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Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Clemency for Sandbag - The Petition Site

British soldiers at a military base in Iraq have a major concern about leaving the country at the end of the month (April 2009) - of the fate of their camp mascot.
The soldiers are worried he will be put down by local Iraqis or killed by other dogs when they return home.
Sandbag is 2 years old and was born in North Port in Umm Qasr and has fast endeared himself into the British troops stationed there.
They have had him vaccinated, given him a collar, and lets him wander in/out of the camp whenever he wants.
Sandbag protects the men of B Squadron of the Queen's Royal Hussars from stray dogs around their base at the southern port of Umm Qasr.

A true military dog, he loves helicopters and often follows the troops out on patrol.

He also bears scars from numerous scraps with other dogs and - according to base legend - several bullet wounds - it`s rumoured that he has survived being shot five times..

The soldiers are now trying to make sure he is looked after when they hand over the to the Americans at the end of this month. (April 2009)

They have talked about taking him back to Britain, but discovered it would cost several thousand pounds to put him in quarantine.

This faithful mutt deserves to be flown home with the servicemen he loves and who love him. He has shown true loyalty and faithfulness to the troops of B Squadron of the Queen's Royal Hussars, and has no doubt bought hours of comfort in a hostile climate.

Money should not be an issue, Sandbag has done his `Call of Duty` and served his British troop friends well, so deserves to enjoy the rest of his day being a pampered pooch.

So, l call upon the the Prime Minister and Mps to fund the quarantine fee.

Past petitions have been successful in bringing canine friends home, so please, lets do the same for Sandbag.


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