Alley Cat Allies - Stop an Illinois Bill That Would Kill Cats

Saturday, 4 April 2009
Alley Cat Allies

Action Alert

Stop an Illinois Bill That Would Kill Cats
This action is for residents of Illinois only.

The Illinois House of Representatives is considering a bill that could drastically increase the number of cats impounded and killed in animal pounds and shelters. In 2008, those facilities killed 60,673 cats, according to data Alley Cat Allies obtained through the Freedom of Information Act; they returned only 2,991 cats to their owners. In spite of these horrendous statistics, H.B. 2703 would require animal control officers to impound any cat found "at large."

H.B. 2703 was proposed by approximately 50 Illinois county animal control officers. In addition to the "at large" provision, the bill targets many provisions of Illinois law favorable to feral cats and their caregivers. They have even hired a lobbyist to promote their agenda.

Please act immediately--write to your State Representatives now and urge them to oppose this dangerous bill.


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