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Sunday, 25 October 2009
Save them from extinction! - The Petition Site

Only 24-26 wolves remain in the Norwegian wilderness. Still they are hunted by the Norwegian authorities. 3 wolves were shot this summer, and 4 more are now allowed to be hunted. This means that the critically endangered wolf population will be reduced by more then a quarter!

In recent years only 3-6 annual breedings of brown bears have been registered in Norway. Still the authorities give licence to kill this endangered specie. Since January 2009, 17 bears have been shot dead out of a population of 120 bears.

The killing goes on and on... Last year 136 lynxes and 90 wolverines were shot - the highest number since 1850. Most of the wolverines were killed during their breeding season, using helicopters, killing the infants together with their mother in the den. Only some more then 300 wolverines remain in the wild.

The reason for this massive killing is the determination to give preference to livestock in most areas. In the summer, 2,1 million sheep are let out in the wilderness to fend for themselves. The number of sheep documented killed by top predators is estimated to only 3000 out of totally 130.000 lost each year.

The governanced extermination of wolves and other top predators is not according to national and international agreements. But instead of complying international commitments and protecting these endangered species in sustainable populations, the Norwegian government now plans to increase the killing.
Please help us to save these magnificent animals from extinction! They are facing serious threats, and as their populations are declining, reduced genetic variations and demographic factors themselves is a threat to their survival.

Please tell Norway to respect international conventions and stop the ruthless killing and devastation of wild fauna now!


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