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Saturday, 9 October 2010
Freedom for the dolphins Wayra and Yaku - The Petition Site

Wayra and Yaku are two bottlenose dolphins that have been captured in Cuba and have been transported in 1997 via Mexico to Peru, in order to spend the rest of their lives in a small pool in the five star hotel Los Delfines located in Lima. The import of the dolphins violated national law and the dimensions of the pool did not fulfill national minimum standards. The underwater windows of the pool form he walls of an underground hall, used for parties, events and dancing. In 2005 Wayra gave birth but the baby died within days, being crushed against the wall by the inexperienced mother in an attempt to support the baby.

In order to defend dolphin captivity the hotel owners founded their own NGO called Center for Dolphin Investigation (CILDE). In reality this NGO is nothing else but an intelligent tool to promote the hotels image and to sell merchandising as well as services of the hotel, like children birth day parties in the hotel, dolphin assisted therapies for handicapped children and encounters between dolphins and pregnant women. All this activities are realized without any scientific base and not informing people about possible health risks involved.

Currently the two dolphins have been transported to a even smaller pool without adequate water filtering in an area constructed in the beach %u201CLa Herradura%u201D.

We are demanding Freedom for Wayra and Yaku

1. The Hotel Los Delfines must immediately transport the dolphins back to the bigger pools of the hotel and close down their facility in La Herradura Beach.
2. As long as the dolphins are in the hotel, the management must restrain from organizing events and producing noise in the rooms close to the pool.
3. The hotel must stop their programs for Dolphin Assisted Therapy and encounters between pregnant women and dolphins in order to avoid risks for human health and for the dolphins themselves.
4. The Hotel Los Delfines must work out short term plans to rehabilitate the dolphins and return them to their natural habitat. Alternatively the dolphins may be exported to a facility where they can live in semi natural conditions, if rehabilitation is not possible.
5. The Hotel Los Delfines should abstain from any further involvement in dolphin captivity and forever close down their dolphin facility.

For more information please have a look at the Web Site of Mundo Azul.
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