiff University have taken 30 kittens and sewn up their eyes to see the effect of sensory deprivation. This cruel unethical experiment is meant to be a break view for "lazy eye" which effects 1 in 3 children in Britain a year. However only a small percent of those suffering which "lazy eye" have a massive effect in sight because of this disease.
This is funded by tax payers without their knowledge; until a leak in the media by university students who disagreed with the experiement. The experiment its self would of been very painful and stressful for the kittens; it also does not apply with British Animal Welfare laws and pervents the kittens following natural patterns important in their mental and physical growth.
The kittens will now suffer life long phycological effects from being raised in the darkness and removing the stiches would cause great stress and pain to the kittens who have already suffered so much. Cardiff University plans to have these kittens "put down" once the experiment is down. They also plan to redo this experiment at four or five times to see how the results differ.
If anyone else had sewn up a kitten's eyes they would be arrested and charge with violation of animal welfare rights; so why is it okay to do it in the name of science? This experiment did not need to be done; especially in this cruel and crude manner. We need Cardiff University to stop these experiments before anymore innocent and defencless kittens from suffering in the name of "science". A message needs to be sent that science does not put you above the law and that you can't do what you please just in the name of "science"

Stop Kitten Experiements In Cardiff University!



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