Peanut (worst case of animal cruelty in Australia)- UPDATE

Friday, 4 September 2009


At the Court Hearing Today - Jonathon Blake has been given the Maximum Penalty!! of 3 years!!! for what he has done to Peanut.

This is Fantastic news that this guys is getting what he deserves!!

I'm sure we'll hear more news from Karen & Danielle Later on what happened at court, aswell as from Axelle.

Thank you everyone for your continuing support on getting Justice for Peanut and helping support the Neilsen Family.

Thank you to everyone who attended the Rally today at Court.

This is the highest sentence given in Australian History for Animal Cruelty and now sets the Benchmark for future cases in stopping Animal Cruelty!!

Maximum term for torture of dog

SEVERAL people wept in the public gallery as details of the cruel and callous torture and death of seven-month-old puppy Peanut were read in the District Court in Mackay yesterday.

Peanut's horrifying mutilation and death, which his killers videotaped on a mobile phone, beggars belief and the case has been described as the worst case of animal cruelty in Australian history.

After kidnapping Peanut in the middle of the night, Jonathon Blake and another man took him to a park behind the Moranbah rodeo grounds.

They mutilated and decapitated the small dog.

Parts of his body were found around the area by residents.

Prosecutor David Morters said that, by looking at the video: “It is quite clear that both Blake and his co-accused are enthusiastic about their actions. They are laughing and making comments.

“Their purpose in cutting off his legs was to severely disable the dog.

“It is also clear in the video that the dog is in excruciating pain.”

The torture of the dog obviously resulted in great suffering, Mr Morters said.

Blake, now aged 25, pleaded guilty to seven charges, including burglary and killing an animal.

Blake was jailed for sex offences in 2006 and served 21 months; when he was released he was given employment by the Neilsen family in Moranbah. He was allowed to sleep in their home when he had nowhere else to sleep. The Neilsen family even lent him a car.

He had a falling out the Peanut's owner, Danielle Neilsen, and kidnapped and killed the dog for revenge.

After killing Peanut, Blake drove off and crashed his borrowed car through a council fence. He was arrested for drink-driving and it was then that police checked his mobile phone and found the horrific images of the killing of Peanut.

Judge Michael Shanahan said it was one of the worst cases he'd ever heard and said the details “beggar belief”.

He was invited to watch the three videos but refused to see them, saying the details read out were enough for him to impose the maximum sentence of three years in jail.

However, Judge Shanahan followed usual legal practice and ordered parole release after one-third of the sentence was service.

He ordered the videotapes be destroyed.


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