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Friday, 2 July 2010
Convicted Dog Fighter David Tant Seeks Parole - The Petition Site

n November 2004, David Tant pled guilty to forty-one charges of illegal dog fighting. Prosecutors had accumulated substantial evidence that he was a long time breeder and fighter of pit bulls.Humane Society Veterinarians found many of the female "breeder" dogs with severly broken and bowed legs. The broken bones were a common practice of breeders to alleviate spinning and trampling of litters, thus reducing the money which they could make. When the females gave birth they were tied with heavy chains to a post just long enough to lay down to nurse. Cattle prods were used to control the dogs and none of the dogs would look any human being in the eye. After four months together as puppies, the dogs began to tear each other up and had to be seperated. In twenty years of working with fighting dogs I have never seen any like the Yellow pits from David Tant. He received a sentence of forty years, which would be reduced by ten years upon making full restitution. He has a parole hearing which is scheduled for July 21st in Columbia South Carolina.Please let the Parole Board know that you do not want David Tant to receive parole for his part in the brutal sport of dogfighting. You can contact the Parole Board and make your voice heard. Tell the Board you do not want David Tant to receive Parole.Link to oppose parole

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Columbia, SC 29250

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