"Sanctuary" murdering animals...help us close them - The Petition Site

Monday, 27 April 2009

"Sanctuary" murdering animals...help us close them - The Petition Site

"I ask you, with all of my heart, please read this petition and sign for the many animals that don't deserve to die or be starved or mistreated at a so-called "No-Kill" Animal Sanctuary.

(Thank you for the link M.A. this will definitely help us)

Petition - Urgent Matter:
To Close the Wild Animal Orphanage / ASUS
"We the undersigned", have an interest to see justice, and to prevent any further irreparable harm to any more animals that stay at the Wild Animal Orphanage (WAO/ASUS) in San Antonio, TX. The WAO has two facilities in Texas, one property is on Leslie Rd and the other UNLICENSED facility is on Talley Rd.

"We the undersigned" petition the USDA and the Texas Attorney General to fully prosecute, both criminally and civilly, Carol and Ronald Asvestas who are the owners/operators of the Wild Animal Orphanage and ASUS and their related animal entities for committing alleged animal cruelty, neglect and violations of the Federal Animal Welfare Act. These violations are to also be included with the alleged violations of the Texas Deceptive Trade Act and of the IRS code for non-profit organizations.

We urge the above stated federal and state regulatory agencies not to enter into any settlement agreements with the foregoing parties, who for the past two years or more, have been investigated by the Texas Attorney General's Office, the USDA, IRS and other federal agencies for alleged animal abuse as well as other offenses. Any further delays for taking action could result in the deaths of many more innocent animals.

Petitioners: Please pass this petition on to your friends, families, loved ones and people who love animals and want to see justice against animal abuse. Thank you, so very much, for signing this petition and helping to save those poor animals that have no voice to speak up and save themselves.

To the petition signers:
You can find all evidence of their alleged wrongdoings by submitting a Freedom of Information Request (FOIA Request) and also an Open Records Request to the Texas Attorney General:
(case # 062386222)
Mr. James Anthony (Assistant Attorney General)
Mr. Chris Krhovjak (Investigator)
Office of Texas Attorney General
300 West 15th Street
Austin, TX 78701
Consumer Protection Division - Charitable Trust Section
(512) 475-4178

Open Records Request: Office of Texas Attorney General
Attn: Ms. Pam Perkins
300 West 15th Street - Mall Code 003
Austin, TX 78701

FOAI Request: Investigavtive and Enforcement Services
FOAI Request
4700 River Road, Unit 85
Riverdale, MD 20737
USDA License No. 74-C-0006
(301) 734-7833
(301) 734-4978 FAX #


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