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Saturday, 24 October 2009
Existing EU member nations require proof of Balkans states application of %u2018democracy and the ru - The Petition Site

Several Balkans states are now seeking either full membership (Accession) to the European Union (EU), or are attempting stronger links with the EU.
These include: Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia

and Herzegovina, Croatia and Kosovo.

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV) has been campaigning for the improved welfare of Balkans animals for several years. We have extensive experience and data relating to the terrible daily suffering inflicted on animals, despite existing Balkan states national legislation which should legally prevent much of this. There is very little evidence to show political and municipal authority enforcement of animal welfare legislation. %u2013 details of this on a %u2018nation by nation%u2019 basis can be seen via our site at

In October 2009, SAV wrote to Commissioner Olli Rehn; EU Commissioner for Enlargement, expressing our deep concerns regarding an apparent lack of existing national animal welfare legislation implementation and enforcement by governments throughout the Balkan states.

Over 25 prime evidence links from the SAV site were provided to Commissioner Rehn, each of these containing many sub links, showing extreme Balkans animal suffering video footage which relate to our concerns. A few examples are shown in the following links - **WARNING Graphic Animal Suffering**:

We have expressed our concerns to the Commissioner, that even when provided with such evidence, clearly showing extreme animal abuses, nothing with regard investigation and prosecution is being followed up by the Balkans authorities to press charges; to enforce (the) often existing national animal welfare legislation. In Serbia for example, the Public Attorney appears to be dismissing all evidence provided by animal welfare campaigners; instead, they themselves are themselves being accused of obstructing them (the Public Attorney) from getting on with their legal work.

In our letter, we have reminded Commissioner Rehn that (on his website) his very own words declare:

The European Union currently has 27 Member States. The Western Balkan countries, Turkey and Iceland may also join once they meet the conditions for membership. The aim of enlargement is simple: to extend the area of peace, stability, democracy and the rule of law, and prosperity and well-being throughout Europe.

We draw particular attention to the statement by Commissioner Rehn of - democracy and the rule of law, as it is felt that despite Serbian animal welfare campaigners providing large amounts of evidence to Serbian legislators, no action appears to ever be taken by Serbian authorities to apply the rule of law, a fundamental condition necessary for EU membership.

If no action (in the form of prosecutions against animal cruelty) is being shown to be taken by Serbian legislators following the production of evidence and documented requests by animal welfare campaigners, then we declare that Serbia is not meeting some of the necessary and fundamental aims of EU enlargement with regard showing the implementation of both democracy (ie. requests by animal welfare campaigners) and the rule of law (ie. by not prosecuting perpetrators of causing animal suffering), even when evidence is provided.

As a consequence, Signators of this petion request that Commissioner Rehn now fully investigates if there is actually any animal welfare legislation enforcement by Balkans states requiring EU membership prior to them being granted official EU membership. Or is animal welfare legislation implementation simply being ignored.

We request the implementation of democracy and the rule of law for all animal welfare issues within Balkans states at all times prior to their EU Accession. Where this is not happening, we rquest the EU demands it prior to accession.


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