Sunday, 6 September 2009
Rumford Rodeo Company and the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association intend to perform American rodeos in several countries in Europe this year and if successuful will continue next year in other European countries.

The first country will be Spain where 11 cities are scheduled to host these rodeos:
Madrid 18/19th September
Guadalajara 23rd September
Castellón 25th September
Valencia 26/27th September
Benidorm 30the September
Marbella 2nd October
Albacete or Xátiva 4th October
Puerto de Sta. María 10th Ocobter
Badajoz 12th October
Logroño 17th Ocotober

The other countries are Italy,Germany,Belgium and France to be arranged.
Genoa, Italy (Oct. 31-Nov. 1), Milan, Italy (Nov. 7-8), Dusseldorf, Germany (Nov. 15-16), Antwerp, Belgium (Nov. 21-22) and Lili, France (tba).

Portugal is also included although no dates or destinations are yet revealed (presumably the cities will be Lisbon and Porto).

For 2010 if these rodeos succed the plans are to expand to Sweden and the Netherlands.
Enough is enough - we have enough barbarity in Europe with bullfights, we can not allow the import of other barbarities.

Our Movement together with Initiative Anti-Corrida (Germany) and the Movimento Antispecista ( Italy) have already sent letters to the German and Italian authorities asking them to not allow these rodeos.

Two months passed by without any reply. We must fight hard to prevent these rodeos frpm taking place. Their aim is to integrate them in the championships of rodeos which means that Europe would became part of these championships holding rodeos every year from now on.

Source of the information:

Please help us to stop this.
Below we have three letters,in Spanish, Italian and German aimed at the respective authorities.


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