URGENT BLS Proposed for Auburn CA - The Petition Site

Sunday, 1 November 2009
URGENT BLS Proposed for Auburn CA - The Petition Site

"Should the city ban pitbulls or put restrictions on their owners?

It%u2019s a question Auburn City councilman Kevin Hanley has put forward to city staff.

In a recent memo, Hanley asks city manager Bob Richardson and Police Chief Valerie Harris to consider a pitbull ordinance to be placed on a future city agenda."

I urge everyone, right now, to contact Kevin Hanley and the City Manager and let them know you oppose any ordinance targeting a specific breed of dog (and remind them that, pursuant to Section 31683 of the California Food and Agricultural Code, no city or county can ban or restrict ownership of Pit Bulls, except for basic spay/neuter laws).

Kevin Hanley, Council Member

Dr. Bill Kirby, Council Member

Also please consider contacting the other city officials:
Mike Holmes, Mayor


Bridget Powers, Mayor Pro Tempore


Keith Nesbitt, Council Member


Dr. Bill Kirby, Council Member


It is important that we deal with this promptly and in a firm, decisive manner. It would not be beyond past precedent for Hanley to seek yet another change to state law to permit even greater BSL here in California. Furthermore, if Auburn goes the BSL route, in light of recent events portrayed in the media, expect many other CA cities to follow very soon


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