PETITION FOR JUSTICE for the cat killers in Izmir, Turkey - The Petition Site

Thursday, 14 October 2010
PETITION FOR JUSTICE for the cat killers in Izmir, Turkey - The Petition Site

The innocent, old stray cat below was brutally killed by a group of people in Izmir, Turkey a few days ago (the terrible video is below).

The murderers (U.G. and his friends) %uFEFFwere interrogated but not punished! Because the current Animal Protection Law (law no. 5199) IS NOT evaluated in the PENAL CODE, but implemented within the MISDEMEANOR LAW.

It means that it does not matter whether you smoke in a non-smoking area or kill a stray animal with torture. In both cases, you pay just a few dollars to get away with the CRIME.

With this petition, we ask for real justice and want the violence to be stopped and murderers to be punished in a righteous way! We want animal murderers, torturers to be punished withing the penal code in Turkey.

We want them to be trialled, to be imprisoned when necessary and ask for the crime to be registered on their personal record.

We do not want to breathe the same air or share the same streets with them, for such people live to kill forever!

And violence deserve civilized laws!

Turkey should demonstrate her level of civilization, just like other countries that free murderers in the end!

We want these murderers to be trialled and imprisoned in a novel justice system where Law No. 5199 Animal Protection Law is properly changed to be evaluated within the Penal Code.

THIS IS THE VIDEO (graphic):


THIS IS THE CAT THAT WAS MURDERED BRUTALLY (when she was alive and taken care of by the people):

NEWS IN TURKISH (can be google-translated):



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