International Outrage at the Massacre of over 230 dogs in the municipal shelter, BOTOSAN, Romania - The Petition Site

Saturday, 14 May 2011
International Outrage at the Massacre of over 230 dogs in the municipal shelter, BOTOSAN, Romania - The Petition Site

  • Target: Botosani City-Halll, Botosani Police, Botosani DVS, RomanianPolice,Romanian Parliament, EU Parliament,International Organizations and Media
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I, as a human being and citizen of the world, can not find the right words to express my outrage about the massacre of strays at the city pound in Botosani, Romania.
It has become obvious already that local authorities in your country will do anything to slaughter as many strays as possible.
What has happened in your town is yet another example of how horrible the animals are treated in your country, and and there is no excuse for this barbarism.

We ask for a thorough investigation into this atrocity. We ask that the veterinarian Cristian Pencu be suspended without pay, for the entire duration of the investigation. We ask for all tests done to determine that ALL THE DOGS at the shelter were contaminated with Distemper, be released to the media.

We ask for the resignation of the Deputy-Mayor, Florin Ghiorghita, who gave the order to KILL all dogs, based only on two handwritten pieces of paper given to him by the veterinarian. We expect one of the most honest and severe investigation possible and we ask that all persons found guilty be punished in the most severe way, at the full extend of the law.
It is incomprehensible how those dogs who looked so well the day before their slaughter, have been deemed sick, incurable and killed without mercy.

We ask for the punishment of the workers, who physically harassed the people and obstructed the Police, to be fired immediately, and charged in accordance with the law.
It is in the interest of your country to finally APPLY THE LAW. Romania's and Romanian people image in the world has been stained, once again with innocent blood. Romania has become a shame for the EU. incredibila a medicului veterinar%3A peste 200 de caini eutanasiati in 2 ore!.html

I shall boycott Romania until the animals will be treated properly and until Romania will implement the only successful program to reduce strays population, recommended by the WHO, Capture/Castrate/RETURN....and will implement and APPLY real laws for the protection of animals...
In deed, Romania is the land of death for the animals...
I try to understand WHY the animals have been killed OVER NIGHT...? And why the local association DID NOT KNOW about the distemper epidemic in the shelter,...and why the dogs where OK one day before...
I still hope that a HONEST, THOROUGH and OPEN investigation will take place and ALL those responsible for this hideous crime against innocent animals, will be punished.

Thank you very much for your attention

In Memory of the 220 Dogs Killed at the Botoşani Public Shelter Romania 11th May 2011


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