Dogs Used by Drogheda Art Centre (PETITION)

Saturday, 28 February 2009

Drogheda Arts Centre is hosting an exhibition from 25th March 2009 which features two stray dogs that are on temporary loan to the artist from County Louth Public Dog Pound. For eight hours a day, each dog will be housed in a separate metal cage in the gallery space. The dogs will be moved out of the gallery every night and held in an unspecified location before being moved back to the gallery the following morning.

After one month the the show will end and both dogs will be returned to the pound. No measures have been taken by the artist or gallery to guarantee their survival. The dogs’ psychological welfare is not a concern for the artist or gallery. They say that the dogs will receive food, water and shelter for the duration of the show and in their opinion this is adequate. The EUs Treaty of Lisbon incorporates a regulation acknowledging the fact that animals are sentient beings and hence should not to be considered or treated as objects or products. As sentient creatures dogs are capable of feeling, fear, confusion and distress. This abuse is going ahead in the name of art and Irish tax payers are funding it.

Please sign this petition if you think that the treatment of these dogs by Drogheda Arts Centre is unacceptable. Sincerely,



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