Denmark, ban immediately sex with animals - The Petition Site

Tuesday, 27 July 2010
Denmark, ban immediately sex with animals - The Petition Site

n Denmark it is not illegal to have sex with animals!!!
Scandinavians with a penchant for sex with animals can find plenty of options right in their own backyard. There are no prohibitions on this sexual inclination in Denmark , though the latter is considering new legislation to ban it..
According to current laws, as long as the animals are not suffering, the government has no problem with bestiality. Danish Internet sites openly advertise sex with animals without any fear of repercussion from authorities.
This has created something of a gray area as far as the animal bordellos are concerned.
The animal owners boast that their animals have plenty of experience, and even enjoy the sex. The cost for having sex with an animal runs from US$85-170.
According to the Danish bordello owners, most of the customers are German, Norwegian, Dutch or Swedish.
This is so disgusting and no doubt the animals are suffered. This is abuse of worst kind and we want it stopped right now.


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