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Wednesday, 7 July 2010
Pug shot in eye, beaten with baseball bat - The Petition Site

On June 22, 2010 Bayou LaBatre (a small town in Mobile), AL police found a pug mix that had been shot in the eye and beaten with a baseball bat clinging to life. He has recently had surgery at Rehm Animal Clinic but they were unable to save his eye. The vet thinks he most likely was used for "batting practice", because of his many broken teeth. His jaw has metal inbedded in it, most likely pellets. The police in Bayou LaBatre state they believe they know who did it, but cannot prove it. In spite of his pain and abuse, he will gladly let you love on him- he needs to be cared for. If he was not so loving and sweet he would have most likely been put down by animal control but even they said this little guy has an incredible spirit and the will to fight for his life! Reconstructive surgery will be expensive but the vet thinks he is a good candidate and will make someone a VERY loving pet after his rehabilitation. Donations to help pay for his surgery and rehabilitation can be sent to Rehm Animal Clinic 75 Schillinger Road South, Mobile, AL 36608 / phone: (251)633-7297 - write "Gilbert - Mobile county dog" on the check.
In the meantime, sign the petition and express your outrage as to the abuse of such a defenseless little dog. We encourage the law enforcement to do whatever possible to investigate this horrible abuse and to find the horrible being that did this atrocious act to this sweet boy. It is well documented that animal abuse most always leads to human abuse - there is someone out there in the Mobile area that is extremely dangerous and must be apprehended and given appropriate punishment for this crime - find him or her before this happens again. We the people on Facebook are from all over the US as well as many countries and we will be following this story closely and demand appropriate action. We encourage letters be sent to:

DA John M. Tyson, Jr.
Mobile County District Attorney
P.O. Box 2841
Mobile, AL 36652

(251) 574-8400 - Phone
(251) 574-4848 - Fax

update: "Gilbert" has been rescued/fostered by Vanessa Corbissero-Petrosky who will be caring for him until a wonderful and approved forever home can be found for Gilbert.


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