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Monday, 9 February 2009

Court/Trial Dates: March 3rd 9am & March 16th 8:30amMax Sentence for Dog Shooter! No Plea Deal!If you support a strong sentence and NO plea deal, please write the Prosecutor at:NINTH JUDICIAL CIRCUITProsecutor Steven Foster415 North Orange AvenueOrlando, Florida 32801(407) 836-2400On May 19th 2008, 2 husky dogs were reportedly shot by a man named Christopher Comins in Orange County Florida. The 2 dogs, Raley and Hoochie, were shot multiple times in the neck, back, and eye, right in front of their owner and witnesses while the dogs' owner was retrieving them. Somehow, they managed to survive. One was even shot in the eye and its eye had to be removed. A video recording by a witness shows the dogs being shot as one was trying to run away, and the other was just sitting there. The video shows the dogs did not pose any threat to the shooter or the cattle. Further, Comins did NOT own the land or the cattle on the land. No charges were initially filed against Comins, and the media revealed that Comins had political connections. Citizens took quick action, and FELONY charges were finally filed in November of 2008.The purpose of this petition is to ask the State Attorney not to allow any plea deal. We also ask the Prosecutor to recommend the max sentence if Mr. Comins is found guilty. Further, we ask the Judge to please sentence Mr. Comins to the maximum sentence, which is 5 years in prison per felony count. Animal cruelty is a crime, and should not be tolerated in the State of Florida. Mr.Comins already has a prior criminal conviction involving firearms. The violence must stop now. Please sign this petition to show your support.



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