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Saturday, 7 November 2009
Justice for Aries - The Petition Site

We want Justice for Aries. He was euthanized by the Walker County Humane Society staff 2 hours after arrival.

Animals at the Walker County Humane Society in Jasper, Alabama are being euthanized without ever being given a chance at locating their rightful owners or being adopted.

Stray animals turned into their custody by well-meaning citizens are being euthanized within hours or even minutes of arriving violating the seven day hold mandated by Alabama State Code 1975 3-7A-7.

These actions are being justified due to lack of funding and facilities provided by the city of Jasper for the impoundment of animals. Empty pens are not being used because HS staff state they are broken. Lack of space is cited as an ongoing issue.

This petition is to urge Walker County Humane Society to make immediate changes in policy to comply with Alabama state law and for the City of Jasper to provide suitable funding and resources as required by law for the impoundment of animals.

The law requires dog or cat owners be notified when their animal is impounded, if ownership can be determined, or the animal may be put up for adoption after at least seven days. The Code of Alabama also requires all counties to have a suitable pound and impound officer.

Alabama Code 1975 3-7A-7 reads as follows: Maintenance of pound; notice of impoundment; adoption of animals.

It shall be the duty of each and every county in the state to provide a suitable county pound and impounding officer for the impoundment of dogs and cats found running at large in violation of the provisions of this chapter. Every municipality with a population over 5,000 in which the county pound is not located shall maintain a suitable pound or contribute their pro rata share to the staffing and upkeep of the county pound. When dogs and cats are impounded and if the owner thereof is known, such owner shall be given direct notice of the impoundment of said animals or animals belonging to him; or the impounding officer may make said animal or animals available for adoption after a period of not less than seven days. (Acts 1990, No. 90-530, p.816)

The goal of this petition is for reformation of the Walker County Humane Society. We would like to see the law followed by the Walker County Humane Society as well as by its employees.

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