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Tuesday, 27 July 2010
We demand justice for Tramp! - The Petition Site

On August 23rd 2010 Ms. Yolanda Glover will be granted a suppression hearing for the crime of abandoning a beautiful Greman Shepherd on her property in the dead of winter, leaving him chained and unable to even seek food or water, where as a result, he starved to death at the end of a chain. Her excuse is that her home was invaded and she ran away so fast afterward that she forgot Tramp was there and that she suffered some mental breakdown. We do not see this as anything other than an excuse made up to cover the criminal act of felony animal cruelty, he did not share her home so it is reasonable to assume she did not care for the large dog and had no interest in finding him a new home after she abanodoned him.
In the opinion of average citizens, we feel that if he had been by her side in the home, there most likely would never have been a home invasion. Tramp would have protected her with gusto, he was a German Shepherd, that's what they do. Instead of being able to protect her, he died a horribly painful and slow death because of her act of abandonment, a death that none of can bear to imagine happening to ourselves or any of our loved ones, including our beloved pets.
We are asking that all evidence against Ms. Glover be permitted to enter into evidence against her and that she be sentenced accordingly upon conviction of this crime against this innocent animal so that she may come to realize that in a civilized society, this is unnaceptable behavior.

Judge Patrick Mullin:
Phone: 402-444-7086
Fax: 402-996-8153
Douglas County Nebraska Court Information:
300 Hall of Justice
1701 Farnam Street, 3rd Floor
Omaha, NE 68183


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