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Friday, 23 October 2009
Petition for Carson City Bird Netting Ordinance - The Petition Site

We request that the Carson City Council or Mayor originate an ordinance governing the installment, maintenance and security of bird netting, to protect birds from entrapment, suffering and/or death.

Problem: Some stores put up netting in ceiling areas to discourage birds from perching or nesting over areas used by customers. Birds - especially small birds - find holes/ openings in these nets, get inside and panic because they can't find their way back out, and die of hunger, thirst, shock and exhaustion. This is unquestionably animal entrapment and cruelty. This is especially dangerous during nesting season.

The Carson City District Attorney's office says that no existing laws address this situation.

Example: Lowe's Home Improvement Center in Carson City has huge nets in the ceiling of their garden center and their customer pickup area. Holes exist in both areas. Drs. Thor and Dulcimer Nielsen, working with Lowe's Manager Kevin Carlile, made some corrections, and Mr. Carlile promised that remaining holes/gaps/openings would be fixed, but after several months this hasn't been done. The Nielsens personally found two dead finches in the pickup area net on two different occasions.

Proposed solution: Pass an ordinance that requires businesses to correctly install and maintain such nets to ensure that no birds whatsoever can get inside the nets. Include in the ordinance fines and penalties for failure to comply, and inspections to ensure compliance. Non-compliance will require removal of nets.


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