Stop The Use of Gas Chambers in the United States - The Petition Site

Sunday, 1 November 2009
Stop The Use of Gas Chambers in the United States - The Petition Site

Please read the information below to understand why the gassing of animals must stop. Feel free to visit our website for more details.

Consider the following (WARNING - Graphic Material):
Can you imagine being thrown into a huge metal box with a half a dozen other folks, just thrown in on top of one another and having the lid closed. In total darkness, you're scared and you can hear the whimpering and crying of the others in the box. What is going on, why are we here? Then you all start to cough and choke, there is no air to breathe, your lungs feel like they will burst any second. Your eyes and nose are running and you lose control of all bodily functions. The stench is unbearable and the screams and cries are ear shattering. Then it starts to get quiet, one by one the others stop their whimpering and though disoriented and unable to move you try to make since of what is going on. And then there is light, the lid comes up and hope rises that whatever happened is all over and its time to get out of here. Before you can get oriented and figure out what took place, another group of squirming and whimpering live bodies are tossed into the box on top of you, the lid closes again and the horror continues. Your barely conscious and lose track of how many times this procedure was performed before you find yourself out in the light being stuffed in a huge plastic bag and disposed of at the dump. You're trying to make a noise, pleading that someone will realize that you are still alive, but you can't. You're too weak and suffer neurological damage from the gas. Eventually you die, suffering terribly amidst a pile of dead bodies..and your last thought is, What did we do to deserve this?


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